Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Comment of the Month! Bell-End Plisko Called Out!

Reports coming in. The self-confessed Internet troll ‘Grobnob’ also inadvertently slipped out he was part of Plisko’s porn-bomb attack on Matt’s channel. Indeed, Grobnob could barely contain his adulation over the uploading of graphic sexual imagery for the purpose of public outrage, as well as to sabotage legitimate use of a service.

Other channels were also advised to be on their guard. You wanted attention, Plisko/Grob/Thomas/Mouse etc? You got it. No matter how you disagree with Matt or any of the MANY other people you have picked fights with, to post such imagery says more about you than it does anyone else.


The Bell-End

So Grob/Plisko etc. You managed to get your 50-strong army you boast about (the one that meets up on chat rooms to plan their next attack and target) to mass flag? That will only get you so far – as the old saying goes, you can only fool ‘some of the people some of the time’. In reality more and more people are seeing you for what you are and this is no doubt reflected in your dwindling viewer base. Your war is with yourselves; not Matt, or for that matter anyone who questions you (oh the nerve). You act like morons and you get treated as such – and there isn’t just one ‘Sheriff” moderating Matt’s channel – unlike you they are put there for the right reasons. Hopefully we have an understanding and you’ll (eventually) grow up. Instilling alarm, fear and distress in the community is not welcome here boys. Neither is harassment and stalking. You might want to take that as a warning – that includes you, ‘Thomas’, ‘Mouse’, and however many other names and/or agents you may choose to use.

To whom it may concern. The more you sick, twisted trolls attack Matt, his guests and the wider community, the more attention you bring on yourselves including in respect of anything you may be doing that falls foul of the law. The sheriff’s are in town and watching. You have been warned.

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