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The Strange Russian Alibi 839 by Craig Murray

Craig Murray
Like many, my first thought at the interview of Boshirov and Petrov – which apparently are indeed their names – is that they were very unconvincing. The interview itself seemed to be set up around a cramped table with a poor camera and lighting, and the interviewer seemed pretty hopeless at asking probing questions that would shed any real light.

I had in fact decided that their story was highly improbable, until I started seeing the storm of twitter posting, much of it from mainstream media journalists, which stated that individual things were impossible which were, in fact, not impossible at all.

The first and most obvious regards the weather on 3 and 4 March. It is in fact absolutely true that, if the two had gone down to Salisbury on 3 March with the intention of going to Stonehenge, they would have been unable to get there because of the snow. It is therefore perfectly possible that they went back the next day to try again; and public transport out of Salisbury was still severely disrupted, and many roads closed, on 4 March. Proof of this is not at all difficult to find.

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Lynch Mob Mentality by Criag Murray

Craig Murray
I was caught in a twitterstorm of hatred yesterday, much of it led by mainstream media journalists like David Aaronovitch and Dan Hodges, for daring to suggest that the basic elements of Boshirov and Petrov’s story do in fact stack up. What became very plain quite quickly was that none of these people had any grasp of the detail of the suspects’ full twenty minute interview, but had just seen the short clips or quotes as presented by British corporate and state media.

As I explained in my last post, what first gave me some sympathy for the Russians’ story and drew me to look at it closer, was the raft of social media claims that there was no snow in Salisbury that weekend and Stonehenge had not been closed. In fact, Stonehenge was indeed closed on 3 March by heavy snow, as confirmed by English Heritage. So the story that they came to Salisbury on 3 March but could not go to Stonehenge because of heavy snow did stand up, contrary to almost the entire twittersphere.

Once there was some pushback of truth about this on social media, people started triumphantly posting the CCTV images from 4 March to prove that there was no snow lying in Central Salisbury on 4 March. But nobody ever said there was snow on 4 March – in fact Borisov and Petrov specifically stated that they learnt there was a thaw so they went back. However when they got there, they encountered heavy sleet and got drenched through. That accords precisely with the photographic evidence in which they are plainly drenched through.

Another extraordinary meme that causes hilarity on twitter is that Russians might be deterred by snow or cold weather.

Well, Russians are human beings just like us. They cope with cold weather at home because they have the right clothes. Boshirov and Petrov refer continually in the interview to cold, wet feet and again this is borne out by the photographic evidence – they were wearing sneakers unsuitable to the freak weather conditions that were prevalent in Salisbury on 3 and 4 March. They are indeed soaked through in the pictures, just as they said in the interview.

Russians are no more immune to cold and wet than you are.

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Sunday, 2 September 2018

El Coyote from Hoaxtead Research Revealed to be Karen Irving

Karen Irving
El Coyote from the Hoaxtead Research blog has been revealed to be Karen Irving, a self-employed writer living in Reading, England.

A keen botanist, Karen Irving aka El Coyote has been the main contributor to the Hoaxtead Research website, alongside it’s founder Scarlet Scoop, which claims to refute the scurrilous allegations of the Hampstead satanic case.

A central meeting point for self-confessed Satanists and GCHQ operatives, the Hoaxtead Research website has achieved great success since it’s launch in May 2015 with over 1.5 million hits.

Started as a parody in response to the now defunct blog called Hamstead Research, a blog which supported the Hampstead kid’s version of events, Hoaxtead Research has become the go to place for trolls, satanists and cretins. 

Long thought to be the alleged satanic cult leader himself, the one and only Ricky Dearman; Karen Irving has confirmed that she is indeed El Coyote.

Viewed by many of her victims to be a cruel, vindictive and malicious, Karen Irving makes no apologies for her stance against anyone who believes the Hampstead children’s testimony, that they are involved in a nationwide satanic paedophile ring.

A home-grown sleuth, Karen Irving has come to the conclusion that the Hampstead children, P and Q, were beaten and brainwashed by their mother, and their mother’s boyfriend, to construct an epic story of satanic ritual murder, rape and cannibalism, with the purpose of winning sole custody of their children, from her estranged ex-husband, actor Ricky Dearman.

Acting as a Ricky Dearman fan club, the Hoaxtead Research collective are unashamedly supportive of the alleged satanic cult leader, and will systematically round on anyone who criticises him.

As these comments demonstrate:


King of Slime

Ricky Dearman with his kids, P & Q
Intent on pressing harassment and stalking charges against anyone who comments on his case; myself included; Ricky Dearman has appeared in the public, flanked by his children, runners up in an Ebay business competition for making slime.

Having won an all-expenses paid trip to Florida, America, any mention of Dearman using his children for publicity purposes, is roundly justified by the Hoaxtead Research crew; while lambasting other people with less of a public profile for doing the same.

Take for example my own case. As any reader of Guerrilla Democracy News knows, I promote myself as a controversial writer, satirist and a contender to be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Having published a number of promotional videos on my youtube channel, I’ve recently included clips of my children. I do so because I want to. Because I find the clip relevant to the subject matter and because as a part of my life, I want the public, of which I’m promoting myself to win their votes and support, to see me as a family man, with two happy children, whom love me and whom I love equally.

As the following comments from a Hoaxtead Research operatives makes clear.

The Hoaxtead Research crew are clearly malicious and angry people intent on smearing and destroying the lives of people, who question the official narrative of the world around us.

But of-course when Ricky Dearman promotes his children to sell slime; the Hoaxtead crew are full of praise and support; mind you, even some members of the Hoaxtead Research crew couldn’t hide her misgivings about him using his kids to promote slime, after the ordeal they went through by publicly exposing the satanic cult practices, (of which they claim their father was the leader); but which Karen Irving does her best to sooth away any concerns with her assures that whatever Ricky Dearman does is only right and proper, while admitting at the same time that she wouldn’t have taken that risk, if she was in his place!

While El Coyote, Scarlett Scoop and every other member of the Hoaxtead Research crew hide behind a cloak of anonymity to hide their harassment and on-line stalking of prominent members of the Truth Movement; their actions are hurting people on a daily basis and causing great distress and alarm.

As Mary McDermott comments in relation to El Coyote, “You have nearly drove people to suicide. You are evil.”

And commenting on the Hoaxtead Research crew, she has this to say, “They are being paid by GCHQ. They are trying to cover the Hampstead case up. Very dangerous people.”

The Peaceful Warrior, John Paterson, himself a victim of Hoaxtead abuse and harassment posted this video, which tells of his own experience.

Saturday, 1 September 2018




The Serial Killer THERESA MAY...

An email from John Paterson...

On 8th July 2014, Theresa May as Home Secretary, oversaw the appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss to the inquiry set up to investigate child sexual abuse by prominent politicians and clergy in the previous decades. Within 6 days of the announcement of Baroness Butler-Sloss as chair, she was forced to stand down for obvious conflicts of interest.

Theresa May had selected somebody whose brother was Attorney General during some of the periods being investigated. Later the same year May chose the then Lord Mayor of London, Fiona Woolf, to chair the inquiry.

Fiona Woolf had to stand down when it became apparent that she had lived near Leon Brittan, who had also been accused of alleged sexual abuse.

To get things so badly wrong must be almost impossible. Theresa May never seemed to meet any of her immigration targets as Home Secretary, and it is truly hard to name her recorded achievements whilst she has been in office. But the inquiry into child sexual abuse seems to be something Theresa May does not want to face. My thoughts are that the investigation will focus on Tory MP’s who frequented the infamous Elm Guest House, but also the Diocese of Chichester, once the ecumenical home of her Father Hubert Brasier. So what is it that you fear Mrs May?

The truth about your colleagues, or is it something much closer to home?

Maybe May is terrified of people connecting her with the name Brasier?

I have done my best to build an accurate jigsaw from all the pieces I could locate, but it may need a different set of eyes to see the real picture.


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