Thursday, 9 August 2018

Prison Diary # 5 - 3rd of May (Election Day) 2018


Solicitor report
Sussex Police
TAYLOR, MATTHEW DANIEL 06/07/1971 (46) M
Custody suite: 
SXP CUSTODY SUITE EASTBOURNE (CUSTODY CENTRE,                                                         HAMMONDS DRIVE, EASTBOURNE, EAST SUSSEX United Kingdom BN 23 6PW (SUSSEX POLICE) (NH code: EE3NH15, Division: EAST SUSSEX, District: EAST BOURNE, Beat: EE3007, BName: STANTHONYS, NPT: EE3) (Gazetteer Key – 403833
Valid as of 04/05/2018 01:39:00
Printed by #CT591 TRITTON, D.

Booking in

Arrive time:                          03/05/2018 10:06

Custody #:                            CR4718007411


Det. Unsolicited remark before detention:                            

Arrest necessity reason:   Allow the prompt and effective investigation

Detention reason:              S37(2)PACE – secure/preserve evidence; S37(2)PACE – obtain evidence by question

Warrant #:

Detainee type:                     Vul. Adult

Officer-defined                    1. White – North European


DP-defined                           W1. White British


Authorising officer:            #CK671 KING, I.

Det. authorised time:          03/05/2018 10:10

Det. unsolicited remark after detention:

Classification:                    None of these

Detention unit:                   SXP CUSTODY SUITE EASTBOURNE (CUSTODY CENTRE,                                                         HAMMONDS DRIVE, EASTBOURNE, EAST SUSSEX United Kingdom BN 23 6PW (SUSSEX POLICE) (NH code: EE3NH15, Division: EAST SUSSEX, District: EAST BOURNE, Beat: EE3007, BName: STANTHONYS, NPT: EE3) (Gazetteer Key – 403833

Previous detention time:

Detention time override:

Previous review time:

♫ Here I am again on my own, ♫♪♫♪♫♪ going down the only road that I know…♫

Arrested at 9.50am at Brighton, for breaching a malicious injunction by allegedly tweeting. It’s the fifth time I’ve been arrested since 20 February 2017.

Yes, I find myself back in a police cell for the fifth time, all as a result of he who cannot be named, (but who for the purposes of the tape, I shall refer to as Voldemort,) accusing me of harassment, which the CPS said there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute.

I am a victim of Voldemort’s corruption and harassment, but am powerless to do anything about it because he has access to unlimited public funds, able to bend justice to his will.
Back in a God forsaken police cell, when I could be doing something far more interesting, like making fruit salad and then riding to Peacehaven to see my kids.

(K has planned to go to London tonight to watch Plan B in concert - I wonder how my arrest will affect her plans? She’s evidently needs a Plan B, ha ha ha.)

The morning was going so well. I woke up after pleasant dreams, not like that terrible dream I had when I was sexually molested by a Planet of the Apes talking chimpanzee.

I replied to emails from John Wanoa and Dr. Pike and even exchanged Facebook chat with the Brighton Kemptown MP, Russell Lloyd-Moyles.

I went downstairs, ate two donuts and made a coffee and just as I was sipping it, noticed a police car pull up outside.

Quick as a flash I closed the curtains, checked the back door was locked, ran upstairs and waited for the inevitable bang at the door, praying they had pulled up to visit someone else on the street; and low and behold, ‘BANG BANG,’ the bang on the door reverberated throughout the house.

I ignored it for as long as I could, but once they started to threaten to knock down the door, I gave up and surrendered myself to arrest.

Two police cars and five police officers sent to arrest me for allegedly sending a single tweet. WOW, talk about police priority!

Funnily enough, as I was sipping my morning cup of coffee, I was dictating a letter to the Chief Constable of Sussex Police Giles York, which went something like this:

Chief Constable Giles York wearing his Queen's medals
Dear Chief Constable Giles York,

I cannot express in stronger terms how disappointed I am, in you and the Sussex police force.

When I joined the Royal Military Police in 1997, I stood in front of a picture of Queen Elizabeth II, and with my hand over my heart, pledged a solemn oath to uphold the Law, wherever I found it to be broken.

Once a Royal Military Policeman; always a Royal Military Policeman.

Since 2012 when I became interested in the Police Crime Commissioner elections, I have been bombarded with stories of police corruption, which I have sought to alert you too and publicise across various blogs and social media platforms.

It’s a given that criminals break the Law, but I was shocked, distressed and alarmed that Sussex police were accused of breaking the Law too.

As of sound judge of character, I believe the accounts of police corruption that were brought to my attention, (and due to the seriousness of the allegations), I brought it to the attention of yourself and Voldemort.

On all occasions I was ignored and dismissed.

To that I am bitterly disappointed and furious that you should allow this to happen.


Due to your conduct as Chief Constable, I have lost all trust in the Sussex police force. You have single-handedly eroded my faith in the police and have corrupted the age old principle that the police are there to serve and protect the public.

You are a disgrace Giles York, and once justice is served, of which it ultimately will, I shall applaud the prospect of you being led away in handcuffs, arrested for misconduct in office and perverting the course of justice.

Matt Taylor & David Neilson
To remind you that on the 15th January 2015, at the Murder House on the South Coast road in Peacehaven, both David Neilson and I rang Sussex police in response to an attack against Mr. Neilson and his property. Once Sussex police officers arrived they spent fifteen minutes laughing and joking with our assailants, before knocking on our door and having gained entry arrested both Mr. Neilson and I, for assault and battery.

Read more: Prospective MP's Angry over Arrest 

I was running as an independent parliamentary candidate and if that had happened to any other candidate you would have acted differently. During the 2015 General Election campaign our campaign office was visited on a daily basis by our assailants, who continued to threated, intimidate and confront us. At one time, Mark Waters even threatened violence against my family, of which I did report at the time.

It was then that I knew with certainly that you preside over a police force which is the pockets of organized crime.


Katrina Taylor
From the cover up of the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor, to the cover up of historical child abuse against John Walson, to the elderly abuse of David Neilson, to the events on the 12 February 2009, at the Bohemia police station in Hastings and to John Hoath’s evidence of a firearm receipt to criminal Leachman; you have doggedly remained silent in the face of example after example of police corruption within your ranks.


I’ve met you on a number of occasions and found you to be a jolly ‘cracking’ fella. I now know nothing could be further from the truth. From the mouth of your predecessor, I’ve been told you are fiercely ambitious, and from my own experience, I know you to be a ruthless liar, cruel and two-faced.

You cannot escape the allegations being made against you, (Voldemort and the conduct of your police officers), made on a weekly basis.

The general public have only been made aware of your thugs and sex crazed police officers who download child porn, indulge in threesomes while on duty, who source prostitutes for colleagues while on duty, and who themselves sell themselves as prostitutes while on sick leave.

The general public knows enough, but I know more. I know about the collusion with organized crime, the summary executions, the murder cover ups, the misappropriation of public money, the abuse of police resources and the drug dealing.


I’ve been a thorn in the side of Sussex police since 2012, and never once have you had the nerve to send me a letter, addressing the publicity I was generating.

You are a coward Giles York. You’d rather hide behind privilege and ruin my life, on the request of Voldemort, for daring to ‘forensically’ hold him to account.

To summarize Mr. York; you are presiding over a failing and a corrupt police force. You have lost my trust and you have lost any credibility and good will that I may have felt for you when we first met.

You are heading for prison Mr. York, and all I can say is


Yours sincerely,
Matthew Taylor

Little could I have guessed, that in a mere hour, I would actually be writing him the letter from a police cell.


Sat in a fucking police cell, deprived of my freedom for allegedly sending a tweet; what the fuck?

All because Voldemort loves a box of chocolates.

This is police harassment and victimization. What have I done to deserve this treatment?

I’ve asked serious questions of police corruption, which Sussex police and Voldemort has chosen to ignore and dismiss.

My life has been turned upside down and I’ve lost everything. OK, not everything; I’ve managed to hold onto my kids, sanity, health and girlfriend – what more does a man need to survive?

Read more: Porn has ruined my Life - A Special Report by Matt Taylor

I’m more than pissed, I’m disappointed. Disappointed that a police force and a justice system can be manipulated to label me the criminal, when in truth, it’s the criminals who are holding high office, masquerading as the great and good of society.

Our nation really has gone to the dogs.
Our nation is a disgrace.
Sussex police is a waste of space.

So I’m left sitting here waiting for a duty solicitor to arrive before I’m directed to an interview, where under oath and recorded under PACE directives, I will tell them what I wrote to Gilly Jones, who works for Weightman’s solicitors, on behalf of Voldemort.

Upon hearing that a tweet had been tweeted on the Fake News at its Best twitter account, I duly deleted it, deleted the account to ensure no further tweets could be tweeted and removed the article, ‘Is Voldemort a Freemason?’ from the Guerrilla Democracy News blog platform.

What more could I do? Someone with administrative access to the Fake News at its Best twitter account, tweeted a tweet without my knowledge, encouragement or permission, and now I’m languishing in a God forsaken police cell because of it.


Its complete and utter bullshit; Bullshit of the first degree. They always seem to arrest me on the sunniest of days. Languishing in a police cell when I would be out in the sunshine, absorbing the Sun’s warm comforting rays. This has nothing to do with justice; this has got everything to do with Sussex police and Voldemort’s revenge.


With the criminal’s backs against the wall, all they can do now is lash out with the only weapon they have left in their arsenal- The manipulation of Law and Justice.


The tools of the criminals who are masquerading as the great and good outstanding members of society.

Their time in power has ended, and my incarceration demonstrates how desperate they’ve become.

I’m tired, bored and frustrated. Frustrated that my freedom has been denied for a fifth time on a jumped up charge, this time for allegedly tweeting.


Now let’s remember back to the other four times I’ve languished in a God forsaken police cell.

How can I ever forget the dawn raid on 20 February 2017, led by the fearless DC Andy Grimwood climbing through the window into my rented room at Parkfield Farm at Crawley Down?

That was the day the nightmare started, from dawn to dusk, deprived of freedom accused of harassing and stalking Voldemort.

The second time was in June, correction May, when I returned to the Salford Custody Suite in Salford, under the impression I’ll be told whether I’ll be charged with harassment and stalking, only to be arrested for downloading child porn instead. It was without doubt, the worse day of my life.

The third occasion was in June 2017, arrested for breaking the bail conditions enforced against me, following the arrest for downloading and possessing child porn.

The condition read that I wasn’t allowed any unsupervised contact with children under the age of 18, without their guardians or parents knowing about the investigation. I interpreted it that I would be allowed unsupervised contact with children under the age of 18, if their guardian or parent knew about the investigation; but NO, DC Grimwood clarified that the interpretation meant I wasn’t allowed any unsupervised contact with children under the age of 18, with or without the guardians or parents knowing about the investigation. I politely asked the duty custody sergeant to amend the wording of the bail condition to reflect DC Grimwood’s interpretation, but she refused, and was told to sign it otherwise I’d be thrown back into the police cell.

I subsequently didn’t see my children for 93 days and come June 2017, when the bail condition expired, I was ordered back to Salford police station to re-sign, to which I refused because I wasn’t prepared to sign for a bail condition that meant one thing on paper and another thing verbally.

And of-course, the fourth time was in October 2017, when I was arrested for allegedly making a malicious video about the alleged satanic cult leader, Ricky Dearman.

It’s been eight months since I was arrested for allegedly making a malicious video about Ricky Dearman, eight months in which all my IT equipment, consisting of two desktops, an iPad, and smart phone, has been held by Sussex police.

I recently asked the CPS whether they are going to charge me or not, but was told it wasn’t ‘appropriate’ to be told and that I should seek legal representation to ask on my behalf.

And now, the 3rd May, local Election Day 2018, arrested for allegedly tweeting a tweet.


You couldn’t make this shit up! 

I am fucking livid. Sussex police stormed into my home at about 9.45 am, arrested me at 9.50 am, brought me to the Hollyingbury custody suite at about 10 am and I’ve been dying here ever since. I now estimate the time to be about 3.30 pm.

The claim we live in a free society is absolute bullshit. We live in a police state, and the treatment I’ve suffered and endured since 2012 proves it.

Harassment, stalking, breaking police bail, downloading and possessing child porn, making a malicious video and tweeting a tweet.


Come on- this is bullshit fit for Royalty. I want to make it absolutely clear to everyone who has taken the time to read thus far.


I’ve proved Sussex police is a corrupt police force and the fact that I’ve been banged up for the above mentioned offences, reinforces my case that I’m a victim of police harassment and corruption.

Fuck you if you think I’ve downloaded child porn.

            Fuck you if you think I’ve harassed and stalked anyone.

                        Fuck you if you think I’ve made a malicious video about Ricky Dearman.

                                    Fuck you if you think I’ve tweeted a tweet about Voldemort.

I’ve only done what I’ve believed is right in the course of detecting and preventing crime. If Voldemort was so alarmed and distressed about my articles, blogs and videos, then he should have let me know and asked me to stop.

He chose to adopt a policy of ignoring me, which he’s admitted was a failed policy. That said ‘failed policy’, has cost the tax payer over £30K on me alone. Voldemort has taken similar action, at the expense of the taxpayer’s expense, against John Paterson, Brian Setchfield and John Hoath.

It wouldn’t surprise me that Voldemort has spent in excess of £500K of taxpayer’s money, funding civil prosecutions, aimed at silencing her critics and covering up her allegation of aiding and abetting organized crime.

While other genuine victims of harassment and stalking are issued police notices for wasting police time and left to be murdered without police protection; the combined forces of both Surrey and Sussex police, have been at the disposal of Voldemort, to do so as he wilt.


Its four o’clock and I’ve just asked the lady who answered the intercom, how much longer will I be kept here, to which she answered, that they can keep me here for twenty four hours if they want to.

I am in distress and at the end of my tether. No doubt we’re waiting for a duty solicitor, though whether a duty solicitor has been called, I seriously doubt.

This is what happens when you question the system. You get locked up and they key is thrown to sea.


But hey, gotta look on the bright side of life; at least Liverpool FC has reached the final of the European Cup final.

I’m not worried for myself, I’m worried for my kids, who need me more than I need me. The kids always suffer and that inconvenient truth, breaks my heart.

And so I’m left here waiting, waiting for Sussex police to pull their finger out of their arse and interview me. To interview me in connection of the hideous crime of allegedly tweeting a tweet. No wonder there are no more coppers on the beat, they are busy banging up people who tweet. Beat, tweet; what a treat!


Medical                         #33734 WRIGHT, D.  03/05/2018 15:52

--03/05/2018 15:49:16—

Declined to be seen by CJLN- Presenting as hostile and angry, wanting to speak to a solicitor and I was told to go away when he realized I won’t able to assist him. Not known to MH services.

General detention               334931 HOLDER, G.  03/05/2018 15:52

--03/05/2018 15:52:08—

DP very abusive to me and CJLN refused to take drink swearing and shouting at us

“Don’t bother asking for another drink,” said the bitch that brought a mental health nurse to see me.


The mental health nurse paid me a visit and asked if I’m OK, “Of course I’m not OK,” I answered, “I’m locked up in a police cell.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked, “You can see how long I’ll be in here thank you.”

That was when he replied that it was up to Sussex police when they see fit to see me, and that was when I blew my top, “WHEN THEY SEE FIT TO SEE ME – FUCK OFF.”

That was when the bitch held up a cup and said, “Do you still want a drink,” to which I answered, “fuck the fucking drink, where’s my liberty?”

Just a quick mention about the chicken curry I was served at lunch. A microwave piece of shit consisting of brown rice, curry gravy and no chicken!

I don’t know how much more I can take.
                                                            I am losing the will to live.

I’ve just had the duty sergeant come in and remind me of my rights. He returned a few minutes later with two colleagues and took my pencil.

Review                          3CG758 GREETHAM, J 03/05/2018 16:11

I have seen the DP in the cell and given rights and entitlements. The DP has shouted repeatedly that he is ‘losing it’ and is clearly angry and agitated.

DP has shouted he wants his nominated informed, this was done at 1050 hrs and the DP was updated. DP also shouting that he wants to see his solicitor immediately in person. DP advised that the Duty solicitor was notified and is aware but that his request will be relayed.

DP continuing to be very agitated and so the pencil he was given earlier was removed from the cell due to his demeanor and the risk of self-harm or of harming others with it.


At 4.50 pm, I found myself in a police van being driven to Eastbourne. It’s now about 6 pm and I’m again sitting in a police cell, waiting to be interviewed. To my horror I’ve been told the investigating officer has conducted a police search of my home, and no doubt my diary and mobile phone has been seized as evidence. I feel sick to my stomach, knowing that I can be arrested on a whim, my privacy invade and my property searched and seized.


I’m worried now. How am I going to communicate with the world? Those damn pigs invade my home and take whatever they want. It’s been eight months since they last raided my home and I still haven’t seen my property. They will do the same now. The fucking low life cunts. I’m not happy, not happy at all. The infamous song springs to mind, ♫ I fought the Law and the Law won ♫

I am well and truly fucked now---- I give up! I’m angry with myself for not having the afore-thought of hiding my diary and mobile phone. Fucking stupid dick. My stupidity has always been the undoing of me and it will appear my stupidity has undone me again.

Well all I can do now is wait and see what they have on me.

From one police cell to another, this stinks like hell. I’ve got a horrible feeling; I won’t be leaving here tonight.

Oh shit, I’m well and truly screwed! I feel suicidal and scared for the future. What have I got to live for now, except of course my kids, girlfriend and dreams of a better world.

All I can do now is say- BRING IT ON YOU MOTHERFUCKERS- let’s see what you’ve got and I’ll take it on my chin. This is going to be fun; I’m just pissed of I won’t have my beloved diary and my essential mobile communication device at my disposal.

So bring it on Motherfuckers and show me what you’ve got! I can’t do anything to change the situation, what is, is what is. Only time will tell if I spend a spell in jail.

But still, I’m left here waiting, forever waiting. It’s got to be a least 7 pm, nine hours now in detention. WELCOME TO POLICE STATE BRITAIN.

I am so pissed off with myself; why didn’t I stash my diary and phone when I had the chance? So very angry, immensely fucking angry.

Come on coppers, hurry the fuck up and interview me; I’m still hanging onto the slim hope that I can salvage something of the day.

Please fucking save me; it’s been ten fucking hours locked in a shitting good forsaken police cell. I am losing the will to love – how the fuck is this justice.

I can only hope and pray that those responsible for putting me here will get a dose of their own medicine when the Day of Judgement arrives. And ultimately they will. All the indications put the end on the horizon; it’s only a matter of time before justice arrives and sorts the wheat from the rye, the husk from the barley, the peanuts from the hazelnuts.

FUCK YOU VOLDEMORT; if you think you’ve won, you are gravely mistaken. The world is going to change and all your crimes are going to be exposed and will see the bright blue sky of day. Pride becomes before any fall, and the pride you feel today of seeing me languish in a God forsaken police cell, will lead to your fall. Soon the whole world will know your true nature and soon you will be locked up in a police cell as I’ve been today.

This is torture, fucking torture. It’s not human to lock up a person in a room with nothing to do for over ten hours. Dear God help me. Dear Universe and its Divine Architect, get me the fuck out of her.

I really can’t take much anymore, I’m dying, dying, I tell you…..

This has gone past ridiculous; this is just taking the mother fucking piss. Eleven to twelve fucking hours now, 11-12 fucking hours for allegedly tweeting a tweet.


I’ve got a horrible fucking feeling they are going to keep me in tonight. God save me!

Holy fucking shit, I’ve just had to suffer the indignation of having a shit in this God forsaken police cell. I hope you too will suffer the indignation of having a shit in a police cell Voldemort.

When will this torture (and smell) end?

I’ve been arrested on four occasions and I’ve never had to wait this long to be interviewed. It would seem they are playing games and intentionally letting me rot in this police cell for as long as they can (which I’ve been reminded is 24 hours.)

As I’ve said before, I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried for my kids who are waiting for me to turn up and takeover babysitting duties from their grandad. That’s assuming Grandad is even babysitting, for all I know Karina may have cancelled going to London to watch Plan B in concert, though knowing her, I doubt very much she has.

Twelve fucking hours sat in a cell- now I wasn’t expecting to be doing this when I woke up today! Yet another day of my life lost to police corruption.

Oh I don’t mind it really; it’s all the fun of the fair. I’m big enough to handle anything and everything they throw at me. I know ultimately that our nation is run by satanic paedophile monsters, and that I’m on the right side of history. My heart only breaks for the children who suffer, as are my kids, suffering right now because I’m here when I should be there, with them.


They are keeping me waiting on purpose.

At 8.45 pm, I was taken from the cell and introduced to an appropriate adult called Simon; and was explained my rights again by the duty sergeant.

I was then taken to another room where my hand prints were taken.

Eleven hours and counting

Simon tried to assure me that I wasn’t being kept here any longer than was absolutely necessary. I begged to differ!

According to the grapevine, a solicitor is on-route, the investigating officer is ready and events will soon progress in a hurry. (Enough of the curry)


I am so fed up being arrested – I’m never going to do, say or write anything ever again!

I’m reading Danse Macabre, by the indisputable king of horror, Stephen King, to pass the time!

One hour later; So much for the rumour that events were soon to progress in a hurry. It’s got to be at least 10 pm now. Twelve fucking hours trapped in this nightmare.

I beg to differ Simon (appropriate adult); Sussex police are taking the piss and keeping me here for their perverse pleasure.

♫Here we go again on my own, going down the only road that I know! ♫ Twelve hours on I’m still waiting to be interviewed. How is this justice? I’ve been accused of a crime, which in this case is for breaking a malicious injunction, by allegedly tweeting a tweet mentioning Voldemort.

So I’ve been accused by Voldemort of doing something so hideous the police are involved. The police don’t know whether I’ve done this despicable thing or not, so they arrest me, throw me in jail for the day and then search and home and seize all my personal stuff and go through it with a magnifying glass to find any evidence that supports Voldemort’s claim that I’ve done something despicable.


If they find the evidence, then the case is passed to the CPS, who will decide whether or not I’ll be charged. If they don’t find anything, no case file will be passed to the CPS, and I’ll be allowed to leave the police cell a freeman.

But still, I’ve been deprived of my liberty for a whole day, which has knock on consequences.


It’s a lose lose situation for the accused and a win win for the accuser. One thing it certainly isn’t, is justice. Voldemort has the satisfaction of knowing I’ve languished in a police cell all day, knowing Sussex police have had free access to snoop around my home and satisfaction that whether I’ve done the crime or not, my liberty and freedom has been denied.


This is such utter bullshit. I’ve been accused of tweeting a tweet for fucks sake. Do I really deserve to spend a whole fucking day in a police cell? NO – I FUCKING DON’T.


Fuck me; it’s like the jungle in here. Some bitch is sobbing her heart out, another guy is screeching and yet another is wolf whistling/howling. Banging, slamming, shouting, buzzers buzzing. It’s a mad house in here.

And now I feel like crying.

Today has been without doubt, the worst experience of my life. I woke up thinking ‘Today’s the Day,’ and I wasn’t wrong.

23:40 hrs, the solicitor finally arrives. Kim Evans from Tuckers. I intend to give a written statement and then a no comment interview.

Interview start. Entered the interview room at 00:12 hrs, with Kim Evans, DC Charlie Ward (investigator), Simon Gordon (appropriate adult) and a fourth gentleman wearing a grey suit, DC Dan Thompson.

4 May 2018, 00:14 hrs starts. Caution explained in detail by Charlie.

00:25 hrs, intervened by Kim Evans to stay calm.

Prepared statement read by Kim Evans, handed over 00:28 hrs to Charlie by Kim.

Finished 01:04 hrs, interview stopped.

Low and behold who did I see at the custody desk? None other than the Peaceful Warrior himself, John Paterson. Thankfully he was being released, of which I will be shortly.

Thank God.

The interview is over, it’s about 01.15 hrs, but at least I haven’t been put back into that God forsaken cell.

DC Dan Thompson has promised me that uniformed police will give me a left home.

General detention                #CT591 TRITTON, D. 04/05/2018 01:37

--04/05/2018 01:37:08—

The detainee has been granted police bail with/without conditions and has been informed that they have a duty to surrender to the required police station at the appointed time and date. It has been explained to the detainee that if they fail to surrender to this bail then they may be subject to arrest.

Wot a night; at 02:15 hrs, I’m in a police van; it’s stopped by the seafront because a damsel in distress is threatening to throw herself off the cliff.

John Paterson has just left, he’s walking home and I’m waiting in the van while the police wait for back-up to deal with the damsel.

02:30 hrs, and having languished in a cell all day, I’m now languishing in the back of a police van.

Is it really worth me waking up grandad? Knocked at the door at 02:55 hrs but no-one answered.

I finally made it home at 03:20 am. Wow, what a day. I’m over the moon its over!


1.    Why did I refuse to sign DC Andy Grimwood’s notebook?

I don’t trust DC Grimwood and following the malicious bail conditions of 2017, in which it meant one thing on paper and another thing verbally, I believed the best cause of action was not to sign anything to do with Grimwood.

2.    Tell us about your time in the RMP?

I joined the army in 1997 and was posted to Paderborn in Germany, where after I was dismissed from the army and reduced in rank for sending my mother five cannabis joints, to alleviate her pain as she lay dying on her death bed. Its worthy of note that I wasn’t dishonorably discharged.

3.    What have I been doing since; worked, trained or studied?

Since leaving the army I’ve worked as a horticultural engineer (weed sprayer), worked in a sales environment at Telegen UK in Brighton, ran my own e-procurement business, worked as a freelance content writer, worked at Colas as a bid writer and have fathered two children.

I’ve been on various courses including a carpentry course, digital training diploma and various well-being courses sourced through the job centre.

4.    Am I a journalist?

I have earned money having posted articles on-line at UK Blasting News, so technically yes, I am a journalist.

5.    Who says I am the most controversial political columnist?

I advertised myself as the most controversial political columnist, considering the controversial subjects I cover.

6.    What do I mean by the Best Fake News?

Following the American presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the allegations of fake news following the Pizza-gate revelations, the Best Fake News was a platform which reflected the news which some people considered true, while others considered fake.

7.    What problems do I think I’m causing?

I wasn’t aware that I was causing any problems. In Voldemort’s witness statement presented in the High Court of Justice of the Queen’s Bench Division, he states that following his re-election in May 2016, he more than doubled her original majority, boasting that he now held the largest majority of any incumbent Conservative PCC, having received in excess of 52,000 public votes.

The Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner blog received hits on average between 50-100 a week. Due to the policy of ignoring me and refusing to answer my questions of serious police corruption, I wasn’t aware of any problems my actions were causing.

If I had known that my actions were causing alarm and distress, I would have of course, changed my behaviour accordingly.

8.    Do I think my actions are; reasonable, rational, perverse, abusive and likely to cause alarm and distress?

I believe all my actions were reasonable and rational, taken to prevent and detect crime. I refute all claims that my actions are perverse, abusive and likely to cause alarm and distress.

9.    What is the SOS Party Manifesto; Guerrilla Democracy News; The Golden Cube; Taylor Tales?

The above mentioned are books I’ve self-published and available on The SOS Party Manifesto is a 69 paged booklet about my political journey and views, Guerrilla Democracy News is a six book collection chronicling all my articles I’ve published since 2012, The Golden Cube is my debut sci-fi novel and Taylor Tales is a collection of twenty true life stories.

10.  Am I a teaser?


11.  Do I research the blogs and articles I write?


12.  What is the ‘Is Voldemort a Freemason’ article all about?

Read the article yourself, it’s self-explanatory, as I hope are all my articles.

13.  Why did I refer to Kevin Bourne as the ‘Stupid Banker?’

I referred to Kevin Bourne as the ‘Stupid Banker’ because a previous journalist wrote an article about him, referring to him as a ‘Stupid Banker’ for losing billions of pounds investment while at the HSBC bank.

Read more: Stupid Banker of the Day: HSBC’s Kevin Bourne

14.  Who has access to my password; John Paterson, Brian Setchfield, David Neilson, Clifford Cooke?

Up to 43 people have access to Best Fake News platform, I am not aware that the above mentioned persons are amongst those 43.

15.  Where is all your information coming from?

Primary sources and the national/local media.

16.  Where is the hard journalist information coming from?

Primary sources and the national/local media.

17.  Tell us about the Child porn trial collapse; the Queen’s arrest, King Arthur, is Prince Charles a paedophile?

The child porn trial of which I have accused of downloading and possessing child porn was scheduled to take place on the 12 December 2017. The trial did not happen and I interpreted it was a trial collapse.

The Queen’s arrest was in response to the International Tribunal into the Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), contention that the Queen and Prince Philip were implicated in the disappearance of 10 indigenous Canadian children in the 1960’s.

King Arthur II was a real historical figure according to the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.

Again the ‘Is Prince Charles a paedophile’ article is self-explanatory. The fact that the Prince was best friends with Jimmy Saville and was pictured with Jimmy Saville and the mass killer of Dunblame, plus the revelations in an American magazine that he was having an affair with a rent boy, raises serious questions.

18.  What is my purpose and what am I trying to achieve?

To expose the dangerous criminals who pretend to be the great and good of British society.

19.  What is the end goal?

Justice, and the exposure of the criminals at the heart of the British Establishment. To prevent and detect crime.

20.  Do I want everyone to throw in the towel?

I want the criminals to throw in the towel, yes.

21.  How come I didn’t make it in the 2012 SPCC elections?

I didn’t make it in the 2012 SPCC elections because I wasn’t able to raise the £5000 deposit, 100 signatures, nor clarification from Buckingham Palace that my Army conviction of Possession and Supply of Drugs would prevent me from standing.

22.  Did I have support?


23.  Did I have the deposit?


24.  Why did I not know who had access to the Fake News platform?

Without a computer or home broadband access I am unable to maintain control or vet any actions which may or may not have been actioned.

25.  Am I under the influence of alcohol or drugs?


26.  Do I have issues with mental health?

No. I have submitted myself to an independent mental health assessment and I was declared as of sound mind.

27.  Where are your sources?

Victims of police corruption contact me and provided me with first-hand information.

28.  Did I give third parties permission to post on my blog platforms?

No, but following the seizure of my note books and diaries which contained all my blog passwords, I am concerned that corrupt elements within Sussex police have advertised my passwords to third parties, with the intention of entrapment.

29.  Does the blog, ‘gettingreadyfor2015.wordpress’ belong to me?

Yes; I recreated it in preparation of the 2015 General Election and continue to use it because of the large number of people who receive notifications whenever a new blog is published.

30.  Do you have a Twitter account?

No. My original Twitter account was deleted on 21 February 2017, following the revelation that my articles and blogs were causing Katy Bourne and Mark Streater distress and alarm. A new Twitter account was created to publicize the Best Fake News platform with access to a private Facebook group consisting of 43 members, which has also been deleted.

31.  How many Twitter accounts do I have?

One, the Shadow Sussex Police Crime Commissioner, of which cannot be accessed due to no longer having the log in and password.

32.  Do third parties need permission to Tweet on my account?

I don’t know.

33.  Do third parties need permission to blog?

I don’t know.

34.  Do I vet what is blogged?

No. But if I deem the content to be abusive or illegal, I will of-course maintain my administrative privileges of deleting the offending blog.

35.  How many blogs do I have?

  1. About Matt Taylor
  2. Guerrilla Democracy News
  3. Justice 4 Katrina
  4. Chris Spivey Copy
  5. Taylors Sex Tales
  6. Getting Ready for 2015
  7. Taylor’s Political Column
  8. News from the Seaside
  9. Voldemort Exposed

36.  How many websites do I have?

  1. Matt Taylor Writer
  2. Taylor Services
  3. Taylor for Sussex Police Crime Commissioner
  4. SOS (Save Our Society) Party
37.  Do I get donations?

Occasionally, yes.

38.  What makes me better?

My good looks, intelligent mind and charming personality!

39.  Is it a group thing or is it just me?

It’s a group thing and just me. I am part of the Truth Movement.

40.  How many blog platforms do I have?


41.  Am I still in control?

Yes and no; I don't know. Evidently I'm not in control because someone tweeted a tweet without my knowledge or consent.

42.  Is it now out of my hands?

Yes and no, because Sussex police have seized all my IT equipment.

43.  How did I respond to Weightman’s seven day notice?

Dear Gilly Jones

Ref: Breach of Injunction - 7 day warning (Weightmans Ref:901838/3)

Thank you for your email dated 20/04/2018, in which you brought to my attention an alleged breach of injunction and a 7 day warning.

While I was not aware that tweeting justified a breach of injunction and a 7 day warning; I have taken steps to ensure such activity is never repeated in the future.

Having allowed third parties administrative access to the said Twitter account in question, I have used my own administrative privileges to delete the Twitter account in its entirety to ensure unwarranted tweets are never tweeted again.

The article in question; Is Voldemort a Freemason, has subsequently been deleted and is no longer accessible in the public domain.

With reference to your demand that various other material is withdraw, I am sorry to inform you that I simply do not have access or authorization to remove the material you’ve set out in your 20/04/2018 email.

I have adhered to the judgement that by 4pm on 27 April 2017 to take all reasonable steps to remove material. Upon first hearing my articles and blogs had caused Voldemort distress and alarm, following my arrest by Surrey Police on 20 February 2017, I voluntarily deleted my Twitter account, blogs, articles and videos under my own esteem and without an injunction forcing me to do so. 

I cannot be held accountable or responsible for posting material on the Bushywood website (for example), because I am not the owner of the Busywood website and have no administrative access to remove material from it. To initiate proceedings against me on this basis would be evidently unjustified and would amount to a malicious civil prosecution.

May I take this opportunity to suggest I am afforded a laptop and funds to secure broadband connection, at the expense of Voldemort, which will give me the means to remove any material which may have slipped through the net.

In light of the recent Mail on Sunday article which was printed on Sunday 15th April 2018, I wish to lodge my rebuttal that:

  1. I followed Voldemort to her home
  2. I published a photo-shopped picture of her head on a lingerie model’s body (I could not find the picture in the court bundle as you said I would)
  3. I did not publish a comment suggesting her ropes be cut with reference to her charity abseil. (I acknowledge I did make this comment in a private text message to a friend, which was never intended to appear in the public domain. I find it very concerning that this piece of information, which was only made known within the confidence of a PACE police interview, was passed onto a third party.)
Can you justify why these comments have been made, when they are evidently untrue?

I do not wish to cause Voldemort any further distress, and have attached a personal apology in a word document, for her attention.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Dear Voldemort,

I wish to sincerely apologize for any distress, hurt and alarm my blogs and videos have caused you, your husband and work colleagues, since your election as Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012.

It was never my intention to cause you distress and alarm, and if I had known sooner that my actions were having such a detrimental effect, I would have of-course, adjusted my behaviour and actions to a more appropriate degree.

I simply believed you found me irrelevant and that my actions were being deleted without any cause of alarm and distress.

I wish to put this whole sorrowful saga behind us both, so that we can get on with our lives. I have lost a well-paid job and currently find myself on the precipice of losing my house, liberty and mind. I have considered suicide and am currently taking medication for severe depression.

I was stunned and shocked to be labelled a stalker in the national press, and appreciate that you too must have felt the same emotions, having the news of your referral by the then IPCC, to the CPS on a criminal charge, being made public.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely and wholeheartedly assure you that;

     I have never been to your home.
     That I have never posted online a photoshopped picture of your head on a lingerie model’s body.
     I never posted online any comment suggesting your ropes be cut, with reference to your charity abseil.
     I never took a 60 mile round journey to see you at the Dorset Arms.

I have never wished you any real harm and regret profusely that my actions and deeds have been perceived as such a personal attack.

I am sorry that our differences have come to this late stage, and wish our differences can be resolved to a mutually beneficial conclusion, so that we can both get on with our lives.

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew Taylor

44.  Do I acknowledge my material is not right?


45.  What’s Colas?

My ex-employer.

46.  What does Colas do?

Build and maintain public highways and air strips.

47.  Are you an avid writer?


48.  Why do I use USB sticks?

To store and transfer information.

49.  What’s in my locked briefcase?

Nothing of interest.

50.  Is my briefcase worth breaking into; is it relevant?

No, it’s not relevant. The combination code is 02-09-45

51.  Why am I frustrated?

Because I have been arrested five since February 2017, I’ve lost my job and have been continually harassed by Sussex Police and Weightman’s, on behalf of Voldemort.

52.  Do I have a mobile phone?

I did have until Sussex police seized it. It’s the third mobile phone which Sussex police have no seized and detained.

53.  How many mobile phones do I have?


54.  You seem angry, why is that?

It’s my only means of communication and an essential tool to secure work.

55.  Why have you got no computers?

Sussex police hold all my IT equipment, including two desk top computers, one laptop, one iPad, two smart phones, my daughter’s mobile phone and various other IT equipment including USB sticks, camcorders and data chips.

56.  Do you associate with; Mr. Neilson, Mr. Cooke, Paterson?

Not on a regular basis, though I do speak to Mr. Neilson by phone, who is too scared to return to his home in Peacehaven in fear of being killed by Sussex police.

57.  Do I access computers in public places?


58.  What do I do for income?

I am on ESA benefits, deemed too anxious by my doctor to job search due to the continuing harassment by Sussex police.

59.  Am I on benefits?

I was on ESA, but have now been put on Universal Credit, in which I am not obliged to look for work, due to my state of anxiety, having been harassed, alarmed and distressed by Sussex police, Weightman’s and Voldemort.

60.  How is it financed?

It’s not financed. Everything I do is free of charge and voluntary.

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