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Extracts from the Private Diary of Matt Taylor, Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015.
My Private Diary
What a weekend its been? You could even say its been mankind’s greatest weekend in 37 years.
Allow me to explain.
It started off with Friday 13th, lucky for some and unlucky for others.
Well, it was certainly lucky for me (I’m a lucky guy) and unlucky for Simon Kirby, that’s for sure.
To my delight and good fortune Simon Kirby MP called a public meeting about the Lewes Road changes, right in my back yard, or rather my political heart-land, as I like to call it!
And what a meeting it was. I’m so glad Simon and I had already met at the Bridge, because it would seem we are now on first name terms, having walked into Moulsecoomb Leisure centre’s hall, only to be greeted by Simon Kirby who said, “Matthew,” to which I replied, “Simon.”
The following day I met a neighbour who was there and he said was it was rarer for the Queen to visit, than Simon Kirby. This illustrates what a lucky Friday 13th it was.
And if you did miss the Queen’s visit to Moulsecoomb on Halloween's Day, I took the liberty of recording it for you to see at your leisure.

Simon Kirby hasn’t got a chance in hell of winning the 2015 election.
I am convinced now, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, that Simon Kirby hasn’t got a chance in hell in winning the 2015 election. He may as well resign now and trigger a by-election. At least that way, I’ll have a head-start on the new intake of independent politicians flooding into Parliament in 2015.
I mean, he ran out of the hall and hid in his car! What does that say about the man, and the animosity towards him.
And Graham Cox- What a knob! He can’t remember what he wrote in his own blog only ten days ago. What makes it worse is that he’s had a career as a policeman to boot. I found this about him by Scrapper Duncan, which sums up the type of man he is. Though I did exchange a friendly moment with him on the way out, after I asked him to pass on a private message to Simon Kirby, of which I’ll mention later.
Because as soon as the meeting was over, I was on my way to the Bevy Christmas party, at the Lectern Pub, where they had an important announcement to make.
Now bearing in mind I don’t get out much, it was a double bonus to have my partner out too. (Granddad baby-sat). I won’t mention the name of my partner because she finds my unique style of politics is highly embarrassing and doesn't want to be associated with it!
Suffice to say we had a wonderful celebrating the awesome news that:
thebevycommitteTHE BEVY HAS DONE IT!
What great news, the Bevy has raised their target of £200,000 and are set to re-open by Easter 2014.
I danced the night away in celebration.
Saturday 14th.
rabbit roverThe Chinese added to a great weekend with the momentous achievement of landing a rover on the moon.
I think the Chinese deserve a huge round of applause. What an amazing achievement. After 37 years a Mankind are back on the moon. (OK, a rover, but its close enough)
The most amazing weekend in 37 years rounded of on Sunday, with records broken.
the bevy xmasBeing the only person to report on Simon Kirby’s public meetings and The Bevy Christmas party, I scored a double whammy.
Having the exclusive on both stories, it reflected itself by the number of hits I got through Sunday.
First up was The Bevy announcement exclusive.
kirby at moulsecoombClosely followed by Simon Kirby’s public meeting exclusive.
By lunch time the stats we edging their way to double figures.
Building on the momentum, I published my solution to the concerns brought up in Simon Kirby’s public meeting, with my Moulsecoomb Redevelopment project.
Soon after, the stats sky-rocketed. It’s hit the public’s imagination and is taking on a life of its own. From double figures, to treble figures, to quadruple figures. I’ve never seen anything like it.MOULSECOOMB REDELEOPMENT
I couldn’t help myself by knock out a promotional video and publish it as a huge thank you to everyone who re-blogged, re-tweeted and liked my blogs.
I really couldn’t have had a better weekend. Friends (Jackie, Nicolas and Alec) were round Saturday night for a party, which I haven’t even mentioned yet, and…………….
It’s really been the best weekend in 37 years.
graham coxOh yes, I nearly forgot. On the way out of the Moulsecoomb leisure centre on Friday, I met Graham Cox (Simon Kirby’s fall-guy) and I asked him to pass on a personal message to Simon. It went something like this:
“Tell Simon from me, that I appreciated him coming and giving up his Friday night.”
The relief on Graham’s face was evident. You could see from the look of trepidation on his face that he thought I was going to launch into a tirade of abuse, like which he usually gets.
But yes, I mean it and if you are reading this Simon, thank you. Thank you for coming, you’ve made it the best weekend in 37 years.
And do you know what else I like about you Simon, well for the last few months I’ve waged a sustained and relentless character assassination against you, from calling you a transvestite, to a freemason and a general nasty piece of work.
Simon has maintained him dignity and choose to remain silent in response to them all.
Perhaps I’ve been telling the truth about him all along?

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