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Matt Taylor Launches Bid to be Brighton Kemptown 2019 MP

GUERRILLA DEMOCRACY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: The 48-year-old ex-Royal Military Policeman believes Lloyd Russell-Moyles has failed the Brighton Kemptown constituents and says his last GE election campaign was sabotaged by Sussex police Freemasons.

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Mental health fraud against child protection whistleblower, Carol Woods

Report by Neelu Berry dated 22nd of September 2019 

Mental health fraud against child protection whistleblower, Carol Woods

Carol Woods

Carol Woods was kidnapped from her Rented Council home at 28 Fell view, Caton, Lancaster LA2 9RP on the 3rd of September 2019, without being given notice or being served, by 4 men dressed as police with a battering RAM, in an assassination. 

Carol was taken straight to a mental health secure unit at The Orchard, Pathfinders Drive, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 4JJ of Lancashire care NHS Foundation Trust and deemed on a section 135 without any psychiatric assessment. 

When her friends came to collect her at the expiry of the 24-hours they were denied visits and Carol denied discharge.  

She was then verbally told by the matron, Margaret Jenkins, that she was on a section 2 without any assessment.  She is apparently under the care of consultant psychiatrist, Dr JYOTHI NALLAPUNENI, GMC reg no 4661294 who has not given her any proper assessment to determine that Carol Woods is not mentally ill. The doctor claims that she is relying on the medical file and therefore does not need to assess Carol Woods, but on a previous admission in 2016, a tribunal found Carol Woods was not mentally ill and demanded her immediate discharge.   The medical file appears to be tampered with in contempt of the Tribunal in a Res Judicata.

10 people attended outside the Orchard on Saturday the 21st of September 2019 in a flash demo.  Senior staff Nurse, Liz Baines, refused to allow the visitors to meet Carol Woods or to allow her go to reception to say hello to them. 

Carol has not been allowed to leave the building apparently under the strict instructions of the consultant psychiatrist.  The patient telephone was unplugged in the corridor so Carol was not able to receive any phone calls in 9 days.  Recently the telephone in the side room which the patients used to contact the solicitors and the regulators has been unplugged and removed.  

This was intended to be an assassination because Carol's son had left the country a day before and no one would know where she was if she had disappeared.  Unknown to Carol, her son and daughter-in-law had been subjected to a family Sabotage fraud by someone pretending to be Carol and contacting the daughter in laws' employer causing her to lose her job.  This was in preparation for her assassination. 

On a previous admission, 8 black Nigerian male nurses had jumped on her and jabbed her against her wishes while she was not mentally ill and subsequently the tribunal discharged her immediately.  

A fraudulent tribunal sat on last Tuesday  without referring to the previous admission tribunal determination of a mental health fraud, without producing a warrant, without allowing Carol's friends to be present.  Carol's solicitor from Lisa McNulty Solicitors, Blackburne, stated that the warrant is not worth the paper it is written on, yet had half an hour's secret meeting with the tribunal led by a David Dickinson, in Carol's absence, and failed to demand her immediate discharge. 

When I attempted to make contact with the consultant psychiatrist the head office for Lancashire care NHS Foundation Trust referred me to their mental health self referral telephone line.  The trust is deeming all complainants as mentally ill self referrals. 

The Care Quality Commission visited in May this year and found all areas requiring improvement within the mental health services of the trust in a report released on 11 Sept after several complaints were filed with CQC. 

Carol has found most of the patients in the mental health services are self referrals because they are homeless and costing £4,000 per week when they could be provided housing much more cheaply. This is money laundering just to create the secret research and training platforms for whistleblowers to be assassinated so their assets can be stolen and remedies denied to those who might be suitable as Replacement Electoral Candidates.

Despite previous complaints to regulators GMC, CQC, CCRC, NMC, GPhSGB, standards have declined.

This deems the mental health services in Lancashire as unfit for purpose and part of organised crime networks.  
This also deems the Regulators, GMC, CQC, CCRC, NMC, GPhSGB, as unfit for purpose.  

What is stated above is true 
Neelu Chaudhari  BPharm Cert Ed
Forensic private investigator 
Mental health pharmacist 
Volunteer for the Equity monarchy Trust  1 of 3 Calls made whilst Carol Woods is denied Visitors from Flash Demo Supporters outside and Trust staff call Police Jimmy The Hat Flash Demo 21 Sept 2019 outside the Orchard

GMC COMPLAINT filed by Neelu Berry on 22 Sept 2019 Ref E1-2452213772
CQC investigation onto several complaints filed

JYOTHI NALLAPUNENI, possible home address
LANCASTER LA14PH, 0152435948
MP in Caton
 GPSGB Pharmacists

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