Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Rebekah & Charlie
Having climbed the Murdoch family all the way to the top, Rebekah Brooks needed medical attention in court yesterday to help her come to terms with the verdict acquitting her and husband Charlie of all phone hacking and bribery charges…

A jubilant Rebekah invited friends round to her Oxfordshire town house on Tuesday night to celebrate the news. Part of the ‘Chipping Norton Set’ - a group of high profile media and political figures, Jeremy Clarkson and his wife were amongst the first to pop round and show their support.


Following the libelous false alarm by Guerrilla Democracy News that Greg Hallett, a nemesis of Queen Elizabeth II, was murdered and possibly killed at the hands of The Queen having slit his throat at a satanic ritual/88th birthday present, and eaten by all 32 members of the Windsor Royal family; Guerrilla Democracy News was forced to make the following public apology:

Guerrilla Democracy News; Editorial Apology.

Certain articles published by Guerrilla Democracy News during Greg Hallett’s disappearance allude to the allegations that The Queen, The Pope, The Swiss Guards and the entire Windsor royal family, were involved in his disappearance, and that they further disposed of him by cannibalism following a satanic murder ritual in which The Queen slit his throat with a ceremonial dagger.

Guerrilla Democracy News acknowledges that Greg Hallett never met his death at the hands of The Queen and in such a gruesome way, and wish The Queen no offensive and hope the stories promoted and written by Guerrilla Democracy News hasn’t caused The Queen, The Pope, The Swiss Guards and the entire Windsor royal family, too much distress.

While the articles in question can be removed on request, Guerrilla Democracy News has decided to leave the articles up for purposes of entertainment and to remind Guerrilla Democracy News readers what a ‘Fuckwit,’ it's editor really is.


Having exploded online in a blaze of publicity in February 2012, Guerrilla Democracy News has gone on to attract 100,000 readers.

Publishing stories geared towards the alternative view, Guerrilla Democracy News has been able to run the exclusives which the main-stream papers could only wish to run.

Bridging the gab between the mainstream and alterative, Guerrilla Democracy News is proud to present its top five read articles:

Having risen to the top of the mainstream media and survived its fall, Rebekah Brooks is welcome to the editor’s job here at Guerrilla Democracy News.

Rupert & Rebekah
“As it’s proprietor, I’m happy to nurture as close a relationship with Rebekah as she had with her last boss,” said Matt Taylor, chairman of the Matt Taylor News Service.

“With her experience and contacts Guerrilla Democracy News has the potential to take on the world as The Alternative News Source of choice.

“Having got to the top of the mainstream media by peddling the truth, lies and scandals of celebrities, Rebekah is welcome to join Guerrilla Democracy News, where together we can peddle the truth, lies and scandals of politicians and royalty.

We have a lot to do and a lot of stories to expose. Jump on-board Rebekah and let’s get to work.”

Payment Due: Word counted at 582, this article contains explosive information and has been published with the real threat of retribution by dark forces aligned with The Queen and British government. Hence this article is available for sale for the minimum price of £50. If you wish to purchase this article please contact the copyright holder at Donations are greatly welcomed at donations for Matt Taylor here. Thank you for reading and hope you come back to read more soon.

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