Saturday, 7 September 2013


Simon Kirby the MP for Brighton Kemptown has been condemned as 'a very frightened man indeed,' by a popular political blog called 'Notes from a Broken Society' in response to the news that Simon Kirby sought a debate about Labour's Tourism Tax in the House of Commons; he points out the important detail that no Labour Tourism Tax exists.
The blogger asks the obvious question, why? Why is Simon Kirby meddling in Labour policy?
He answers 'The obvious view is that we’re less than two years from an election and that Kirby is sitting on a majority of a little over 1300. But this is about more than that; it’s about a political methodology of which Tories have become masters – that of inventing plausible-sounding political narratives completely unsupported by empirical evidence, but get repeated so often that they become accepted as truth.'
Simon Kirby's repeated tweets reminding his followers of how hard he's working for them, is evident of this tactic of repeating the lie often enough so that its accepted as truth.
The well known tactic of Conservative HQ creating a problem for them to bring in a predetermined solution is evident by Simon Kirby's tweet accepting the glory of stopping a policy which was only real in his own imagination.
As the blog continues, 'as the economy has deteriorated further, real incomes have continued to fall and the prices of the essentials of life continue to soar, the tactic is renewed. It’s fundamentally a diversion – a way of distracting attention from the economic and social realities of Condem Britain, with living standards in free fall. But it’s more than that; a clumsy attempt to forge a political narrative that is wholly cleansed of inconvenient fact; a narrative based on aspiration and ideology rather than reality.'
ImageSimon Kirby's personal crusade to safe guard Brighton's one billion pound tourism industry and the thousands of jobs which come with it, has been lambasted by Warren Morgan, the Labour Leader of Brighton, by calling his claims “Utter nonsense”.
Exposed in the 'Brighton Labour Leader attacks Simon Kirby' article, Warren Morgan sees right through his skullduggery saying 'Utter nonsense from Simon Kirby; there are no proposals for a tourist tax for Brighton and Hove from Labour, and indeed we’d oppose any such move by the Greens or Tories. It is just an attempt by him to distract attention from the half a million people now reliant on food-banks, the million workers now on “zero hour” contracts, and the fact that over the life of this Tory government people will be £6,600 worse off.”
Caroline Penn, the Hove based Labour activist and Chair of Brighton Co-Op Party, says the same with this tweet.
With the nod of encouragement coming down from David Cameron, (sent via the Conservative HQ's favourite means of communication, tweets), an acknowledgement was made that he had brought up the issue of LBGT rights with Russian President Putin, as Simon Kirby insisted the government must do having written a personal letter to William Hague, the Foreign Secretary.
The blogger doesn't hide his contempt towards Simon Kirby's political morals saying, 'It’s the politics of dishonesty, and the politics of fear. It suggests that, just now, Simon Kirby is a very frightened man indeed.'
ImageSimon Kirby has been at the receiving end of a constant tirade of criticism and public scrutiny by Matthew Taylor, a prospective candidate and rival to his Brighton Kemptown constituency.
Since the launch of his 'Getting Ready for 2015' election campaign earlier this year, Matthew Taylor has attacked Simon Kirby's every action.
He says 'From the start of the campaign I promised to attack Simon Kirby's character and public office record. He has been found wanting at his every move. The Notes from a Broken Society blog is yet another independent political commenter pointing out the blindingly obvious that Simon Kirby is not fit to be an MP. Simon Kirby is a frightened man indeed because he knows I can win the 2015 election. I can smell blood and I intend to go for his jugular. Not because I'm a psychopath but because I have a duty to protect my children from a world ruled by criminals.
My only advice to Simon Kirby is to flee now while he still has his freedom.'
Matthew Taylor standing as independent candidate on an anti-corruption platform in the expected 2015 general election, welcomes everyone who wants to see Simon Kirby exposed for what he really is, namely a fraud, to join him on his election campaign.
ImageHe says, 'I would prefer a snap by election following Simon Kirby's arrest, but other than that, I'm getting ready for 2015. Simon Kirby's career is finished and I'm ready to take on Nancy Platts, the Labour candidate for Brighton's Kemptown, and win this election. Lets bring it on.'

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