Monday, 8 January 2018

Is Theresa May an Imposter?

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing fresh controversy today following startling claims made by a Chris Spivey, prominent writer in the Alternative Media, that she’s an imposter, installed in Number 10 Downing Street for evil and nefarious ends.

Battered by claims of a shambolic and botched reshuffle, May finds herself at a centre of a new conspiracy theory that claims she does not exist, but is in fact a made up persona, played by at least four different people, one of which is Margaret Thatcher’s son, Dennis Thatcher.

Fake News

In a world of fake news and computer generated imagery (CGI), Spivey claims that the world’s ‘One Percent,’ controls the world’s population by stealth, fear, corruption, bribery and blackmail.

“Every single one of us could have a better life, if we but knew it. The reason we don’t is because we live in a world that is an illusion… An act.”

All the World’s a Stage

Biting at the heels of the world’s most famous conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones, Spivey has been at the centre of controversy himself when in 2015 he found himself in hot water for claiming the Lee Rigby Woolwich murder was a government sponsored hoax, orchestrated to foster anti-islamic feelings.

Labelled an ‘Internet Troll’ by the mainstream media, he was found guilty of harassing the Rigby family across an 11 month period, but has since continued to publish controversial articles on his blog which boasts an impressive readership in it’s millions.

Convinced the world is not what’s it’s advertised to be, he blames all the world’s ill’s on a secret criminal elite, hell bent on keeping the world’s population in servitude and fear.

“Get rid of this 1% and we can all enjoy life as it should be. Without these evil parasites, living off our misery there would be no wars, no starving and no homelessness.”

While Theresa May may have more pressing things to address today, this conspiracy theory is set to run and run.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

With more and more people turning to conspiracy theories to explain the world around them, Spivey spearheads a growing number of writers and activists who are disputing the official story being feed to us by the established mainstream media.

Whether the world is flat or round, whether aliens are amongst us or whether man has really been to the moon, the fledgling Truth Movement continues to be lambasted and persecuted as a minority section of society, derided as ‘Tin Foil Hat Wearers’.

Could it really be true that the world’s populace have been lied to on an industrial scale? Only time will tell.

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Its a Set-Up... A Special Report by Matt Taylor

An Urgent Appeal by Matt Taylor

As you may know; I was told I would have to go to a Crown Court trial to defend myself against allegations of downloading and possession of two indecent pictures. I was warned the trial will happen the week commencing 11 December 2017, and that the trial will definitely go ahead and once booked will not be moved. I was informed of this on Wednesday 21 June 2017.

I’ve been living under the shadow of a Crown Court trial ever since. Six months of knowing that from 11 December 2017 onwards, I would be called to defend myself against the most hideous, horrific and damaging crime any man and father could be accused of committing.

My predicament was made all the more dire when my solicitor Mr. Andy Horsman of Horsman Solicitors  dumped me as a client, because I wished to call Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis as my defence witness.

Following my fourth arrest, I was somewhat reassured when Solicitor Steve Wedd of Bristow Wedd Solicitors, offered his services. Mind you, he didn’t particularly fill me with confidence, warning me that all the ‘no hopers’ are fitted into the last week before the Christmas holidays.

Sadly Steve Wedd wouldn’t help me prepare for the trial, insisting he’ll want payment before any advice is given; even though he filled out a Legal Aid application on my behalf.

So, to recap at this stage; My trial was set for the week commencing 11 December, the trial was going to happen and I would have to defend myself having lost two solicitors.

The omens looked bad

So when I received a letter from Lewes Crown Court dated 16 November 2017, I knew that everything I had been dreading for the last six months was about to come true.

  • The letter stated; “Criminal Warning list for week commencing 11 December 2017.”
  • The venues were warned for; “Hove, Brighton, Horsham, Chichester and Southgate.”
  • The letter continued; “Time and venue to be confirmed. You will receive a Certificate of Readiness” and to “follow the instructions as to the time and venue of the trial.”

So I was a bit confused when a second letter arrived from Lewes Crown Court dated 30 November 2017 stating everything the first letter said, but this time the date of 11 December changed to the 7th of December.

I didn’t understand the change of dates, but assured myself that in due course a Certificate of Readiness would be issued confirming a time, date and venue.

As the Christmas season kicked in and kids across the country started to open their Advent calendars, I was left in doom and gloom of an imminent trial which could brand me a paedophile, put me on the Sex Offender’s List and see me serve a term in prison.

After the letter dated 30 November arrived, telling me the trial had been brought forward four days, I continued to live with a dark cloud of despair hanging over my head. I was expecting the Certificate of Readiness to arrive at any moment and remember returning home on Wednesday 6 December, knowing that a letter from Lewes Crown Court would be waiting for me. Low and behold as I opened the door, there was a letter waiting for me…

So you can imagine my surprise upon opening it, that the trial date had been changed for a second time to between 15 January and 26 January 2018.

I didn’t know what to feel or what to think ??? As far as I was concerned the trial against me had collapsed and I swiftly released a press released saying the same thing.


At this point in time I was under the understanding that the trial will not now commence week 11 December, but between 15 January and 26 January 2018.

Would you concur?

All three correspondences from Lewes Crown Court stated a Certificate of Readiness would be issued confirming the time and venue of the trial. As far as I was concerned, all I had to do was to wait for the Certificate of Readiness and follow the instructions there-in.

In light of this I decided to spend the weekend with my girlfriend in Surrey and not to worry about getting back to Brighton until the 12 December. I felt confident that I was no longer required to be available during the week commencing 11 December, as I had been waiting to be for the last six months.

Again; can I double check that you would have thought the same thing if you were in my position?

So (again), you can imagine my shock and horror when at 10:08 am on Monday 11 December, having just finished breakfast, DC Andy Grimwood rang me up.

“Where are you,” “you are meant to be here at Hove Crown Court,” “get yourself here now,” “if you don’t you’ll be arrested.”

Flabbergasted is not the best word used to describe my shook. I was shaken to the core and frozen with fright. What the fuck is going on?

According to Grimwood the trial was now and I was at least two hours away in Surrey. I explained that I was under the understanding the trial was moved to January 2018 and that it was a “cock-up” on their part and not mine.

Grimwood hung up saying he’ll talk to Counsel and will get back to me. As promised he called back at 10:29 am.

“A Bench Warrant has been issued and you are liable to arrest,” was the stark message. “I must meet you now to get your signature,” he insisted.

I wasn’t in the position to meet Grimwood. At the time of his second call I was in a car being driven to Caterham and it simply wasn’t possible to get the driver to alter the travel route to liaise with Grimwood to sign a piece of paper; no matter how important a piece of bureaucracy it was.

Grimwood was insistent and demanded I change my plans to meet him on a motorway lay-by to sign a piece of paper. I replied it wasn’t practicable for me to do so. We resolved the stalemate by giving him my assurance that I would be at the Hove Crown Court at 9.30am on 12 December 2017.

The Night Before Christmas

I was buzzing as I went to bed knowing that when I woke I’d be facing the biggest challenge of my life. I didn’t get to sleep until well after 3 am. Never before had I been in such trouble. I was facing the most hideous and horrific crime anyone could ever be accused of. Failure was not an option. I knew beyond all doubt that whatever happened at the trial, I must come out of it with a ‘Not Guilty’ verdict. My life depended on it.

It was the biggest challenge of my life and I went to bed with a smile on my face. I went to bed confident I had the truth on my side and that the truth would ultimately prevail.

I went to bed happy and excited that a new chapter in my life was about to be written. I was staring the abyss in it’s face and smiled with the confidence I would pass this challenge with flying colours.
I wrote in my diary that night, “I’ve never felt so alive…”

Hove Crown Court

The notice board stated:
Court 4: Sitting at 10:00am
10:00 For mention TAYLOR Matthew (Reserved) Re: Bench Warrant

Present with Equality Lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis, we entered Court 4 at 10:00 am and took our positions at the front bench.

Our first question was for the Court Clerk to explain why I was required to be here, when the letter’s from the Lewes Crown Court stated otherwise.

The clerk, usher and barrister for the prosecution, Sarah Lindal, all shrugged their shoulders with indifference.

Once pressed, the clerk did explain that it was common practice for a ‘reserved’ date to be issued, though the word ‘reserve’ did not appear in the Lewes Crown Court letter.

Sarah Lindal defended her ignorance saying, “I’m here to deal with the Bench Warrant and nothing else.”

“The Charades are Ending,” shouted the Equality Lawyer

At 10:07 am Judge Henson DC entered the room and looked surprised to see me and confirmed with Sarah Lindal that I had voluntarily attended.

I was expecting a jury of 12 men and women of my peers. I was keen to stress my innocence at not attending Court on Monday 11 December. I dreaded the thought of the jury turning up for my trial, with myself absent. The natural assumption any jury would make under such circumstances, would be that I’m guilty by my absence.

That was when it became apparent that no jury had been assembled for Monday 11 December and nor was my trial ready.

Upon listening to the exchange between Judge Henson and Sarah Lindal, the only reason for the 12 December hearing was to deal with the fact I never attended the Court the day before.

It was the intention of the Judge and Prosecutor to sentence me to prison for not attending a trial in which no Certificate of Readiness had been issued, with no time, date and venue confirmed.

Before Judge Henson left the room, I doubled checked with her whether I was in anyway to blame for not turning up on Monday 11 December. For the purpose of the tape, she confirmed that “no criminal offence had been committed,” and that “the Bench Warrant is cancelled.”

Its a Set Up

Surely; if DC Grimwood had never called me I wouldn’t have known about the 12 December Bench Warrant hearing. And If I wasn’t there, I would have been found guilty of not attending the trial and a subsequent Bench Warrant would have been issued, and I would have been arrested for the fifth time of the year, later that day.

Arrested for the 5th Time

A van load of Sussex police officers would have banged on my door in the frozen early dawn and would have arrested for failing to turn up to a trial in which no Certificate of Readiness was issued. I would have pleaded my innocence and the police would have shrugged their shoulder’s, telling me to shut up and to explain it to my duty solicitor down at the station.

Beyond all shadow of a doubt, I would have been spending this Christmas in prison.

Wouldn’t you agree its a ‘Set-Up’?

Equality Lawyer Edward Ellis claims the State and the Law Courts are not fit for service; and doesn’t my experience add weight to his conclusion?

Only yesterday, the headline news was of the massive miscarriage of justice, averted at the 59th minute of the 11th hour.

Am I missing something? Did I misunderstand the instructions? Am I right to conclude I’ve been a victim of a conspiracy by the State and Law Courts to imprison me for a crime I never committed?

DC Grimwood Saved my Life

As the text message I sent to DC Grimwood makes plain, “Dear Mr Grimwood. I cannot thank you enough for your call on Monday. If you hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about the Bench Warrant and if I never attended on the 12th, I would have been arrest and sent to jail. You saved my life and I’m forever in your debt. Merry Christmas, Matt Taylor.”

merry christmas


Saturday, 9 December 2017

Bernard Cornwell answers question about King Arthur.


Dear Mr Cornwell;

2017 has been the year of Bernard Cornwell and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all your Last Kingdom series, watching the Sharpe series on DVD, and I'm presently reading Excalibur.

My question is - Are you aware of the historical research of both Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett? Their research based on the Welsh historical records reveal King Arthur II was a real historical figure, son of King Meurig, son of King Tewdrig. I believe you made the same mistake as Geoffrey of Monmouth by grouping the two King Arthur's into one.

Would you please take only 10 minutes to check out a blog I've written on the subject.

Many thanks, and I look forward to reading as many of your books in 2018 as I've read in 2017.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Taylor
Oh dear. I’m really not sure where to begin!  And if I did make the same mistake as Geoffrey of Monmouth then I’m in excellent company. So, you believe there were two King Arthurs, whereas I believe there was no King Arthur, though there probably was a ‘dux bellorum’ called Arthur or Artur in post Roman Britain. But the truth is, we don’t know. I’m tired of messages claiming that Owain Ddantgwyn or someone else is ‘proved’ to be King Arthur. There is no proof. There is supposition, and until some major archaeological discovery or the appearance of some previously unknown document appears, it will remain supposition. What is true is that the Matter of Britain, that coalesced around the Arthurian stories, is a magnificent, romantic and endlessly inspiring sequence of tales that do not speak to real history, even if they derive from some forgotten historical character, but appeal to some basic human yearning. My own take on them is that they are tales of a lost Golden Age, and that has universal appeal, and to then try and tie down these magical, brilliant, malleable stories to some obscure chieftain or king or warlord, about whom we know next to nothing, is to drain them of meaning. So, although we must disagree, I shall persevere with my mistake!

Matt Taylor Child Porn Trial Collapses.

Accused of downloading child porn, controversial writer Matt Taylor has escaped a Crown Court trial after it’s collapse this week.

Set to commence on the week of 11 December 2017, Lewes Crown Court unexpectedly brought the trial forward to the 7 December, before withdrawing the trial completely for December.
Solicitor Mr. Steve Wedd from Bristow Wedd Solicitors warned Taylor following his fourth arrest of 2017, that “the Crown Court only fit in all the non-hopers into the week before Christmas.”
Equality lawyer Mr. Edward Ellis said, “The Crown Court have lost their confidence, with no more corrupt judges willing to service the fraud.”
£20 Million Story
With a bidding war between the leading newspapers The Mirror, Sun, Daily Mail and the Star erupting, no expense is being spared to secure the exclusive rights to what is being hailed as the biggest scandal in British history.
To secure a deal its rumoured Rupert Murdoch of the Sky Empire, has offered Taylor a £20 million four-year-deal, packaging a book deal, newspaper column and a TV show.
The State and Law Courts are unfit for purpose

Victim to Hampstead Heath trolls, Taylor has endured a year of harassment by the State and Law Courts, following a Harassment fraud against him by two particular Sussex based civil servants, who cannot be named for legal reasons.
With a Government D notice in place, these two particular individuals hit the headline this week.
Good verses Evil
In a year that saw Taylor accused of harassment, stalking, downloading child porn and maliciousness, he remains philosophical saying, “I feel honoured to have helped the Royal Commission end corruption and feel blessed to have gone through such an experience. I’ve been on the side of truth and truth has prevailed.”

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Taylor's Political Column - Read it if you dare!

John Paterson takes on his Trolls.


John Paterson letter to DC Grimwood of Surrey Police.
Dear Mr Grimwood Please excuse my language but that's how I deal with people who try to darken my character, "these people" have no idea of the sort of people who I am connected with, and what they are capable of. If these scum bags at Hoaxted do not stop spreading lies about me and other whistleblowers, and IF the police do not respond, we will take matters into our own hands. It's called self-defence and I'm very good at what I do..... so they tell me Mr Grimwood, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
You can start by taking down thier website for "malicious broadcasting" IF I HAD TO SERVE 21 DAYS IN LEWES PRISON FORE THIS "OFFENCE" THEN WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING "THESE PEOPLE" TO GET AWAY WITH IT?????? I EXPECT A RESPONSE ASAP, my patience has just run out, and I have not had my first coffee yet, and trust me, you wouldn't like me at 04.00 before my first coffee. now read on....
Listen up you PAEDOPHILE PROTECTING BASTARDS We now know you are being funded by corrupt officers, I will be naming you all on Facebook, where I have at least 5000 followers over several accounts Why don't you fat yellow zionist bastards report me to Surrey Police and to The Crown Prosecution Service who hold my lap-top. Or better still, why don't you come aboard on Facebook, and challenge some of the whistleblowers who I work with? Did you know that George Osbourne threatened to cut Theresa May into tiny pieceas, why don't you report HIM to the Police?
And why are you all so shit scared to report me? As usual, I do not expect a response, but be warned. Lock your doors and windows, there are some very, very, nasty bastards heading your way.,. This message and your fake website is now being displayed all over Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and of course Twitter, so what are you going to do next? Why not give me a call? Why not meet up with me?
Ha ha ha ha haaar Paterson & Lees: the archive on Geopolitical, Religious Fraud, Central Banking, Fascism, Narcotics, and War Crimes. Find me on the Internet, I am everywhere. John Alexander aka Peter Green aka John Paterson aka John Alexander Paterson has dedicated his life to exposing the threats to world peace and prosperity. For years he has quietly absorbed the facts and in the last 6 weeks he has become pivotal as a breaking news vent to explain why police funding and jobs are tumbling in favour of private security companies. He understands now the masterplan that the G8-G20 governments act out. How it interlocks with warmongering the issuance of money (the violent/genocidal control of central banks globally and the vital importance of manipulating the press and the politicians by coercion). It is centuries old but now has every country in a sovereign debt crisis: debt with interest to the private owners of our beautiful "democratic" world. See my home page/Introduction. If you are worried about your job, your pension, your savings, your property, your pay freeze, your children's debt burden and the dirty tricks warmongering in innocent countries by the G20 munitions grandees then just listen to the videos below then find out your local politicians role in the money trail THEFT PROJECT that is INTERNATIONAL POLITICS & USURY for private gain.
If the title is offensive because of your deep seated beliefs then you will begin to realise how clever the tyranical, mind controling strategies are....they explain all martyrs, missions, genocides, holocausts and ECONOMIC Crises....which are cleverly engineered. So scan down till you see something that impacts on your immediate future. If you are a specialist or have a conscience about something that happened in your region which is undermining decent society then please get in touch and we can make a video that will shame your local leaders into acting on behalf of the electorate and global taxpayers. The mistake they made is teaching us to read and write and all religious worshippers/denominations (are driven by morals and adherence to the same rules that are broken by all NOBEL peace laureates, Prime Ministers and Presidents). Decency and open communication will fix it quickly....SO PLEASE GET IN TOUCH.
Find me on the Internet, I am probably one of THE WORLDS top researches with access to "above top secret" documents that Wikileaks dare not publish. What would you like to know about Julian Assange? Or, er... hmmm let me see who else do I have on my hit list...... come and challenge me if you dare, IT IS OBVIOUS THAT IF YOU WERE SUCH GOOD "RESEARCHERS" YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE DARED PUBLISH ALL THIS SHIT ABOUT ME AND MY FRIENDS. Unless of course you are being funded by corrupt officers, but don't worry there are still many, many, decent officers who are just about to kick your arses so hard, not even your rent boys will want anything to do with you. I hope you enjoy Prison food, especially over the christmas period .. Oh and just one more thing about your "anti-semitic" claims, I was married to a very intelligent JEWISH lady from Los Angeles, I also worked for Jews for over 30 years, they are some of my closest alllies. Had my wife had not been threatened, I would never had left The USA in September 2001 where I had a very well paid job, and returned to the UK.
I had to divorced Genevieve for her own safety and she is still alive and well and running an Organic Farm in NC, what have any of you fat yellow bastards ever done to help?
THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ZIONIST JEWS, AND "NORMAL JEWS" But you uneducated retards were never taught the difference in school, because "these people" also run the so-called "education" system, "they" also own our Politicians... but not for much longer. There is also a difference between light and dark, and you people are very, very dark. I am in touch with Sean at The SGT Report, watch and listen and tell me that Ella Draper and The Experienced Police Officer are lying. Ella Draper mentions Finchley Road money-laundering. FINCHLEY ROAD IS PANDORA'S BOX. And the lid is now open 😉 ask a good friend of mine, Gordon Bowden, Ex Royal Air Force Whistleblower 18 years hard forensic evidence. I have the culprits linked to Finchley Road, aka Panama Papers aka Paradise Papers, see me also on Press TV and The BBC Have A Nice Day. 😉 JP

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