Sunday, 8 June 2014


Joe Neilson

Joe Neilson who has Fibromyalgia and Macular degeneration is standing as an independent MP for Brighton Kemptown Constituency, in the scheduled 2015 general election.
Possibly the only disabled person standing in the election, Joe Neilson has received a grant under the ‘Access to Elected Office for Disabled People Fund’ to help finance his election campaign; Joe said, “Without this grant I could have become a candidate.”
This little known fund, ‘The Access to Elected Office for Disabled People Fund’ can pay a disabled person up to £40,000.00 per year to stand for public office.
Amazon explorer Joe Neilson from Peacehaven said, “I want to bring integrity and honesty to public office and be a voice to the people of the Brighton Kemptown constituency.”
Joe Neilson is the fifth candidate to throw his hat in the ring to be MP of Brighton Kemptown. Other candidates include:
  • Matt Taylor – Independent
  • Simon Kirby – Conservative
  • Nancy Platts – Labour
  • Ian Buchanan – UKIP
  • Davy Jones – Green Party
The liberal democrat party have yet to propose a candidate.
To find out more about Joe Neilson and to support his election campaign please contact him by:

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