Monday, 9 September 2013


Whilst the nation has been distracted by the G20 meeting in Russia, David Cameron's Syrian vote, the X factor and other sporting events; the Conservative party of Great Britain are introducing compulsory national service for all 18-26 year olds.

Mr Philip Hollobone
Bill 32 has been put before Parliament by Tory MP for Kettering Mr Philip Hollobone and supported by Stewart Jackson MP for Peterborough.

The BILL will provide a system of national service for young persons; and for connected purposes (– whatever the means-) decided by the Secretary of State.

Every individual aged between 18 years and 26 years, will be liable to serve one year of national service at some point between these years unless the individual is severely mental or physical disabled.

Anyone who doesn't serve their national service will be guilty of an offence.

'National Citizen Service,' as it'll be called will include four elements—
  1. Further education for individuals who don't reach the basic standards of maths and reading.
  2. Coaching and instruction to get fit, behave, look smart, build self respect and respect for others.
  3. Teach individuals how to budget for themselves, pay their household bills, what to eat and cook, how to keep on time, and survive. How to be tolerate towards others and how to treat the elderly and disabled people with dignity and respect.
  4. Teach individuals the basic's of the law in relation to the most common offences involving young people.
The National Service Bill will provide accommodation and cover the travelling costs, whilst paying the national adult minimum wage to all 18-26 year olds to either:
  1. Work for charity or social action organizations.
  2. Care for the elderly or disabled.
  3. Travel overseas to help developing countries.
  4. Work as a cleaner or porter in a hospital
  5. Join the Police service, ambulance service or the Army/Navy/Air Force.
Everyone who successfully completes one year of national service shall be presented with a 'National Service Certificate' which will entitle them to a lifetime income tax rate personal allowance 10 per cent above the personal allowance that would otherwise apply to anyone who doesn't serve for their nation.

The Bill introduced to Parliament on it's first step to becoming law, has been put forward as 1of 3 by Kettering MP Mr Hollobone.

The other bills are for the UK to leave the European Community and the second is for facial coverings to be banned in public.

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