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After 27 horrific days incarcerated at the Berrywood Mental Institution in Northamptonshire, Greg Nikolettos, the world’s leading whistleblower on Transhumanism, is on his way home to Brisbane to be reunited with his wife, child and family.

Brought to the ground, pepper sprayed, hand-cuffed and dragged away by four police officers from a golf course on a lazy Sunday morning on 18th May 2014 at the Staverton Park Hotel in Daventry, during the AV5 Truth conference; Greg Nikolettos was about to be thrown into his own version of Hell.

“I’m not enjoying my stay here one bit whatsoever! It’s like…. I’m in with a bunch of lunatics!”

Sectioned under section 2, Greg failed at his first tribunal to get out, but managed to convince the panel of judges on the second attempt and was released on Friday 13th.

Lucky for Some, Unlucky for Others.

While Greg was lucky to be released from the care of The Queen on Friday the 13th, another Greg wasn’t so lucky; rumoured to have been sacrificed in a satanic ritual as a birthday present to The Queen.

Read more: Greg Hallet R.I.P

Ian R Crane, who stood beside Greg all through his horrific ordeal, updated the AV movement on Greg’s progress on his ever growing internet show, The Crane Report.


He said, “Greg very much wanted to give his presentation, the presentation that he had prepared to present at AV5 in Daventry a few weeks ago, but as I'm sure most people watching this are aware by now, Greg had a rather unfortunate incident occurring in Dubai where it was said that he lost some sixty hours and he still is unable to recall exactly what occurred in Dubai.”

Adding further to the conspiracy of things, Ian R Crane takes us further down the rabbit hole with:

“In fact all he remembers is meeting a gentleman outside Hungry Jack's in the food court area Dubai Airport. He remembers that this gentleman got into a conversation with him and shared with him that he worked with Cisco the telecommunications company but had a previous life working with the Department of Homeland Security specializing in micro-chipping children with vaccinations, now what would be the chances?”


Ridiculing Greg for not seeing the oblivious threat of mind-control, “unfortunately the alarm bells didn't go off,” Ian sniped, and citing CIA and MI5 involvement, he left the viewers with yet more conjecture by saying, “the security services have access to very similar and probably even more advanced [mind-control] techniques so unfortunately we are left to conjecture as to what actually occurred in Dubai.”

No Mention of the Ultra-Sonic weapon as mentioned by Thomas Sheridan?

Adding to the conjecture of Greg’s arrest with reference to the mysterious Homeland Security man in Dubai and Greg’s lost sixty hours; Ian R Crane has yet to comment on the observation made by Thomas Sheridan and other AV5 delegates that an ultra secret sonic-weapon was used against the AV5 delegation all through Saturday night and Sunday morning.

As Thomas Sheridan, the famous and respected artist, writer and researcher in the AV movement said exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News:

Putting on my tin foil hat a part of me wonders if some ultrasonic weapon was being used to try and wreck the conference as everyone I spoke to felt suddenly depressed. I even noticed how glum the hotel staff were suddenly looking too. Next morning after Greg had been taken away. The van was gone. I dunno, but it seemed too timely and very odd.”


Ian R Crane reports: “Greg still very much wanted to give his presentation and consequently we made arrangements for the event next Sunday [22 June] but unfortunately Greg left the hospital without any medication and not perhaps realizing the significant of going cold turkey after nearly four weeks of psychiatric medication, he had a bit of a relapse. Fortunately he kept under control and the following morning the hospital staff were good enough to courier his medication down to the hotel where he was staying in London, but it was very clear that the critical element here being Greg’s health and his real need to get back home, get back to his family.”


Without elaborating on Greg’s “relapse” further, we are left relieved that whatever happened to Greg in London didn’t get him thrown back into a mental hospital and “disappeared,” as his name-sake Greg Hallett has been.

While Ian promised to call him in Brisbane to make sure he made it safely, neither Ian nor Greg have confirmed he’s made it back yet.

As Ian warns, “Hopefully he didn't meet any strangers on his stop-overs.”


Without blaming Greg for not wanting to hang around England any longer than he had to and get back to his family, AV followers were left disappointed that the scheduled AV5.1 - Fracked, Tracked and Hacking was postponed until another date sometime in September.

Billed to bring together the leading experts on:

  • Fracking, Ian R Crane
  • Tracking, Pippa King
  • Hacking, Greg Nikolettos

It promised to be the perfect presentation of three immediate dangers facing society today.


Assured that various copies of Greg’s AV5 presentation are stored on various computers around the world, wouldn’t it be fair to the short-changed AV5 delegates and the world at large, that Greg’s presentation be published free of charge on the internet?

As Ian R Crane rightly points out, “I want this information out there.”

Coming into criticism for the price of his £79.95 AV5 Box set consisting of 12 discs in two volumes; a comment was left in a UK Column forum:

“Can anyone on here say when the content of AV5 will be available to view for free? Fed up with all this money hype in the so called alternative media! Just sayin thats all!!”

To which the first reply is:

“When Ian Crane can't get into the front door of his brand new mansion because there's too much money in it.  That would be my guess i.e. they won't be made freely available.  That obviously isn't the point of any of Crane's money-making ventures, otherwise they already would be freely available.”

No stranger having to respond to the aged old argument of being a fraud due to charging for their wares, Ian R Crane, once labeled the Devil himself, has been put in the same category as David Icke and Alex Jones, for selling you the truth at a price.

As Ian R Crane once asked of Matt Taylor: What side of the face does he sit?

The same can now be asked of Ian R Crane?

Though I think this little gem of a quote said during The Crane Report sums up for me at least where he sits.


“Tony Blair is insane and he should very definitely spend the rest of his life under medical supervision this guy is and absolute menace to humanity we all know that it doesn't take any inquiry to establish that, and by the way Tony if you wanna take me to court to discuss this let's do it.”

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