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With the dust settling from AV5, now is the time to take a deep breathe and look back at a wonderful weekend in Daventry and the best AV ever!

Distractions aside, Ian R Crane; man of the hour, can look back on the success of AV5 with justified satisfaction and pride.

Ian R Crane and his team of family and friends put on a first class AV conference, whose memory will live on until AV6 and beyond.

As Patrick Henningsen, a speaker at the event was the first to congratulate Ian with the message:

“Thank you Ian R Crane and your brilliant team for producing a first class event at AV5 this weekend...!”

Ian R Crane
Distractions aside, AV5 has changed the game. Ian R Crane has elevated the Alterative View to a new level and everyone who attended can be smug in the fact that we were there to see it happen.

As I wrote in my note pad on route to Rugby, “A GO FOR IT MOMENT. I’m on route to AV5. The opportunity of a life-time to mix with the elite of the alternative media.”


Having hitched a lift with Linda, Simon Welsh and Thomas Sheridan to the Staverton Park Hotel, I made directly to the bar for a swift half a pint of lager while the check in line died down.

My first taste of action followed swiftly as the many famous faces of the alternative media started to show up.

  • Brian Gerrish
  • Alex: G
  • Roger Hayes
  • Patrick Henningson
  • Mike Robinson
With the sun shining and everyone smiling, the mood relaxed and everyone mingled excited about the weekend ahead.

Soon the numbers increased and the professionals made ready for a live broadcast of Doomwatch from the balcony outside the main conference hall.

It was amazing watching the show from the other point of view.

Mike Robinson behind the camera and computer, while the flamboyant Alex:G does his stuff to the camera.

It was pure magic and it was there that the fact we were at the UK’s leading truth conference really hit me in the head.

What happened next really knocked me for six.

Daisy Jones
The beautiful MC of the weekend Daisy Jones was commenting to Alex:G live on air, that the audience members were being shy in coming forward with stories.

Taking advantage of any opportunity to tell my story, I promptly put my hand up and caught Daisy’s eye.

So low and behold, within an hour of arriving at AV5, I managed to make an appearance on Doomwatch; I could have died and gone to Heaven happy.
I used the ten minutes of fame to expose the police corruption in the Sussex Police force. By naming Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, for covering up the fact that the Chief Constable Martin Richards retired early due to a misconduct charge, rather than the official story Katy Bourne is hiding behind.

To read more about my work as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner please check out:


The promised banquet was duly delivered and polished off by 200 hungry delegates and after much introductions and chat, we ended the first day excited, exhausted and eager to see what the new day would bring.


Showered, breakfasted and blessed. We were all seated by 9.15am in the conference hall, watching Daisy kick of the proceedings.

Brian Gerrish

The seasoned crusader against child-abuse and anchor man of UK Column News, was the first to kick of AV5.

  • “It defies common sense.”
  • “Make it personal.”
  • “It isn’t the government that’s the problem, it’s the people in the government that the problem.”
  • “The best way to blackmail someone is with paedophilia.”
  • “If we don’t stop it, we are all going to end up in the camps.”
  • “Use your common sense.”
  • “The people driving the world agenda are Satanists.”
  • “If we had followed the Ten Commandments the Satanists wouldn’t be in control.”

Alex: G

Another seasoned pro of the alternative circuit, the presenter of Doomwatch, and introduced by Daisy as “The Oprah of the Alternative media,” Alex: G went on to deliver an entertaining presentation about ‘Symbolism in Hollywood.’

Speaking later in his radio show about AV5 he said, “Its been the case at a lot of events like this that you get the village idiot who descends on you and corners you and asks blithering ridiculous questions, but I didn’t get any of that at all,” before going on to tell the audience how a certain individual came up to him during AV5 and accused him of being part of the illuminati, evident by the title of his popular radio show DOOMWATCH!

Patrick Henningsen

Chastised by Ian R Crane for not dressing for the occasion the night before, the geo-political king of the alternative media, make sure he looked his best as he took to the stage to deliver his presentation called ‘Bending Reality.’

Always the expert on everything he covers, the editor of 21st Century Wire went on to divulge a wealth of information on subjects ranging from known truths, to BAE system scandals, to the David Kelly murder to London 7/7.

Roger Hayes

Another legend in the alternative media, Roger Hayes put us straight on a lot of things:

Simon Welsh

Introduced by Ian R Crane as the poet who converted him to poetry, Simon Welsh stole the show at AV5 with his telling of his fantastic poems.

One to watch out for in the future, and especially one to watch out for on Graham Norton’s show, Simon found fame at the Balcombe anti-fracking camp, where he got arrested for singing.

After dinner, its time for the delegates to relax, stretch their tired muscles and maybe even go for a swim.


It was at this point I overheard Roger Hayes and Guy Taylor talk about things, which with a keen ear on a story, I couldn’t resist noting down.

“Politics is rearing its head,” said Roger Hayes, “its about money.”

Over hearing something about affiliations and who will be the public face, something about promoting the Bradley pound of Legal banking, I was keen to stick around.

Then Brian Gerrish walks past and Guy Taylor said, “Arh talking about the Devil and the Devil appears.”

Well you can imagine my excitement? I was seeing a story brewing before my very eyes.

Brian said, “If you want to talk, I don’t think this is the place to do it.”

Brian walks off and Guy Taylor quickly says goodbye to Roger and bounces after Brian.

Later I see Brian talking to Mike Robinson in a very serious private conversation.

I wrote in my note book, “It would seem a story is brewing in the AV movement. Who will be the public face? Who takes the lead? What solution is best for the economy? The BCG v’s UK Column.”


Greg Nikolettos


Greg is late (files have been hacked,) hence we have Simon Welsh entertaining us until Greg is ready.


As I said, Simon Welsh stole the show by bouncing back on the stage to rousing applause to fill in the gap left by Greg’s cyber attack.

David Boyle

David Boyle wasn’t too pleased having to give his presentation early, but he did so in generosity, having been asked to by Ian R Crane.

Blowing the audience away, David Boyle took the audience to places they never knew existed.

  • “There is no difference between Gods, Demons and Angels.”
  • “What we do onto others, we do to ourselves.”
  • “Only people who knew maths could enter the great temples of ancient Egypt.”
  • “There are no straight line and no flat surfaces, there are only scheres.”
  • “Wars stops mankind’s advancement of conscience.”
  • “If you don’t conquer your desires, your desires will conquer you.”
  • “Learn discernment.”
  • “The red spot on Jupiter is a volcano.”
  • “Hollywood gets their stories from channeling groups.”
Suffice to say David Boyle blew us all away, and we all enjoyed the night of music provided the talented guitarist Darren Nesbitt, who kept the entertainment coming, just as he did for the anti-fracking protectors in Barton Moss.

I wrote in my note pad that night, “Brilliant night, thanks.”

Thanks to Olga, Darren, Mick and Gary (to name but only a few) for teaching me so much and being so friendly.

SUNDAY 18th MAY 2014.

The biggest distraction of day was the Greg Nikolettos arrest.

Mike Mitcham

Distracted by Greg’s arrest, I missed Mike Mitcham’s presentation on Smart Meters.

I have since visited Mike’s website at and salute Mike for his superb research and campaigning exposing the Smart Meter agenda.

Michael Docherty

Someone I particularly wanted to see, because of the similar work we do with police corruption, Michael never failed to live up to expectation.

Teaching us that by going down the criminal road, we can all do it ourselves, Michael has shown us that we do in fact hold tremendous power in the palm of our hands, if we choose to use it.

Neil Sanders

Another hero I had been looking forward to watching, strode onto the stage looking smart in a snazzy slick suit, with a silver tie, wearing dark sun glasses, who went onto deliver a storming presentation leaving the audience wanting more.


Again due to distractions, I sadly missed Dr Graham Dowling’s presentation and I sincerely regret doing to.

Thomas Sheridan

Ever popular with the fans, Thomas Sheridan took to the stage from 5pm to 6.15pm and delivered a well received talk about psychopaths. An expert in his field, the talented writer, broadcaster and artist entertained the crowd, while at the same time sending a shiver down their spine.


After what would be our last dinner together, David Boyle once again took to the stage to deliver the penultimate presentation of the weekend.

Revealing earth shattering news of his solar power station, that in conjunction with Larkfleet Energy will provide unlimited power, pollution free, David Boyle went on to claim to be the reason why many crop circles are formed, and talk about his revolutionary idea of the Council of Twelve, a solution to do away with politicians altogether, and a system in which we all get a chance to rule the world at least three times in our lives.

As David Boyle makes clear, and which I happened to agree, the Golden Rules should be:

  • The Planet comes first.
  • Eco-systems comes second.
  • Mankind comes third.
“Einstein is wrong, matter isn’t all energy.”

Ian R Crane on The Crane Report

It was left to the man of the hour to end AV5, and he did so in style.

Praised for delivering his best speech ever, Ian R Crane raised his game to a new level.

With the success of AV5 firmly in the bag, Ian R Crane rightly holds the main playing ground within the alternative media.

His work and service to humanity cannot be understated enough. With his untiring work against the fracking industry, time will eventually reward him for his efforts and every single person in the UK will come to thank Ian R Crane and the anti-fracking protectors for saving our countryside and water supply from corporate criminals.
Distractions aside, AV5 can boast itself as being a game changer. The Truth has come out of the shadows and now it’s plain to see as it basks in the sunshine.

Thank you Ian R Crane and all your team, (special shout out to Spence, Namaste) for making it the best weekend ever.

Guy Taylor

You are my heroes and heroines of the alternative media.

MONDAY 19th MAY 2014.

Lou Collins
Other than the workshop’s the AV5 weekend is over. We said our goodbyes, we exchanged our emails and numbers.

Having caught two workshops by Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen, my only regret was not seeing Dr Graham Dowling’s.

That’s the downfall of events like these; there simply aren’t even hours in the day to see it all.

Roll on AV6, though I doubt I’ll be going to that one!

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