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Greg Nikolettos
Whilst many consider the Greg Nikoloettos arrest at the AV5 Truth conference a distraction, new information has come to light which gives the story a new twist.

Promoted by Ian R Crane and Thomas Sheridan, both major players in the alternative movement, speculation is strife that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Take for example the 60 hours Greg Nikolettos lost on route to the UK from Australia via Dubai.

As mentioned by Ian R Crane in an interview with Lou Collins and Brian Gerrish on the UK Column live news show on the 5th June 2014.

“What is very concerning about this incident Brian is that there is a missing 60 hours in Greg’s journey from Australia to the UK, and interestingly the tribunal actually picked up upon this, not that they could make a big deal about it because it wasn’t going to be possible to actually get to the bottom of it.”

Before going onto to explain:

“Its been very difficult to actually get Greg to recall what actually occurred in Dubai and I had to spend quite some time with Greg, and holding his preverbal feet to the fire, taking him through his time in Dubai literally almost minute by minute.”


“It is very clear that there is some lost time. What Greg does remember is that getting off the plane he had a bit of time and was wandering around the airport and went to ‘Hungry Jacks’ and randomly got into conversation with a guy who claimed to work for Cisco, which is obviously one of the major communications companies which has a lot of interest in military communications.

This guy claimed to have been responsible for or being involved with the micro-chipping of children through vaccinations when he was working with the department of Homeland security over a decade ago.

Now for whatever reason Greg did not have any suspicion about this and got into conversation with the guy and then subsequently missed his plane.”


Arriving at the Staverton Park Hotel in Daventry on Thurday 17th May 2014, Ian R Crane was surprised that Greg Nikolettos had only just checked in himself.

As Ian explains, “Now what happened over the next two and a half days unfortunately is a complete unknown. Greg has no recollection, no comprehensible recollection of what occurred in the time. Greg only recalls that he was put onto a subsequent plane which he missed again for reasons he can’t recall and eventually he was put on a plane and then turns up at the hotel in the Midland on the Thursday evening.”


What we do know from eye witness accounts and Greg’s version of events is that:

  • Greg was involved in a “commotion” on a golf green, with an unidentified woman and man.
  • According to Greg, both the above mentioned woman and man attacked him.
  • According to Greg, he took self defense steps in which resulted in the woman being “rolled” to the ground.
  • Two police cars arrived, with four police officers.
  • Greg was pepper-sprayed and arrested.
  • Ian Crane came to the scene and discussed the issues with the officer in charge.
  • Police were so concerned about his welfare he was committed him to a mental hospital.
What we didn’t know at the time was what Thomas Sheridan shared with us on Facebook a few weeks later:

Thomas Sheridan

I also think something happened before Greg went bad. A lot of people, and myself noticed that things became very depressed all of a sudden. The energy changed.

Right before this I was sitting on a bench by the golf course and I noticed a van with no markings with the rear doors pointing towards the ballroom for no reason. It was there for over an hour and a half and nobody came near it.

Putting on my tin foil hat a part of me wonders if some ultrasonic weapon was being used to try and wreck the conference as everyone I spoke to felt suddenly depressed. I even noticed how glum the hotel staff were suddenly looking too. Next morning after Greg had been taken away. The van was gone.

I dunno, but it seemed too timely and very odd.”

Thomas Sheridan is a renowned and respected artist, writer and researcher in the AV movement and wouldn’t make such bold statements in public if he didn’t feel he could backup his suspicions with solid facts.

This observation has been further substantiated by a delegate called Tom aka tfr33man, who wrote in his blog, Barely lucid planet.

An Ultra-Sonic weapon
“The incident surrounding Greg changed the dynamics (for a brief time) of the social atmosphere and became a topic of a virus-like nature that would be a desired outcome for disruption of social events such as AV5.

Having been at the Hotel early on Friday morning I watched and felt the energy of the event go through it's "shades of change" and had went out of my way to actually meet Greg Nikolettos. And having met Greg on a number of short but deep interactions over the weekend I picked up on something that the majority of those that attended this years AV5 might not have.

When taking into consideration Greg's area of interest and the material that was to be presented at AV5 by himself, it should not surprise any serious student of the transhumanist agenda that speakers/leaders such as Greg would become targets themselves of cyber/cybernetic warfare.

Without going into much detail surrounding all the events that led up to the incident on Sunday morning it is in my opinion that Greg was exhibiting a lot of the symptoms and ticking some of the boxes of electronic harassment and informational warfare in order to set him up and dispose of him.

The beauty of this type of warfare is plausible deniability and the general ignorance of the public when it comes to the reality of these technologies being used by a modern dictatorship.

Even Greg himself was openly discussing the use of some of these techniques on him over the weekend and when I had a few private words with him it was clear to me that he was describing a Cyber/Cybernetic/Informational and Social attack on his person and in active operation.

So I believe that the incident involving Greg served as a form of small scale social false flag that I think the other side hoped would disrupt and perhaps even discredit the AV5 event and associated speakers. A failure in my view if these were a couple of the desired outcomes or goals of the other side.

I observed individuals throughout AV5 who I believed could have been covert agents who I felt tried to dilute, disrupt and disengage the general discussion amongst the delegates.... Which again I think failed.

There was such a variety of speakers and far too many different delegates discussing all the alternative views you could think of that it seemed a difficult event to hijack & disrupt... I would have thought anyway. But nobody could deny that an event such as this would be at the top of the list for covert infiltration, manipulation, deception and disruption in the eyes of the sinister corporate agenda that surrounds us all here in the UK and Worldwide.”


Ian R Crane
It would come as no great surprise that the establishment hates Ian R Crane. 
An ex-oilfield executive with 25 years experience in telecommunications and international oilfield services, Ian now lectures and writes on the geo-political with particular focus on fracking, the NWO agenda, Codex Alimentarius, micro-chipping and a wealth of other subjects which hinder many corporate goals and which makes him a serious thorn in the side of the establishment.

As Thomas Sheridan points out, “If there was something going down it was aimed at everyone. To make everyone feel edgy and angry. To make people feel uncomfortable so they drink a lot of alcohol and behave badly.”

And which Tom aka tfr33man reminds us, “The beauty of this type of warfare is plausible deniability and the general ignorance of the public when it comes to the reality of these technologies being used by a modern dictatorship.”


Returning to Thomas Sheridan who says, “There was another guy there and I wish I could recall him name who said the same to me and it was right before Greg has his breakdown. All I know it that van made no sense on a golf course with no one working on it and the next day it was gone and the sense of nastiness was gone out of the building. Someone even jokingly remarked to me 'it felt like a demonic attack last night'. Was the place bombarded I really do not know. But all I know is something very real happened to energy level in the place right before Greg became unwell.

I noticed the staff in the hotel who are normally very happy and smiley looked stress and tired too.

There are also things such as psychic attacks. They do not even have to use technology or be on site. The people who do the attacks just concentrate their energies on the location or individual. The CIA and KGB were using this stuff as far back as the 60's.

And here is another one. Everybody reported having a bad nights sleep that night.”

Golf course at Staverton Park Hotel

Thomas says, “However, such systems tend to be the most effective on people who are not doing too well. Depressed and so on. So Greg who arrived already not the best would have been the weakest link and affected him the worst.”

Which ties in with what Ian R Crane said in his interview with UK Column news:

“The ideal outcome is that charges against Greg will be dropped and recognized that what occurred on the golf course of the Sunday morning was out of character, completely out of character and that what occurred was a result of Greg’s diminished responsibility at that time.”


Again Thomas Sheridan provides a background which you wouldn’t have found anywhere else:

If you dig around you should be able to find more case studies on this kind of thing. The first time the system was used was in the early 1980's at CND marches and camps such as Greenham Common. There were also people at the G8 in Seattle reporting similar sudden feelings of depression.”


With 200 strangers converging at the AV5 truth conference in Daventry, to enjoy a sun drenched weekend of truth and company, suspicions were easily heightened as to who we were really speaking too.

To remind you what Tom aka tfr33man said, “I observed individuals throughout AV5 who I believed could have been covert agents who I felt tried to dilute, disrupt and disengage the general discussion amongst the delegates....”

Thomas Sheridan initially thought Matt Taylor from Guerrilla Democracy News was from the BBC or Fleet Street. One delegate in particular recounts how he and another person befriended someone over the weekend, only for him to suddenly disappear on the Sunday morning following Greg’s arrest, and when contacted on his mobile, said he had to dash off because his friend was in an accident.


  • Greg missed two flights on route from Australia to the UK.
  • Greg has no recollection of what happened in Dubai, unable to account for 60 hours.
  • An unknown person connected with U.S Homeland Security had contact with Greg.
  • A suspicious white van was parked outside the conference hall, when it had no reason to be parked there.
  • The mood of the conference and staff changed dramatically on the Sunday morning.


As Ian R Crane makes clear, “Greg has been through an experience, the magnitude of which is only now becoming apparent!”

230 miles away from Greg upon hearing where he was, Ian R Crane has done what other promoters in his position wouldn’t do, namely stand by Greg without hesitation.

Handling the situation with skill and compassion, Ian R Crane was present at the Tribunal which unfortunately saw Greg be detained for a further 21 days.

As Ian explains, “It was 3-4 days before I actually had any idea where Greg was and in that time nobody had made any effort to contact his family in Australia. So if we hadn’t made that effort to track Greg down how long would it have taken and would anyone have made any effort to contact us?”

Expressing his concern that, “one of the things that has certainly added to my education as a result of the last two and a half weeks, is how easy it is for somebody to be disappeared in this country,” Ian R Crane is keen to acknowledge the outstanding service which Greg has benefited from, “One thing I have to say Brian, on this occasion I will acknowledge that in my opinion the tribunal did an outstanding job. I thought the tribunal was conducted extremely fairly, the tribunal did not give the medical practitioners an easy ride by any stretch of the imagination and in fact they went against the recommendation of the doctor that had been responsible for Greg for the last few days.”


While Greg Nikolettos is incarcerated in the mental hospital declaring, “I’m not enjoying my stay here one bit whatsoever! It’s like…. I’m in with a bunch of lunatics,” Ian R Crane is satisfied Greg is in good hands:

“Let me assure you, I am very comfortable that he is in good hands and it’s very pleasing that while we are conscience of the judiciary and the police in many respects, but on this occasion I have to say that their conduct was exemplary.”

Leaving the last word to Greg, who said at the tribunal in response to a psychiatrist’s suggestion that his medication be reduced, “Fuck no mate; keep the medication up because it’s the only thing that’s helping me deal with the boredom.”


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