Saturday, 14 February 2015


Revolution Leader Russell Brand is looking down the barrel of his broken career after damaging revelations have surfaced, exposing him as a paedophile of the same stature and ilk as Jimmy Savile.

Promoted on various Facebook pages, damning videos have been posted which expose Russell Brand as a predatory paedophile, protected by the Establishment in much the same way as Jimmy Savile was protected and nurtured through-out his show-biz career.

In this video posted by The Alien Fossil Project, Russell Brand is seen surreptitiously touching up a young girl’s developing breasts.

Its hard not to agree with the narrator, in that its painfully clear, that Russell Brand is indeed surreptitiously touching up a 12 year old girls breasts, and there's no excuse for that!


Courtney Love complained he smelt so bad, that he was one of the few celebrities she didn't sleep with.

Many people in the Truth Movement now have no doubt in their minds that Russell Brand is a pervert, and can see clearly the agenda of introducing paedophilia into society spinning it as no more serious than driving while on your mobile phone.

He is trying to gain sympathy for his sex addiction. Notice the paedophile who he shared a room with, who was also being “treated.”

We are being groomed and desensitised to this subject and it is wrong.

Paedophilia is an illness and is linked to abnormalities in the brain’s white matter, according to one leading expert.

In this video, also posted by The Alien Fossil Project, we see Russell Brand bite a young boy's ear, before giving him a passionate kiss, hidden from the camera by his long hair.

Russell Brand boast that he's "shagged 1000's of girls," reminds many of William Hague's boast that he drank "14 pints of beer on a lad's night out." Pure Fantasy.


The most damaging of all links which tie Russell Brand with paedophilia is the sickening sycophantic radio interview with the Devil himself, Jimmy Savile.


Apologising profusely to Jimmy for interrupting his meal, the conversation sounded heavily coded, implying both Russell and Jimmy were indulging in a private joke. A coded conversation which only they knew the true meaning of.


“You are not interrupting my meal Russell because to speak to a mega star like you Russell is an honour and a pleasure,” praised Jimmy putting Russell at ease like the seasoned performer he was.

“Well sir, I could say the very same thing to you Sir. And I shall, thank you very much for coming to the phone,” Russell replies with his nose so far up Jimmy's arse that his G-spot is being tickled.

“I'm sitting here with a beautiful young lady, who can't believe I'm talking to the one and only, supposedly Russell Brand,” admits Jimmy.


From the Devil's own admission. Hanging out with one of his victim's while conducting a BBC funded radio interview.

We now know everyone in the BBC knew of Jimmy Savile's perverted deeds, and when the Devil tells you he's sitting with a beautiful young lady, you can bet your life's savings that the young lady in question would be no more than 10 or 12 years old.

“Are you going to be doing any more fixes for anyone?” Russell excitedly asks hoping that he could benefit from the Establishment’s hand-me-downs.

Jimmy's rely sends a shiver down the spine, “Of-course I'll be doing fixes long after you're dead.”

“I believe that to be true,” Russell agrees confirming that he too understands the Dark Arts from which Jimmy got his powers from.

“I'd love to meet you someday Mr Jimmy Savile?” Russell begs.

“Well if you have a sister you can bring her along,” Jimmy answers.

With no sister in his family Russell offers him the next best thing, “I've got a personal assistant called Marcia and part of her job description is that whatever I demand she greets, meets, massages, she has to do it. She's very attractive Jimmy.”

“That's a good start, you can send her along to do some research.”

“Anything in particular Jimmy?”

“I'd prefer her to wear nothing.”


Rounding the radio interview up Russell returns to his favourite and most secret interest, “Would you pass on my best wishes onto your dinner companion?”

With hindsight to the public, we now know that any young lady Jimmy Savile referred to most probably was a child-abuse victim, but to any employee of the BBC at that time, any young lady with reference to Jimmy Savile would have naturally be known to be no older than a teenager.

Jimmy Savile knows full well he is sitting half-naked in his penthouse flat, with a young girl he has just horribly abused, while he answers without remorse, “And my beautiful dinner companion will have to remain secret because she is an outstanding beauty.”

The identify of his dinner companion will have to remain secret because she is outstandingly young, and later will most probably be killed.


In this simply sentence, its confirmed by Jimmy Savile that he knows Russell Brand's secret.

Russell Brand then confirms his perversion with his reply, “Especially if I saw her with you because that just heightens the sexuality of the situation.”


Or in other words, when I see you rape a young girl Jimmy, it just heightens the sexuality of the situation.

“No, no, I'm not into threesomes,” replied Jimmy. No of-course not. We now know he was into paedophilia, incest, necromancy, cannibalism and murder.

  • “I STILL AM.”

Russell Brand finishes the short interview off with the cryptic clue, “As long as you are passing down information, you should be passing down other things, people could argue.”

Passing down other things? Do you mean young girls Russell?


Naked and sexily clad in only a towel (reminiscent of Jimmy Savile interviews of him half dressed,) Russell Brands confirms he is absolutely up-to-date about the scandal of paedophiles in parliament.

Russell Brands talks the talk but does he walk the walk? That question remains to be answered. With such an onslaught of negative media being generated, its only a matter of time before Russell Brand's true identify and agenda is exposed to the world.


  • “It's all very cleverly crafted, isn't it? I cannot argue with his fundamental message of humanity, etc, but I just don't trust his motives….”

  • “Is it possible he has grown up into this intelligent, caring individual. I mean we all have to grow up and change sometimes?”

  • “Then lets see him open the biggest homeless hostel that his money can buy, feed the masses and make some real change I say.”

  • “I have to say I am a bit confused. But also I had a nightmare about him last night and found myself chanting prayer to get him off of me. He had a very dark presence. These people are so accomplished at putting on a public persona, look at the "royal" family, Saville, Harris, nobody guessed it then did they? I am sick of giving people the benefit of the doubt I'm afraid as my gut feelings about somebody are usually right. Sorry to all of those who defend this man, but it's just how I feel.”

  • “Yes, you are right. He preaches love and tolerance, etc. Let's see him put his money where is mouth is...”



  1. Given what is disclosed in the reports thus far, it does not seem clear whether Brand is a pedophile, or just lewd and stupid.

  2. More evidence needed but he is pretty weird though.

  3. you want more evidence!!!, check it out , thank you Matt this is what I have been telling people who are so busy defending these sick pedos, they are blinded by celebrity worship, then again people chose to ignore the predatory behaviour of Michael Jackson & Jimmy Savile too,
    has several document examples of Rus-shills behaviour, and this link is about the Brandwagons sleepover with Children, despite this evidence many of his 'fans' will refuse to see the forest from the trees despite all the evidence out there (which you wont find in the MSM gossip columns, which don't make it any less credible , these 2 links you can hear it from the horses mouth)

  4. Rus-shills Sleepover with kids from the lower classes, why do these rich preditors always prey on the poor a vulnerable?, sadly it seems all part of the pattern

  5. you are one of the reasons why people make jokes about alternative news..

    1. I am a joke. I'm a product of a cruel joke against Humanity. I'm dealing with it; are you?

  6. watched videos, can clearly tell ur looking for things to slander this individual with, all ur blog links down the side are accusing other people of paedophilia, even the way u narrate ur videos sounds like ur getting off on creating the sexual innuendo that u apply out of context, i put it to you sir, that YOU are in fact the paedophile, & that u go out of ur way to blame & accuse others of it to take the focus off urself & ur own sick fantasies while living them out with ur sleazy narrations, u do realised that what u just did is called slander, & is illegal, i would hope u have a lot better proof than that if he takes u to court & sues the pants off u, just sayin

    1. pure wrong un,pure nonce,i have always detested him,want's a proper good pasting,scruffy tramp..

    2. i just saw that video and couldnt help but in some way agree w u, i posted this to that video Renata Mateis im not sure,...i do think that the narrator has more experience and possibly decoying himself, i mean he seems to comment on the body language, that he would know nothing about ...unless he is that way himself,,,sorry i dont know how else to put it...the body language..,as for jimmy saville, we all know hes the royals best friend!!! and the same
      Like · Reply · Just now

  7. You know he opened up a cafe in London and only gave work to homeless people. They all have homes now. AND he's in the process of opening more cafes to help more people. I just think your tapped I the head. WHY don't you go uncover the paedophilia in your own country. Every government in every country has its skeletons.

    1. Jimmy Savile also did a lot of charity work!
      Your point is... ?

    2. Jimmy Saville was masked by the 1970s it was what it was... ugly but many men behaved in a sexual way towards all girls and women in the 70s trust me I know... but this is nothing and I mean NOTHING like jimmy saville.. this has no evidence, you just want to slander a man you don't like and are probably jealous of... good luck!

    3. Why is it when these sick freaks are exposed, we get dopes defending them..Wake up you morons..Kids by the thousands are being raped and murdered by these sick vermin..It's not hard to see Brand trying to cop a feel..Disgusting how you turn it back on the poster.

  8. Is it 100% that he is and if this is pure evidence why has the police not been involved, and why has he not been investigated if this is allegedly true.

  9. Uh, there's no evidence whatsoever that Russell is a pedophile. Pedophiles don't work in public, idiots, so actually touching someone out of love (what a concept!!) is not evidence of a crime. THINK!
    P.S. Defamation is a crime. Think!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Fucking hell........ this is your idea of evidence???? It is a joke. I can't believe ANY of you take this seriiously!

  11. There are none so blind as those who will not see.....

  12. I have watched the video and it seems to me, that you indeed have a lewd mind .. actively seeking a bit of titty touch... no such fucking thing here mate, play the tape at regular speed you freak and stop slandering people you know fuck all about.., why don't you leave the fucking house once and a while and get a LIFE! Your a prick mate full stop.

  13. Dude, if I was Russell Brand I would be hauling your ass into court... You have some serious mental issues!

    1. Sigh..Brand wouldnt show up..wake the eff up

  14. He, Russell Brand, did nothing wrong. The baby obviously is his baby.


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