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Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack? A special report by Matt Taylor

Prince William and George killed in a terrorist attack?
Controversial conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey has made a chilling prediction in his new article, 'So where does that leave Madeleine?' that there is a plan to kill Prince William and his son Prince George, in a staged terrorist attack, with the intention of leading to all out Word War, wiping out Islam off the face of the Earth.

Chris Spivey writes, "I personally think that their plan is to kill Willie (and maybe George too) in a staged terrapin attack which will lead to all out World War, which in turn will reduce the world population tenfold and wipe Islam off the face of the Earth.... Just sayin."

Appealing his conviction in 2015 of harassment against the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby, after an article he published 'The Drummer Man,' alleged Lee Rigby and his family are fictitious characters  created by MI5, to perpetrate an insidious agenda against Islam; Chris Spivey has caused renewed controversy in his recent article 'Night of theLiving Dead,' in which he contends that not only Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed didn't die in the infamous car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997, but neither Princess Diana or Dodi Al Fayed even exist.

He explains, "I believe Diana: Princess of Wales never actually existed except on paper and was only brought to life via a series of actresses and very rich 'it' girls. Young Diana was in all probability played by Charlotte Goldsmith youngest child of James Goldsmith and sister to Zac Goldsmith and Jemima Khan."

Implying that a secret ministry within government photo-shop pictures to create multiple public personas, Spivey uses a face comparison application to illustrate the similarity between various well known personalities. Taking a picture published in the national press, he over-lays the picture of another person with the first, to illustrate that two different faces originate from one.

While many dismiss Spivey's research as the ramblings of a mad man, he's quick to retort, "It is indisputable and impossible to debunk."

Boasting of a readership in it's millions, Spivey has opened himself up to ridicule in much the same way as another famous conspiracy researcher, David Icke; when he claimed the Windsor Royal family were descended from a reptilian race originating outer space.

As Spivey writes, "Course, those who have been denouncing me lately with comments about how I have lost the plot, or I have been blackmailed into using these photo comparisons, or I am working for MI5, all fall into two groups. Group A. Those who think that they are so wide awake and egotistical that anything passed their point of understanding must be bullshit..... Lose the ego fellas, you have an awful long journey to travel yet. Group B. GCHQ paid/blackmailed trolls desperately trying to make me look a laughing stock because I have nearly cracked how the monsters game plan works... Fuck off from my website you sewer dwelling scabby nonce cunts."

With more and more people now aware of conspiracies and the Alternative Media, the most recent of which was the headlines of American Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, having a body double to hide an illness becoming international news, Spivey is promising to publish more explosive articles revealing a hidden world of criminality unknown in modern history.

"You see, as I have said and will prove in the coming months: At least a third of our MP's do not exist, hence the need for them to be kept at a distance from the public."

Defiant in the face of public condemnation, ridicule and police harassment, Spivey is blazing a trail in the Alternative Media as the leading conspiracy researcher going further down the proverbial rabbit hole than anyone has gone before.

He writes, "I have given you more than enough indisputable evidence that extreme, organized crime is being committed..... So report it. In fact I think that it is an offence not to. And when I say report it, I don't mean email your PCC enclosing a link to this or other articles... Indeed, that will get you nowhere. Course, by all means print off any relevant information to include as proof but you must report your allegation in person at your local police station.... Do not be fobbed off. You are a British citizen reporting an extremely serious crime that is occurring on British soil. Don't just sit back and leave it to others, that ain't going to work because you can bet your fucking life that those 'others' will be doing the same as you."

Only time will tell whether Chris Spivey is acknowledged as a genius of his age or just a mentally ill man, drunk on the national and international platform which the internet offers anyone who sets their own website.

Leaving the last word to Raine1, a loyal reader who left this comment in response to Spivey's latest article:

"A lot of people night not be able to get their heads around this, but just remember that there was a time when NONE of us would have believed that the entire British establishment, from Queenie downwards, are into child rape, murder and Satanism. We now know that there is overwhelming evidence that this is indeed the case."

Everything you always wanted to know about Chris Spivey, but were afraid to ask:

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Camber Sand's Tragedy - A Cover-up?

A special report by Matt Taylor.

Five die at Camber Sands on hottest day of the year!

Isn't it incredible that five fit and health young men, could all die along the same stretch of beach at Camber Sands?

Camber Sands has been visited by sun seekers for a hundred years and then all of a sudden, six fit and healthy young men die with-in a few weeks of each other.

Five friends from London and a 19 year old Brazilian man...

19-year-old Gustavo Silva Da Cruz
Sussex Police and its Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, were quick to blame the deaths on dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands, but then again, dangerous rip-tides and lethal quick sands have never claimed a life before, along the miles of soft golden sandy Camber beaches visited by hundreds of thousands people every year.

Something fishy is going on and I don't believe the official story one bit.

But I just can't work it out?

There are many absolute truths in life. Truths like:
  • Light will always follow dark
  • A smile will always precede a laugh
  • Water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade
  • Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade
  • Boys are made of snips, snails and puppy-dog's tails
  • Girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice
Its also an absolute truth that fit young men DO NOT die at Camber Sands because of strong rip tides and dangerous quick sand.

Its an insult to my intelligence that the likes of Sussex Police and Katy Bourne are telling us otherwise.

But for the first time ever I'm flummoxed! - Someone has got to be lying, somewhere along the supply chain.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the five young friends who died during a day trip to Camber Sands; Are they lying?

A Hindu funeral for Kenugen Saththiyanathan, 18, the youngest of the group and his 22-year-old brother Kobikanthan, of Erith, and friends Nitharsan Ravi, 22, Inthushan Sriskantharasa, 23, and Gurushanth Srithavarajah, 27, began at dawn on Sunday 4th September 2016.

The very fact that so many mourners, friends and family turned up for the funeral, blows away my contention that the lads were refugees fleeing to the British shores.

But still, I cannot see how six fit young men could die in the safe and death free sea off Camber Sands...

The 19-year-old Brazilian man, Gustavo Silva Da Cruz who died the week before the five lads from South London, was the only fatality of a group of three men who got into difficultly that day. The lucky two men who survived had no links with the Brazilian man.

We know Sussex Police have been known to cover-up false flag events before because of a FOI request in connection to the Shoreham Air-show crash, (which anniversary was about the same as the Camber Sand tragedy a year on.)

Nationally renowned conspiracy researcher Chris Spivey caused up-roar when he said, "The Shoreham plane crash is without doubt the most easily pulled apart government hoax that I have investigated to date."

Sussex Police were asked whether they would comment and answer whether they had investigated Chris Spivey's claim, only for them to reply:

"I (Sussex Police) can confirm your request has now been considered and I (Sussex Police) am not obliged to supply the information you have requested."

Why on Earth would Sussex Police not want to quash claims that the Shoreham Air-show crash was a false-flag event?

Sussex Police continue, "Confirmation that information is held would prejudice how investigations are carried out in the future by revealing details of investigative activity."

When ufo researchers Richard Lennie and John Walson notified Sussex Police that a ufo caused the Shoreham airshow crash, Sussex Police were said to be "very grateful" for the information.
But it would appear they aren't so forth-coming in discussing anything to do with allegations of covering up a false flag event, of which Chris Spivey is so renowned for uncovering.
For a moment I toyed with the crazy idea that the five Tamil loving loyalists from South East London, travelled down to Camber Sand's to commit a terrorist atrocity.

Just imagine the carnage and publicity? On the hottest day of the year, with thousands of jam packed sun-seekers on the beaches, five bombs explode killing hundreds and injuring many more... In today's political/terrorist climate it could so easily happen.

My first thought was that the bombing mission had gone terribly wrong and that the five friends had either committed suicide together in a suicide pack, or died in the process of planting the bombs, which evidently never exploded.

It just goes to prove what an over-active mind I've got....

I now think the more likely answer is that the six men were refugees, coming to England for a better life, just as we've watched thousands fleeing to the Mediterranean from war torn Syria over the Summer.

After-all the Daily Express ran an article on the 30th May 2016 with the headline:

BRITAIN is at risk of having a massive migrant crisis like the Mediterranean, experts have warned after a boat of migrants was rescued from the English Channel.

Already this summer the UK's Border Force rescued 19 people in the English Channel. A group of 18 Albanian migrants were among 20 people rescued from the English Channel just yards from Kent after their inflatable boat started sinking. The group, which included two children and a woman, was within striking distance of British shores when a call for help was made to the UK Coastguard.

Along the same stretch of coast between Dungeness, Dymchurch and Littlestone, rigid inflatable boats (RIB) have been found laden with refugees.

Considering no-one has died from quick-sand or rip-tides off Camber Sand's in recent history, the more likely reason for six fit and healthy young men to be washed up to shore, is that they drowned out at sea, having fallen off a RIB's coming into shore.

Let's not forget that the English Channel is just 20.6 miles at its shortest distance between France and the Kent coast. The kind of migrant boat tragedies seen in the Mediterranean Sea could happen in the Channel, and may well have already happened but is being covered up by a government used to covering up bad news.

The last thing PM Theresa May wants splashed across the newspaper headlines, is that desperate refugees are being washed up dead on our British shores.

With security at the Channel Tunnel and on board ferries and lorries beefed up, its only logical that the people smugglers are resorting to RIB's to ferry their cargo into Britain.

The President of the French coastguard, Bernard Barron, said: "It's starting to become a very similar situation to that seen in the Mediterranean and my biggest fear is that the same kind of tragedies we see in Greece or Italy will start to repeat in the Channel."

It would appear that the Camber Sand's tragedy is the first sign of the above warning coming true.

Perhaps Mak knows something about it. (An extract from a POF conversation)

  • 01/09, 08:27 - Mak: Ooo what are you writing about?
  • 01/09, 08:33 - Matt: I'm researching the 5 dead at Camber Sands. There must be more to the story. 5 friends don't all tragically die at the same time.
12 hours later.....
  • 01/09, 22:47 - Matt: Mak, have I said something to upset you or are you just busy?
2 weeks later.....
  • 15/09, 19:00 - Matt: Come on Mak. What did I say for you to dump me so completely?
1 day later.....
  • 16/09, 16:33 - Matt: My research seems to suggest that the dead bodies washed up on Camber Sands could be immigrants fleeing to the UK. Do you know something about this, which is why you've stopped communicating or it is just because you think I'm a loony?
30 minutes later....
  • 16/09, 17:05 - Mak: If I did or didn't I wouldn't be discussing it with you..... The latter.....!!!!! I am on holiday and out of the country..... Do not contact me again.....!!!!! Ever.......!!!!!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Theresa May embroiled in PCC expense scandal.

Prime Minister Theresa May finds herself embroiled in scandal having endorsed the re-election of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SPCC) Katy Bourne, who is under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for a criminal offence.

Being the first Police and Crime Commissioner in the UK to be interviewed under caution, Katy Bourne is alleged to have posted a false statement on social media, with the intention of influencing the election, contrary to Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983, in which its an offence to make a false statement for the purpose of affecting the election of any candidate as Police and Crime Commissioner.

If the IPCC finds against her, a report will be passed onto the Director of Public Prosecutions, to commence criminal proceedings.

Theresa May & Katy Bourne
As Home Secretary, Theresa May appeared in a Youtube video which endorsed Katy Bourne saying, "With such an important role, Sussex needs someone who will take the job seriously, to work with the Government, cut crime, spend tax payers money wisely and keep the local communities safer and more secure. Only Katy Bourne can do that for Sussex, so on the 5th May, vote for Katy Bourne to be your Police and Crime Commissioner for the next 4 years."

Championed by Theresa May's predecessor David Cameron and based on the American Police Commissioner model, Police and Crime Commissioners were introduced in November 2012 to replace Police Authorities, by delivering an elected PCC to hold Chief Constables to account, setting the police priorities and setting the police budget and precept (tax). 

Earning between £85-£150K a year, Police and Crime Commissioners have been condemned by critics as a waste of money and are opposed by the Labour Party.

Praised on the floor of the House of Commons by both David Cameron and Theresa May, Katy Bourne was seen as a rising star of the Conservative Party and was even tipped to take over as PM one day. With the IPCC investigation looming over her, any chance of a role in front line politics has now disappeared and Theresa May is facing difficult questions over endorsing a PCC who is alleged to have lied, to influence the outcome of the second PCC elections in May 2016.

Katy Bourne has yet to publicly comment on the IPCC investigation.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Katy Bourne interviewed under caution by the IPCC.

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, is the first elected PCC in British history to be interviewed under caution by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) in relation to a criminal offence.

Holding on for dear life, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Katy Bourne contemplates her drop from public office as she hangs precariously atop a 115 foot drop down Peacehaven Cliffs.

Hanging on by a thread to her position as Sussex's first elected PCC, Katy Bourne is facing the real possibility of a criminal conviction and spending the Christmas season in prison.

Grateful for the support of her Chief Constable Giles York and international crime writer Peter James, Katy Bourne is relying on an intensive public relation campaign of charitable works, (namely abseiling down the 115 foot cliff face of Peacehaven Heights in aid of the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home in Worthing, which cares for disabled ex-servicemen and women,) to defect attention away from the on-going Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation into alleged electoral fraud in the run up to the second PCC election on 5th May 2016. 
Investigated by the IPCC as to whether she knowingly posted a false declaration on Facebook, stating she had not claimed expenses during her term in office, Katy Bourne has been fortunate that a compliant press haven't asked the serious questions which, if asked, would ultimately end her fledging political career in a heart-beat.

Take for example the confession by Graham Kane, Katy Bourne's Performance and Information Manager, who conceded on the 15th March 2016 that, "the PCC has not claimed any expenses since September 2013;" contrary to the statement Katy Bourne made on the 4th of May 2016 (the day before the PCC elections) that "I have not claimed any allowances or expenses during my term in office," (a term which started in November 2012) clearly demonstrating that someone is lying...

While many commenters have dismissed the IPCC investigation as irrelevant and a vendetta by a member of the public against Katy Bourne, the seriousness cannot be under estimated. Perceived by many as a symbol of corruption within the ranks of Sussex Police, Katy Bourne has been compared to the 1950's Chicago gangster Al Capone, who was finally brought to justice by a tax evasion offence, rather than any murder or racketeering crimes he was so famous for committing.

Having admitted on her Twitter feed that her favourite show on TV is 'Boardwalk Empire', an American period crime drama about a politician/gangster, Katy Bourne finds herself in a similar position of being investigated for expense irregularities, when her critics claim she should be investigated for the more serious offences of failing to hold the Chief Constable to account, covering up police corruption, elderly abuse, theft of government money and accessory to murder (to name a few).

Referred for investigation by the IPCC by Sussex Police and the Sussex Crime Panel, demonstrates the seriousness of Katy Bourne's situation. If it's found that the intention of her sponsored Facebook post was to influence the outcome of the Sussex PCC elections, then she would be found guilty of a criminal breach of section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983, in which its an offence to make a false statement for the purpose of affecting the election of any candidate as Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • Foremost on Katy Bourne's mind at the moment, is the inconvenient truth that PCC's are only referred to the IPCC when there is an indication of a possible criminal offence.
  • Tough at the top, but even harder coming down, Katy Bourne is facing the real possibility of being the first PCC in the country to be convicted over a criminal offence.
Adding to her woes is the reinstatement of the www.shadowsussexpolicecrimecommissioner.blogspot.co.uk website which was removed after the office of the Sussex PCC, complained to Google's Blogger Team, that the blog constituted 'harassment' against Katy Bourne.

The blog site has subsequently been reinstated in light of the IPCC investigation, which proves that any allegations that Katy Bourne lied about her expenses claims, was warranted as being in the public interest.

Its now clear that a concerted effort was made by both the office of Sussex PCC and Sussex Police, to shut down the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner blog, to limit any damage the IPCC investigation would do to Katy Bourne's position as PCC and her prospects as a raising star in the Conservative Party. 

A Freedom of Information request reveals what a Case Administrator from the Sussex Criminal Justice Unit of Sussex Police had to say about it, "I saw the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner blog has been removed? Has the youtube been taken down as well? Thank God after all the work!"

Boasting of her connection to serving and ex-serving men and women, by saying, "As the wife of a Falklands veteran, and the granddaughter of a First World War soldier of the Royal Sussex Regiment, showing support for all the men and women who serve our country is close to my heart," Katy Bourne belies a desperate attempt to paint herself whiter than white, when in truth her husband, Kevin Bourne was labeled 'Stupid Banker of the Day' by the Green Hell Blog, for losing $15 billion of shareholders investment while a banker for the HSBC Bank.
Accused of being two faced, Katy Bourne publicly champions the victims of crime, while simultaneously turning her back on the victims of Sussex Police crime, evident by her involvement in the erection of a 1.8 meter high fence outside the property along the coast road in Peacehaven, which had a slogan written across it's frontage accusing Sussex Police of covering-up the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor.
The erection of the fence, funded trilaterally between Lewes District Council, Sussex Police and the Office of PCC, enabled criminals with links to the renowned Sussex Crime Lord Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc, to approach the property hidden from public view and attack disabled OAP David Joe Neilson, leaving him for dead, himself the main eye witness in the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder, which he alleges is being covered by Sussex Police; a cover-up which continues today.
While Katy Bourne promises a "commitment to transparency", the truth is she hasn't yet publicly commented on the IPCC investigation against her. Regardless of the outcome, Katy Bourne will be the first elected PCC in British history to be questioned under caution by the IPCC for a criminal offence. 
  • Whether Katy Bourne wants to admit it or not; she's in very serious trouble and she knows it.
In much the same manner as ex Prime Minister David Cameron resigned as an MP the day before the Foreign Affairs committee slammed him for the rise of ISIS, the influx of immigrants into Europe and the pursing chaos in Libya; Katy Bourne resigned as School Governor of the Oriel High School in Crawley after nine years, three days before the news broke of her IPCC investigation.
  • The present Prime Minister Theresa May finds herself embroiled in Katy Bourne's expense scandal too, having endorsed her in the run-up to the second PCC elections in 2016.
The video below shows a satirical look at Theresa May's endorsement, over-laid with various reasons why Katy Bourne shouldn't be elected SPCC. The reasons promoted during the video have proved to be true and accurate. 

Its interesting to note that the original and untainted video of Theresa May endorsing Katy Bourne has now been removed. The bottom line is that the UK's Prime Minister has endorsed a criminal to be elected as the Sussex PCC.

Asked whether Katy Bourne should stand down from her various positions as Chairwoman of the National Police ICT Board, the Non-Executive Director of the College of Policing and the SPCC, the response are as follows:

From Sussex Police:

Dear Mr Taylor,
In relation to your question below which you have asked be posed to Mr York, the response from the force is that:
The investigation into Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne is a matter for her and the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Sussex Police is not involved in the investigation and has no comment to offer on the matter.
Mark Townsend
Staff Officer to DCC Bernie O’Reilly, Sussex Police

From the Office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (OSPCC):

Dear Mr Taylor
It would be inappropriate to comment further until the investigation is concluded and therefore, this office will not engage with you further on this matter at this time.
Mary Clarke
Senior Governance Manager
Office Of The Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner

From the College of Police:

Thank you for contacting the College of Policing 
Your email will be logged and passed onto the relevant Team to action as quickly as possible.
Please allow 7 working days before following up on progress.
Kind regards,

From the National Police ICT Board:

The College is aware of the IPCC investigation and it would not be appropriate to comment or engage in further communication while that is  taking place.
Lucy Stewart-Winters. 
Ethics & Standards Development Manager, Ethics Integrity & Public Interest 

Further Reading:

'Tony Blair ruined my Marriage' by Rupert Murdoch

Tony Blair & Wendy Deng
The true story of why media mogul Rupert Murdoch divorced his Chinese wife Wendy Deng after 14 years of marriage, is coming to light following a new tell-all memoir by Chris Mitchell, the former editor-in-chief of Murdoch's flagship publication, The Australian newspaper.

Revealed for the first time:

  • Tony Blair stayed at Murdoch's Californian ranch with Wendy Deng in October 2012 and April 2013 while Murdoch was overseas
  • Murdoch suffered sleepless night having learnt about the affair
  • Murdoch filed for divorce a week after learning of the affair
  • When asked about the affair during an interview with The Economist magazine in 2014, Mr Blair reportedly began to sweat and denied any “impropriety”
  • Murdoch was both financially and politically generous to Tony Blair before the affair was exposed
  • Domestic staff alerted Murdoch about the affair

Once a close friend of Murdoch and Godfather to his son, the former Prime Minister Tony Blair has been accused of having an affair with Wendy Deng.

“I was in Australia. When I got back, I naturally asked the staff, and it opened up. That's the story. And then, you know, a week later I filed. As soon as I could find a lawyer,” Murdoch said.

In 2014, Murdoch famously told Fortune magazine that he was "shocked" when he first read his wife's diary entries in which she described having “warm feelings” comparable to a 'crush' on Tony Blair.

Cherie Blair has never publicly commented on the alleged affair, while Murdoch has gone on to marry aging supermodel and ex-wife of Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall.

Tony Blair and Wendy Deng have both strongly denied having an affair.

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