Friday, 6 December 2019

Sussex Police Hypocrisy

Praised for arresting a teacher for a cupboard full of dried plants, Sussex police are exhibiting hypocrisy on an industrial scale, following the release of the 'Leachman Statement', which proves cooperation between Sussex police and a known criminal, concerning a fire-arm, 3000 rounds of ammunition and a cannabis factory.

As Spirit FM News states:

A man's been jailed after a police dog was able to find cannabis worth almost £50,000 in his flat in Sussex.

Police Dog Basil helped officers find sweet-shop style jars and plastic containers containing the drug that were stored all over the property in Ditchling Rise in Brighton.
They were discovered in cupboards, compartments and under a sofa bed in the property during a drugs warrant carried out on October 2nd, along with around £15,000 in cash and various drug paraphernalia.
In total, more than 5kg of cannabis with an estimated street value of around £45,000 was seized. It had been labelled in various forms including ‘Blueberry Pie’, ‘Orange Bud’ and ‘Gelato 33’ – all strains of cannabis.

With nothing else to do but throw vast resources at low level crime, namely by arresting a hard-working teacher, providing essential medicine and stress relief to the community.

The owner of the property, 53-year-old self-employed teacher Kim Wijesuriya, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to supply cannabis.
He pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced to two years' imprisonment at Lewes Crown Court.
The drugs and associated paraphernalia were seized and destroyed.
"Acting on intelligence, our officers executed a drugs warrant at Wijesuriya’s address and discovered a significant quantity of cannabis which was clearly prepared with the intent of distribution.
"This seizure will prevent these drugs from being circulated and causing harm in the community."
Rose Horan, investigating officer, Sussex Police

Relying on making arrests of low level crimes, (that only brings satisfaction, stress relief and enjoyment to the people who use it); Sussex Police have shown an alarming level of hypocrisy, after the leaked John Hoath emails, reveal a link between Sussex Police and a known criminal called Winston Leachman, by supplying a known criminal with a fire-arm and 3000 rounds, while accepting brides, earned from the proceeds of a cannabis factory.

John Paterson set to be released, following publication of The Hoath Emails.

The Leachman Statement reveals the link between a known criminal and Sussex Police.


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John Paterson - Extra-Judicial Kidnapping by the State.

John Paterson has failed to appear at Wood Green Crown Court in London.

In what is believed to be an extra-judicial kidnapping, no listing for John Paterson was made public, even though an officer at Chelmsford Prison, where John Paterson is currently believed to be held, confirmed John would appear at Wood Green Crown Court, today (6 Dec 2019) at 10 am.

"They are watching us watching them."

Innocent agent and an important witness in Edward Ellis's Royal Commission into Judicial, State and Police corruption; John Paterson is believed to have been charged with six offences:

  • Distribution of indecent images: namely a picture of the two Hampstead children P&Q, fully clothed
  • Sending a letter: Yes; you read that correctly; sending a letter!
  • Failure to Surrender; failing to answer bail
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Threats to kill; naming Bill & Ben as assassins

While it hasn't been confirmed, friends of John Paterson, believe the complainant is Gillian Jones, a solicitor who works for Weightman's Solicitors, the private solicitor firm, most often used by Sussex and Surrey police to fight litigation's against them.

Its worthy of note at this point, that on the 11 October 2019, outside Suffolk Crown Court, GcMAF champion David Noakes said, "The evil Gillian Jones, who may in fact be satanic."

Is there a satanic coven inside Sussex Police?

Emails released by John Hoath reveal that Gillian Jones is illegally using harassment and stalking laws, to cover-up her own involvement in Sussex/Surrey police corruption.

Extracts from John Hoath's email explain in simply English, how Gillian Jones is accusing anyone of reporting her to the appropriate government bodies, (in relation to her alleged involved in police corruption), for harassment and stalking.

As to what is currently happening to John Paterson, the John Hoath emails prove that he is a victim of Sussex/Surrey police corruption and cover-up.

Our prays remain with John Paterson at this most difficult of times and we continue to pray he is released today.

Caroline Stephens interviews John Wanoa; Surrogate King William IV


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