Friday, 13 December 2013


Oh, did I tell you about Kate Middleton calling me the other night?

Its funny how the most important episodes in life, sometimes just pass you by without notice. It happened to me the other night when I received a mid-night phone from an withheld number.

Regrettably I never recorded the conversation but it went something like this:

Mystery Caller : Hi is this Guerrilla Democracy News?

Me: Yes, how can I help you?

Mystery Caller: Um, I've just read your article about the Queen arrested for High Treason.... Is it true?

Me: Ummm, what does your gut tell you?

Mystery Caller: We're not all that bad you know.

Me: Who are you?

Mystery Caller: I can't say.

Me: Why not?

Mystery Caller: Because I'm attached to the family you talk about.

Sudden silence on my part, as the words sink in.

Me: You aren't Kate Middleton are you?

Mystery Caller: Ha ha ha, no, I'm not Kate Middleton.

Me: Well let me assure you, everything published on Guerrilla Democracy News is based on real news, which you won't get from anywhere else.

Mystery Caller: Well if its true, why isn't it on ten o'clock news?

Me: Because the Queen and her minions, spend billions of pounds every year in hiding the truth from the people.

Mystery Caller: We are all not that bad.

Me: Yes, you keep saying that, but who are you.

Mystery Caller: I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.

Me: Well OK. Many thanks for calling me and I'm glad you took the time to read my stuff, thank you.

Mystery Caller: You are very brave and very talented, thank you.

Me: No thank you and I hope you will do me the pleasure of reading my debut novel, The Golden Cube, which you can find on the site, which you may enjoy.

Mystery Caller: OK thanks, I may just do that. Bye.

Me: Bye.

And the phone call ended.

I'll leave it to the reader to make up their mind. Did Kate ring me up?

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