Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Remember George Stinney Jr...

George Stinney Jr of African descent was the youngest person to be sentenced to death in the 20th century in the United States.
He was only 14 years old when he was executed in an electric chair.
During his trial, even on the day of his execution, he always carried a bible in his hands, claiming to be innocent.
He was accused of killing two white girls, 11-Year-old Betty, and Mary of 7, the bodies were found near the house where the teenager resided with his parents.
At that time, all members of the jury were white. The trial lasted only 2 hours, and the sentence was dictated 10 minutes later.
The Boy's parents were threatened, and prevented from being present in the courtroom, and subsequently expelled from that city.
Before the execution, George spent 81 days in prison without being able to see his parents.
He was held in solitary, 80 miles from his city. He was heard alone without the presence of his parents or a lawyer.
He was electrocuted with 5,380 volts in his head, imagine all that voltage in a teenager's head.
70 years later, his innocence was finally proven by a judge in South Carolina. The boy was innocent, someone set it up to blame him for being black.
May his innocent soul rest in peace.

Longleat Legend Lord Bath revealed as a child rapist..

Institutionalized child abuse victim Darren Jeffrey, revealed he was sexually abused by Longleat owner and famous aristocrat Lord Bath.

         "Lord Bath was one of my abusers."

Jon Wedger replied, "Lord Bath is on the Raines List. He's on the list we constantly keep going on about. A list of people involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse."

In a harrowing interview with police whistle-blower Jon Wedger, Darren also revealed he was sexually abused by priest Peter Ball, a close friend of confidante of the next King of Great Britain and the Common Wealth, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles's statement in full

This is an analysis of Charles Windsor's full statement, presented to the Child Abuse Inquiry, in relation to his 20 year relationship with ‘yet another paedophile’, Peter Ball.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Venus Project The Future Cities.

THE VENUS PROJECT, a Global Resource-Based Economy is for the Construction of the Universe; A redesign of Societal Living. Mr. Jacques Fresco, the mastermind of this magnificent project, represents the culmination of his life’s work: to bring about the integration of the best of science and technology, within a comprehensive plan for a global society, based on human and environmental concern, will soon be ours to enjoy.

To quote Jacque Fresco, as Interviewed on TV by Larry King, 1974:
“The entire money structure and materialistic society is the lowest development in humankind. We have the brains, the know-how, the technology and the feasibility to build an entirely new civilization.

One of the basic premises of The Venus Project is that we work towards having all of the Earth’s resources as the common heritage of the entire world’s people. The age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable.

Diversity – individuality, creativity, innovativeness, are the essentials of the designs, problem-solving incentives for dynamic equilibrium.”
The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straight forward redesign of our culture in which anything less than freedom for human rights to have peace, unity, prosperity and equal social justice in our lives will result in a continuation of the same catalogue of problems inherent in today’s world. Today many people believe what is needed is a higher sense of ethical standards and the enactment of international laws to assure a sustainable global society.
The Venus Project lays out a sustainable world civilization where technology and science are applied to redesigning our social system with the prime concern being to maximize quality of life rather than profit.
Mr. Jacque Fresco, futurist, inventor, industrial designer and founder of The Venus Project and his associate Roxanne Meadows’ dreams and visions are now being realized by UN Swissindo through Payment Order 1-11 program includes Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) Program, M1 Voucher for Human Obligation Guaranteed Life Basic Income for All and the development of Regional Autonomy of THE VENUS PROJECT OF THE FUTURE CITIES begins in 34 Provinces of Indonesia and the world, to build and implement equality of growth and development of integrated infrastructure.
The Venus Project is a “Resource based economy” project, it will be totally self-sufficient in terms of food production, energy generation water supply recycling and others, providing a global showcase for both the technical and social direction that is in harmony with nature, which is in alignment with Payment Order 1-11, the ONLY World Solution Gift Offer designed to return the world’s freedom and inheritance back to every man, woman and child, with the purpose to free humanity from financial and physical burdens of the slavery systems, reconnecting to nature, back to basics and back to Source, creating Spiritual awareness and aligning Heaven back to Earth.

Mr. Jacques Fresco
Founder President
The Venus Project
March 13, 2016
In Recognition of your Outstanding Contribution to the World
Respected Sir,
This is to congratulate you on your 100th blessed years and for your relentless and selfless service to society, mankind & the environment on behalf of all of our beloved leader Kholipatul Mahdi, Royal K.681, King of Kings, H.M.MR.A1.Sino.AS.S”2”.IR.Soegihartonotonegoro H.W.ST.M1, the volunteers of Swissindo World Trust International Orbit (UN Swissindo) worldwide and the world as a whole.
Sir, the entire world knows or will soon know you as a selfless social engineer and green architect, dynamic thinker, environmentalist and humanist and a great reformer. The world has witnessed how you elbowed your way through all hardships in life and worked and succeeded even though all odds were stacked against you, to create a vision for mankind to aspire to. You really have been the beacon light for all those who want to follow your footsteps and believe in your roadmap for a fair and compassionate world. The Venus Project founded by you is famous for its exemplary ideas, cutting edge design, architecture and abundant systems for mankind and wildlife to thrive together. Your organization has set new standards in the field of social engineering, food production, energy supply, resource based societies and research into same, and this has been possible only because of your able guidance.
Sir, you have been working as an industrial engineer, architect and futurist for many decades and proved that if people want to bring about the social change they can do so. We the followers, admirers and educators of the later generations have been listening to your speeches, videos, courses and observing your methods and learning a lot. You have always been our ideal.
We look forward to avail of your invaluable master design to be realized through the UN Swissindo Venus Project of Future Cities as part of the Construction of the Universe in the coming future.
Once again hearty congratulations!
Sincerely yours,
The Big Family of UN Swissindo

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

John Wanoa's Personal Emergency Fundraiser


My wife Mines Flores House in Philippines was damaged last week in a windy stormy wet week The roof lifted and dropped and is now leaking has to be repaired. She just bought this house after selling her house for cheap because of a damaged roof and cannot afford to fix this house with the same problem. She is a solo mum with 3 kids I support her as best I can from my pension but its not enough.


Sussex Police Caught Soliciting a suspected Criminal into making a malicious criminal complaint against Conspiracy Theorist, Matt Taylor.

Sussex Police face fresh allegations of corruption today, after a telephone conversation between a suspect in a firearms and harassment case, is heard being solicited by a Sussex Police officer, into making a malicious and frivolous allegation of handling stolen goods, against thorn in the side of Sussex Police since 2012, Matt Taylor..

Confused transgender champion Paris Barrington from Peterborough, released a telephone conversation between him/herself and Sussex Police DC Andy Mountford-Laker and Northamptonshire PC Michael Clarke; during which damning evidence is presented, which shows Sussex Police going to all and any lengths, to bring a malicious prosecution against ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor.

In one extract, we hear Paris talking to PC Michael Clarke;

DC Mountford-Laker: OK, I’m I’m, sorry I’m trying not to. My job as a police officer is to investigate crime.
Paris Barrington: Right.
DC Mountford-Laker: I am aware that a crime has taken place.
Paris Barrington: Yep.
DC Mountford-Laker: Because your phone has been stolen and then he’s obviously admitted to you online that he’s got your phones.
Paris Barrington: Yeah.
DC Mountford-Laker: Obviously you said they were stolen because I’ve seen your posts online, I’ve got a copy of it, I’ve uploaded it.
Paris Barrington: Right OK.
DC Mountford-Laker: Um, so, it wouldn’t be wasting your time because they’re stolen property.
Paris Barrington: Right.
DC Mountford-Laker: So I’ll have him in, interview him, arh about it, and he’ll be charged with a theft offence.
Paris Barrington: Yeah that’s a good idea. 

Is Matt Taylor a paedophile?

In a shocking display of unprofessionalism, the above extract of a telephone conversation between Paris Barrington and DC Andy Mountford-Laker, (which was alleged to have taken place between 25-27 March 2020), reveals Paris asking a malicious question about Matt Taylor, which a serving police detective should have known better to answer, let alone describe it as “an interesting question.”

Paris Barrington: Yeah that’s a good idea. Can I ask you a question? I don’t know whether you, you, you are allowed to answer this or not but you are allowed to cough instead of saying yeah. Is he a paedophile? 
Paris Barrington: OK.
DC Mountford-Laker: It's an interesting question and all I can say is that I am investigating unrelating matters to that, but it requires I examine his computers and phones and I don’t know what I’m going to find on them.
Paris Barrington: Oh right OK.
DC Mountford-Laker: I’m not investigating him for a sexual nature, but I don’t know, but also if he gets charged with something, it’ll be in the public arena.
Paris Barrington: Yeah OK I just wanted to ask that, I’m going to take that as ‘no’, at the moment but I can read between the lines.

Keep in mind that Matt Taylor had previously reported Paris Barrington to Sussex Police on two previous occasions, accusing him of harassment, doxing and doxing of his children’s address.
Centred around the alleged theft of two Apple i-phones, DC Andy Mountford-Laker breaks all principles of Law and Order, by stating a theft crime had been committed, without any investigation to determine whether a crime has been committed.

Desperate to prosecute Matt Taylor for anything and everything they can; Sussex Police DC Andy Mountford-Laker, rejected Clarice Gutmann’s claim that she had swapped her laptop for Paris’s iphones, and which she went onto give to Taylor.

In a statement, Clarice Gutmann gives her side of the story:

I Clarice Gutmann while living in the U.K. was forced to move from my home I was living in in Durham UK because my Children’s father abandoned me. I am a part of a Group of people who are learning about Law and our rights called Global Jury. I let the group know that I need a place to stay temporarily until I could find a more permanent solution. I have prior been a Sunday school teacher for some 22 yrs. I Have had Federal and International Crimes and Violations committed against me and my 3 American by U.K. corporations and it’s Agencies and am Fighting back for Justice! Paris at time was a part of our Group and was pretending to be someone He is not. He had done some things that made us question his motives but He pretended he was a good person just wanting to help and wanted to prove himself to the team. A week after I went to stay I told Paris I needed a new phone. I traded a laptop I had because it was too big and bulky for me to carry around and I had no WiFi anyway so I traded it for his help and for two cheap little 30.00 pound I phones which he promised he was going to help me get factory reset but did not. I gave Matt the phones because I had no use for them as I was able to get a cheap phone off a Indian peddler from Sunderland afterwards before I went to Matts but I still had them and gave them to him for helping me when I had no one. Matt Taylor is an Amazing guy. He's kind and smart and he was an Absolute Gentleman the whole 2 months I was there. He treated me like a Sister and I felt like family and safe in his home. I consider Matt a great and honest man and Friend. I wound up leaving Paris place because he was becoming very rude and violent because I suggested he use the men’s public shower room while his bathroom was getting fixed. Paris is not a good person; he is a gender confused person who has a strong background of Ritual Abuse. He has many physiological traits that are downright scary and he needs extreme medical treatment for. Many of Paris friends are apart of the Satanic Ritual Group who I have been working with certain individuals to expose. I am also aware that many of these such individuals who work with in our society even to the highest echelon and even more scary some of these such corrupt people work in your Police forces and more creating a conflict of interest for their Innocent victims such is Matt. I am writing this as a true testament of what I know to the best of my knowledge and I wish to stand in Correctness with no malice at all times. All rights reserved UCC-103 without Prejudice as does Matt. Matt has many witnesses to the many crimes committed against him and we are also Seeking Justice for Matt Taylor from the Corruption happening within your establishment. Like it or not taking one's positions without a full proper right to jury is Robbery. Your thieves in power need to return all that belongs to Matt Taylor. You do not have a right to Rob him of his intellectual property because you do not like what he Rights or because someone gave him a faulty device. You do not get to treat him like a criminal without due process. If you want us to abide by the law we’ll you very well better also be abiding by those same very laws. I also suggest you all lear what is the true law which applies to man verses laws which need only apply to Corporations, Good day!
Sincerely CM Gutmann.”

Paris Admitting to Firearm Offences

In these two clips of a conversation with both PC Michael Clarke and DC Mountford-Laker, Paris confesses to be under investigation for firearm offences.

DC Andy Mountford-Laker joins Sussex Police Hall of Shame.

Set to join the ranks of the Sussex Police Hall of Shame, DC Andy Mountford-Laker demonstrates his complete lack of professionalism when he refers to a victim of crime, single mother of three, Kaley Einav as “stinky knickers.”

As one concerned citizen complained to the IOPC in relation to DC Mountford-Laker’s conduct:

I am particularly offended by the conduct of DC Andy Mountford-Laker, when he referred to Kaley Einav as "stinky knickers."

Paris Barrington is currently under investigation for firearm and harassment offences, against Kaley Einav, in which he has maliciously called her "stinky knickers," which has brought her considerable alarm, distress and fear.

It is loathsome and disgusting that a serving Sussex Police Officer should use the same language, as the suspect alleged to have harassed her, in conversation, and illustrates to me, that DC Andy Mountford-Laker is not fit to be a police officer.

As you can hear at the 25 minute 8 second mark, DC Mountford-Laker actually applauds and congratulates Paris Barrington, concerning a tirade of abuse, which resulted in Kaley Einav (a single mother of three) reporting Paris Barrington for harassment.

DC Mountford-Laker: "Paris I have to say, I did nothing but laugh. It was an excellent arh arh."
Paris Barrington: "Analogy."
DC Mountford-Laker: "You mention a young lady I don't know her full name, I think you referred to her as 'stinky knickers.'
Paris Barrington: "Oh Kaley."
DC Mountford-Laker: She may have taken a couple of phones that belonged to you. And then you mentioned a male party, who you suspected had your phone."
Paris Barrington: "Yeah Matt Taylor."
DC Mountford-Laker: "Arh there you are, as you like to call him, 'Fat Matt', which there again, I do quite like, sorry, sorry, I can't help it."

PC Alexander Walsh - Common assault & stalking
PC Daniel Moss – R.I.P - Selling himself for sexual services while on sick leave.
Detective Inspector Dominic O’Brien - Resigned from the force after he was accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to the 14-year-old daughter of a murder victim in 2006.
PC Luke Smith -  Filmed himself performing sexual acts while in uniform and had dealings with sex workers has been jailed for 15 months.
DC Celia MacDonald - A detective constable failed to properly investigate child sex abuse claims and was only found out when the matter came to light again a year later.
Sergeant Philip Savidge -  Jailed after pleading guilty to making and distributing more than 50,000 indecent images of children.
PC Martin Harris - A police officer with “an entrenched sexual addiction” has been jailed for possessing indecent images of children.
Chief Inspector Rob Leet - Dismissed after being found guilty of gross misconduct and to have taken advantage of a domestic abuse victim by having a sexual relationship with her, also while on duty.
Inspector Lee Lyons - A senior police officer who contacted prostitutes while on duty has been sacked following a misconduct hearing.
Officer Trevor Godfrey - Former Sussex officer Trevor Godfrey committed misconduct over his involvement in a stalking case which saw a 19-year-old brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, 
Inspector Tony Lumb - High-ranking police officer has been sacked from the force for having sex with women while on duty.
Sergeant Sarah Porter - Female police sergeant was sacked from the force for having sex with a married inspector colleague.
DC Richard Holder - A police officer has been sacked without notice after selling himself for sex while on sick leave.
PC Daniel Barnes - Accessed ‘vile’ images of children while he worked as a police officer with Sussex Police, a court heard today.

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Matt-Man - Mr.X Brighton - Stop the Persecution of Matt Taylor.

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Timothy Charles Holmseth Reports..

10,000 DUMBS – “where animal and human sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures that inhabited earth long before man arrived”

Military Intelligence Insider Gene Cosenei appeared on the Blessed to Teach program today to provide more details on the underground war and Deep Underground Military Bases.
“Hidden underground military bases are the real headquarters for the New World Order,” Cosenei said.
“God told me this information has got to come out because this is where they are hiding. They’re out of sight – out of mind – down underneath us – we don’t know what’s going on yet they are taking hundreds of thousands of people in just – eight-hundred thousand kids in just the U.S. every year into these DUMBs doing you know half of them are satanic sacrifices and their currency is literally the Adrenochrome they get from that it’s their currency in the Deep State – its way more valuable than gold to them,” Cosenei said.
Cosenei said there are 10,000 DUMBS worldwide.
Cosenei discussed a Canadian officer who said there are DUMBs “where animal and human sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures (demonic terrible things) that inhabited earth long before man arrived.”
The new World Order is in the final stages of their satanic plan to reduce 80% – 90% of the current worldwide population.
“This network of underground bases houses [and] conceals non-human life forms with incredible powers, as well as warehousing sophisticated super-human mind-control technology, advanced military weaponry, weather manipulation, and much more,” Cosenei said.
You can hear Gene’s decode in it’s entirety…

Timothy Holmseth

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