Monday 4 October 2021

Is James Hind a paedophile?

Warning, this is a warning ⚠️ Do not read any further if you are of a sensitive disposition.

This is James Hind's Twitter heading

"As a victim of child abuse I recognise the harm that false allegation makers do, not only that they destroy lives of those that they make false allegations against, but also the harm they do to real victims of child abuse."

The above quote is from James Hind, admitting he was a victim of child abuse.

As a victim of child abuse myself, I recognise the irrepairable damage child abuse inflicts on the lives of it's victims.

In his quote above he recognises that making false allegations of child abuse, not only destroys the lives of the innocent, but also harms real abuse victims, because time and resources are spent on investigating false allegations.

Having read James Hind's Satanic Views blog, I remember him using the £800,000 spent on investigating Cliff Richard as an example.

Now let's delve deeper into what James Hind has to say on his Satanic View blog.

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ I must warn you now that the information you are about to read is of a very sensitive nature and does include scenes of child abuse! ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️

You are about to learn the truth about James Hind and what he does on the Internet.

There is no other way to spill the beans, but to simply come out and say it.

So here it is........

James Hind pretends to be a 12 year old boy who talks to paedophiles and children in unmoderated online chatrooms.

Over to James Hind to explain himself further.

Warning ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Includes descriptions of child abuse and may cause traumatic triggering of childhood abuse ⚠️

Extract from

"For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chatrooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles."

Why? I am truly shocked, as should you!

Why would any man, for either "personal or business reasons", would they want to learn more about paedophiles, and everything about paedophilia, from how not to get caught, by understanding how the police and paedophile hunters lure paedophiles, to the children themselves, wanting to know in-depth, what the abuse felt like, and how they feel towards their abuses.

Is it just me, or is it shocking?

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill?

Why? Why has James Hind said this, all the while, grassing Jeanette Archer, Angela Power-Disney, Sam Baldwin, Owen and others to the police for Child abuse, (or rather, his perverse twisting of child abuse), to achieve his own satanic goals, by manipulating the police.

It makes you wonder whether satanists have infiltrated our nation's police forces?

In the one opening paragraph above we learn in its entirety, James Hind publicly declaring his intention to "learn more about pedophiles."

In his own words, to "learn more about paedophiles," for his own "personal and business reasons."

Damn! If I had said that in my blog I would be crucified as a nonce. James Hind says it, and he's lauded as a Satanic hero.

What "personal reasons " would anyone have, other than paedophiles, have with learning everything about paedophilia.

What "business reasons," would anyone have, other than to earn money from pedophilia?

Interested in the paedophiles process of grooming in chatrooms, he also wants to learn about the impact child abuse has on their victims, (when you thought he would have known himself, having declared himself a victim of child abuse!)

He wants to know what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and of-course he would.

The number one rule of being a Satanist is not to get caught being a Satanist.

The number one rule of being a paedophile is not to let anyone know you are a paedophile.

Of course Hind would wants to learn everything about being a paedophile, seeing as he's on a mission to embrace paedophilia.

He wants to know what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles.

Why the fuck would anyone, other than a paedophile want to know that?

Extract from

I need to jump on and provide a narrative as to what we've just read. Hind is talking about young teenagers, and the subject of sex.

"Certain types of girl in the 12-15 group will actively challenge paedophiles, but seem to end in a close emotional interaction with a few."

Which means in plain English, that James Hind is having emotional interactions with teenage girls aged from 12-15 years old.

He mocks the police who are evidently doing their job on behalf of society, by monitoring these unmoderated chatrooms, and favourite hangouts of paedophiles, to which James Hind is pretending to be a 12 year old boy.

"The younger teens write very well."

I shall repeat this for the sake of Shellie May, Poodles, Pebbles and JoKing, James Hind has admitted to visiting online paedophile hangouts, pretending to be a 12 year old boy.

"[Groomers] Most move towards the subject of sex very quickly. "

James Hind is talking sex with teenagers aged as young as 11 and 12.

"I have seen lots of situations of people disclosing things for attention seeking and teens are quite open in what they share."

Extract from

As you appreciate this is a developing story, and I have only today come across this very damaging evidence, that James Hind is a paedophile hiding in plain sight.

I'm only making this clear, following James Hind contacting the police to report Sharon Gale for Child abuse, having named Child X from the Wong case.

But yet, under his own admission, during his time as a 12 year old boy, talking sex and exchanging filth with other teens, Hind identified a groomer from Kent, and while he could have "ruined" his "life," by reporting him to police, he choose not to because "it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don't like that on my mind."

Which begs the question, why was Hind pretending to be a 12 year old boy in a notorious paedophile infested teen chatroom, if he wasn't there to identify the real groomers, and report them to police.

We now have a case of James Hind reporting multiple people to the police, claiming a "form" of "childabuse" for naming Child X. 😀

All the while identifying real paedophile groomers in chatrooms, doing real harm to children, and choose to ignore his actions, because he wouldn't like the thought of a fellow paedophile being caught for what he himself is doing.

Extract from

James Hind is a paedophile hiding in plain sight.

Extract from

James Hind is actively inviting members of the Hoaxtead Research community to contact him, so he can pass on the web address of a notorious paedophile/teen hangout.

Extract from

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

James Hind is a fake satanist - Coming Soon...

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