Friday, 15 May 2015

@SOSLeader The New Labour Leader.

Matt Taylor for New Labour Party Leader

Sign me up as a party member and I’m happy to be the New Labour Leader. 

Give me the golden opportunity to expose David Cameron head on and I’ll win the nation a new snap general election.

Taking advantage of only 2 opportunities in every dozen, I can guarantee you I would win more than the 69 votes I got in the Brighton Kemptown 2015 election by doing it by myself.

Opportunities Lost.
1. Knocking on voters doors and introducing myself.
2. Taking advantage of the free Royal Mail Delivery Service.
3. Being at the Argus Hustings.
4. Being featured in The Argus, radio and Latest TV.
5. Holding my own public meetings at bars and community halls.
6. Setting up a stall in contested public areas handing out leaflets.
7. Effective fund-raising.
8. Endorsement by a famous figure or celebrity.
9. Speaking as a guest at various public meetings.
10. Speaking at the Peacehaven Community school Children's hustings.

One day I’ll write a book, ’How to run a losing election campaign.’

Opportunities Won:
11. Speaking at the LGBT hustings
12. Speaking at the White-Cliff hustings. 

By myself I got 69 votes (of which I’m immensely grateful.) 

  • Give me a team of ten campaigners I'd get 690 votes. (Which would of been enough to win Nancy Platts the Brighton Kemptown election.  
  • With 100 campaigners I’ll get 6900 votes, 
  • and with the Labour Party behind me I can put us (THE PEOPLE) back into Power.

Email me: and join my campaign.

The first thing I need is a Labour Party membership and 35 Labour MP's to sponsor me.

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