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This is the biggest scandal to ever hit Sussex and Sussex Police.

Championed by Wayne Smith, a horror story of such gigantic proportions is only now coming to light, which in it's criminal overshadows every case of corruption ever levelled against the Conservative Party and Sussex Police.

First coming to the public attention in a Daily Mail article written by Steve Doughty published on 26 October 2012, we were told that a senior consultant called Professor Patrick Pullicino, was claiming NHS doctors were prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they were difficult to manage or to free up beds.

Using the controversial 'Liverpool Care Pathway,' (LCP) (in effect the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly), 130,000 patients in the NHS were murdered.

The article quotes Professor Patrick Pullicino to have said, “Very likely many elderly patients who could live substantially longer are being killed by the LCP.”


Bringing the scandal up to date and closer to home, Wayne Smith claims his own father was murdered while at a St Wilfrids Hospice in Chichester using the LCP model.

He says, “It's an on-going thing with these Hospices. They were getting payments from the Government to put patients on the LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY.”

Having asked Freedom of Information requests, Wayne Smith has learnt the death rates at various Sussex based hospices are “through the roof.”

Wayne Smith:

“So far I have one hospice with 8,000 unexplained deaths. Average death rate for a 14 bed Hospice should be around 170 pa. Currently in the mid 400's (over double the average). Another with 250 in 2011 & 300 in 2012 and another with over 300 in 201.”

Using the same drugs used in executions in the USA, by lethal injection, PROPOFOL & MIDAZOLAM are currently being used, and the murder weapon of choice.

Wayne Smith makes the heart breaking claim, “St Wilfrid's Hospice Chichester gave my father GLYCOPYRRONIUM and Prescribed MIDAZOLAM. He died 36 hours later..”

The list of drugs they use to end life.


Having collected evidence worthy enough of starting a murder investigation, Wayne Smith has contacted Sussex Police and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, pleading with them to start an investigation.

As of yet, NOTHING.

“Unfortunately there has been a massive cover up to protect St Wilfrid's Hospice Chichester.”

Sussex Police handing over a cheque to St Wilfrid's Hospice
Further damning Sussex Police and putting the Chief Constable under further public attention, Wayne Smith makes his feelings of an orchestrated police cover up perfectly clear.

“Sussex Police are involved in this cover up. I have given them all of the information and they refuse to investigate potentially 8,000 unexplained deaths.”

It isn't just a police cover up; as Wayne Smith continues:

“Also West Sussex County Council who license this hospice have refused to investigate.”


Just as the Prime Minister David Cameron conceded that under the Conservative Government, child-abuse is now being committed on an “Industrial Scale,” we now find out that the murder of our elderly is also being carried out on an industrial scale.

Should we even be surprised? Taking into account the way they treated the disabled and the vulnerable, it should come as no surprise to anyone that a heartless, criminal Conservative party would twist and manipulate the guide-lines of the 'Liverpool Care Pathway,' to unburden the Taxpayers of costly elderly care, to free NHS/hospice beds and lower the nation's pension bill.


What are you going to do about it?

Wayne Smith has been “bashing everyone about it,” and I've produced a mini film and have written an amateurish article about it.

What about you?

This involves and touches everyone. This is about our elderly being murdered by the state.

Are both Wayne Smith and I just making “noise” or is this “news?”


Subject: Response to Information Request CQC IAT 1516 0931
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 10:05:29 +0000
13 April 2016

Ref: CQC IAT 1516 0931

Dear Mr Smith

I write in response to your correspondence dated 23 March 2016 in which you requested recorded information from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Information Requested:

“Please provide me with the number of death notifications submitted by St Barnabas House, Worthing 20 beds. Since 1 October 2010 to the Care Quality Commission.”

The Information Access team has now coordinated a response to your request and we are able to confirm that CQC does hold recorded information in relation to this matter.

All care providers must notify us about certain changes, events and incidents affecting their service or the people who use it.  These are known as Statutory Notifications.

You can read guidance on Statutory Notifications on the CQC website at:

In accordance with regulation 16 of the Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009, care providers must notify CQC of the death of any person who uses the care service.

The intention of this regulation is to ensure that CQC is notified of the deaths of people who use services so that, where needed, CQC can take follow-up action.

Notifications about deaths must be sent to CQC without delay.

The table below details the number of notifications CQC has received reporting a death for the location you have specified. The period of time this data covers is 1 October 2010 – 7 April 2016.

Year Number of Notifications
2010 59
2011 487
2012 606
2013 312
2014 268
2015 266
2016 76

Care should be taken with regards to any potential comparisons of the data relating to the different locations. There are a number of factors that may influence the numbers of notifications relating to certain events that occur within locations of care.

I hope you find this response helpful.

CQC will always endeavour to provide high quality responses to requests for information and seek to be as helpful as possible. We would therefore appreciate if you can complete our online feedback form by visiting the following link:
Any information you provide will be held securely and only used for the purposes of improving the Information Rights service that CQC provides.

Kind regards

Amy Stanley
Information Access Officer
Legal Services & Information Rights

Customer & Corporate Services Directorate

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

David Cameron must show us his bank statements.‏

Ironically I agree with anyone who hides their wealth to avoid paying tax. I would if I was fortunate enough to be in the same position. I find it abhorrent to pay anything to that cocaine fiend we call the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

After-all what exactly is our Income Tax being spent on other than repaying the interest on a fraudulent national debt and war?

  • Surely our National Insurance pays for the National Health Service.
  • Road Tax pays for the up-keep and building of our roads.
  • Council Tax pays for our schools, the Fire Service and other essential local services such as the up-keep of parks and the collection of rubbish.
  • Everything else is paid for by the 17% VAT which is added to everything we buy.

By rights none of us should be paying Income Tax.

I personally don't give two hoots that Dodgy David Cameron squirrels his money away in invisible Tax Havens. Where he keeps his money isn't a top priority for me.

The fact that he's covering up Parliamentary and Institutionalized child-abuse is. The fact that he's propping up a paedophile and satanic worshipping Royal family is. The fact that he's covering up the 788-790 Finchely Road fraud is. Where he keeps his money isn't? 

When he's eventually arrested and tried for Crimes against Humanity, all his wealth will be returned to the public purse declared as ill gotten gains and all this will be academic.

Its the fact that Dodgy Dave has made such a big deal of other people dodging tax that makes my blood simmer and ignites my desire to see he's brought to justice.

And that's the clincher for me and why Dodgy Dave must show us his bank statements.

We are all in this together they say- What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Not too long ago I had the Taxman on my back demanding I justify what I do for a living and to justify why the Government should continue paying me Working Tax Credit and Housing Benefit. I was required to explain my freelance work as a writer, declare my earnings, and explain my working week hour by hour.

But that wasn't all the Taxman wanted:

"Please provide bank statements for all accounts held by you and your partner, including business accounts, from July 2013 onwards."

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

As HB assessment team leader Matt Kearns from the Brighton and Hove City Council explains, "The Council is committed to ensuring that people receive their correct entitlement to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction, and in doing so safeguard public funds.  We therefore have a duty to investigate any potential discrepancies."

"Safeguard Public Funds."

The Council have a "duty to investigate any potential discrepancies."

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Upon complaining on the grounds that:
  • Its an additional cost I can ill afford.
  • Its an invasion of my privacy.
  • It implies I've lied to you.

Matt Kearns was quick to assure me:

"Your claim was subsequently picked up by our Control Team, who check a percentage of all claims for quality monitoring purposes."

Our caring and sharing Government routinely demand to see their citizen's bank statement to safe guard our nation's public fund because they have a duty to do so.

In which case Dodgy Dave MUST show US his bank statements.

I've shown them my bank statements going back to July 2013, isn't it fair that Dodgy Dave show's us his?

I've suffered the indignation of showing complete strangers my bank statements, airing my dirty laundry in public to justify the Working Tax credit and Housing Benefit I'm entitled to.

Isn't it time Dodgy Dave does the same to draw a line under his Tax Dodging scandal?

"We are satisfied with the details you provided about your self-employment, but confirmed we still need to see your bank statements from July 2013 to ensure the accuracy of your claim."

Surely the same can be said about Dodgy Dave; "We are satisfied with the details you provided about your tax return, but confirmed we still need to see your bank statements from 2010 to ensure you haven't received income from anywhere else."

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

As Matt Kearns is keen to stress, "I believe the request for bank statements from July 2013 to be a reasonable one in line with our commitment to assess claims accurately and in protecting the public purse."

Thus I make the same request and believe its reasonable in line with the nation's commitment to protecting the public purse.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Dodgy Dave is leader of the Conservative Party and I'm the leader of the Moai King William IV Party.

I'm a living breathing soul, as he is. I'm a law abiding citizen, unlike he is...

If anyone should be showing the authorities their bank statements its Dodgy Dave and not I.

As I made clear to Matt Kearnes:

"The Chief Constable of Sussex Police Giles York once said in public, that he had no problem will the public knowing how much he earned but had a problem of the public knowing what he spends his money on.

Its an invasion of my privacy, not because I've got anything to hide but because its like airing my dirty laundry in public.

If you are so worried about protecting the public purse I recommend you research the massive fraud by numerous prominent political figures in the UK who have and who continue to defraud Britain PLC out of billions of pounds a year.

Google John Paterson/Gordon Bowden 788-790 Finchley Road."

Written by Royal Twatt.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Has Chris Spivey gone Totally Mad?

Christ Spivey aka Anna Prentice
The question on everyone's lips is whether or not Chris Spivey has gone totally mad?

Regarded as the Truth Movement's most influential writer, with a readership in its millions, Chris Spivey is well known for writing explosive and original articles blowing the lid on the nation's most evil and despicable people.

Going further down the rabbit's hole than anyone has dared to go before, Spivey's research has brought him to a conclusion which has resulted in an unprecedented level of ridicule and scorn from people who would have otherwise called themselves devoted fans.

Having promised to take down the British Royal family (on the proviso that enough people acted upon it,) Spivey's article about Princess Diana "The Night of the Living Dead," have left more people scratching their heads than marching to Buckingham Palace with their pick-axes.
The Night of the Living Dead

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts"

From claiming the Prime Minister's wife Sam Cameron, doubled as Elizabeth Owen, a witness to the 7/7 London Bombing, to claiming Lee Rigby didn't actually exist, and was actually a fictional creation based on three individuals, Karl Whittle, Robert Sarjeant and Chris Amos, Spivey goes further than ever before by stating that not only didn't Princess Diana die in the Paris car crash, but in fact she never ever existed and when she was seen in public, was a composition of Jill Dando, Selina Scott and others.

Its hard to keep up with the hundreds of face comparison pictures he publishes, and the statements he's made both past and present:

  • Madeline McCann is Sarah Payne
  • Jade's Goodie's mum – Jackie Budden was Brenda Leyland, the McCann troll who was alleged to have committed suicide.
  • Jimmy Jone's wife Jane Russell is actually Sonia Poulton, a journalist on David Icke's now defunct TPV television station.
  • That all the family photographs of Prince William and Princess Kate, with their son Prince George are photoshopped
  • The only person to survive the Paris car crash (which didn't happen) Trevor Rees Jones is Sion Jenkins – the fella who spent time in prison for killing his foster daughter, Billie Jo Jenkins.
  • Prince Phillip is Jimmy Savile
  • Queen Elizabeth II is Prince Philip

Spivey would have us believe a Harry Potter style Ministry of Magic department is at work in which hundreds of people turn up to an inconspicuous building in London, and get to work following a preordained script written years in advance, sitting down at their desks spending their days writing news articles, manipulating photos and videos before cascading them out to the press to be shown on television and printed in the papers.

Summing up the frustrations of many of his loyal readers, Clem writes:

"Dear Chris
I have loved this site for ages and whilst I am aware you get things wrong from time to time, overall your heart is in the right place. The stuff you put out is very good, you are funny and insightful. Recently though, things have gone badly awry and I do worry about your mental health (this site must take its toll), or worse still that your work has been aquired to help promote an altogether sinister and silly agenda.

Chris, the facial comparison stuff leaves me cold and is at times ridiculous. More importantly it is pointless. It has no meaning. The Queen and Prince Philip do look alike, it is a common in marriage. Yes, you can join the two photos together, but what does that mean? Are you saying the images were doctored to make them look similar in the photos? Or that their images were blended to make one composite face? Or are you saying that the Queen and the Duck are actually one and the same?

Princess Diana was a real person. Yes, she may have disappeared to live another life but to suggest she was only a composite image of Sue Lawley etc is insanity and ultimately no – she is not whats-her-face Rothschild either, no matter how many photos are joined together. Diana was a descendent of the Rothschilds but she was not actually whats-her-face, they look entirely different. You appear to have crossed the border into flat-earth style theory. Are you going to say that Jimmy Hendrix is Morgan Freeman next? Or that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks?

Jimmy Savile is not the Duke of Edinburgh, nor is he Peter Sutcliffe. He was involved with them on deeply sinister levels but he is not them. I agree that photographs have all been tampered with, including ones of the Queen. I think that Prince Charles was only an inch taller than Savile but in photos Savile is always much smaller, why? What techniques did they use to doctor the images before photoshop? Savile was hugely and inexplicably involved with the royal family. Could he have somehow been related to them through blood? Or was he just the procurer and provider for them? Why don’t you do a full analysis of who Savile was and what he was connected to, especially his links to mass murder? Was he connected to The Moors Murderers or Fred West?

Please can you spell out what your theory is? Say it clearly, explain what you mean. Do you actually believe that the Duck and Savile are the same man, or that the images of them have been doctored so they look alike? I really struggle to follow the logic and it is so disappointing to have someone I like and admire going down a misleading path.

You have an amazing attention for detail and are so on the ball, but you need a fresh perspective. When I heard your interview and all your suspicions about the staff in the NHS being part of some plan to inject you with cancer or poison, my heart sank. A cannula is commonly inserted in a patient hours before they plan to use it. Yes, it is uncomfortable and yes it is questionable – but all part of normal practice. Just ask any pregnant woman or MIU patient? Coldness of staff and negligence and cruelty are endemic to the NHS and you only have to be involved with it for a very short period to find that out. Human beings are cruel and abusive in institutional circumstances. There is so much death at the hands of the NHS, so much iatrogenesis (surely that’s worth an article too?). I am sorry you were badly treated but it was just a bit of bad luck your finger got infected, nothing more.

Yes, all of history is made up to facilitate the satanic elite, yes they murder children, yes news stories are made up. Yes, all the photos in the news are photoshopped. But to what purpose? It is just too outlandish to suggest the cast is made up of a tiny group of actors playing multiple Bo Selecta roles. Crisis actors do exist. False flags are part and parcel of this bullshit. But really Chris, stop this nonsense. You are in danger of destroying the valuable contribution you have already made and we all need you fighting fit, mate!!"

While others like Johnny D get straight to the point:

"That's probably one of the most outlandish and ridiculous things I’ve ever read. I think you’re losing your grip Chris."

While yet more and more (once loyal readers like Nonny) believe Spivey has been 'got at' and is actively spreading misinformation on purpose:

"I started to wonder if his account had been hijacked, or in fact , Chris had been forced somehow to write this latest stuff."

Does this spell the end of Chris Spivey or the beginning of a whole new era of fame and fortune?
Only history will tell whether Spivey has hit on the Holy Grail of Conspiracy Theory or whether he's just gone mad, ranting uncontrollably as a madman would scrawl slogans on the padded wall of his asylum cell.

He is right in predicting his Diana article would bring down the British Royal family if believed and championed by enough people. To contend that there is a Ministry of Magic style department at work who manipulate local and world events by utilizing actors playing many parts is believable (to an extent.)

As with everything in life, the proof is in the pudding; and as of yet, Chris Spivey hasn't delivered a delicious enough pudding.

Its common knowledge that he thinks anyone who doesn't read his articles in full and who doesn't understand or believe his evidence at the first sitting, are "cunts", but perhaps this is where Spivey is failing.

As he makes clear in his latest article 'Site Update.'

"Whinging, whiny little voices popping up accusing me of losing the plot for [not] saying that The Duck & Savile are the same person and they then go on to ask a load of infantile questions, thus totally ignoring the fact that I have told you (in big thick letters) that there is a lot more to tell you (and by a lot more, I mean far too much to document in the post) on the subject… You really couldn’t make that shit up.

What is it with yous people? Why come here just to make yourself look fucking stupid? I mean why waste your time and efforts when you can do the exact same thing talking to a mirror – which would save yourself public embarrassment and me having to waste my time pointing out the fact that you are a cunt."

Let's be honest, its hard to read a Spivey article; they are lengthy, rambling and incoherent (But don't let Spivey hear me saying that.)

In essence he's asking his readership to believe the Earth is flat. He's demanding his readership believe something so profound and Earth shattering that it literally breaks a hole in the fabric of Time and Space.

Its no use him getting angry and calling us all cunts for not grasping his theory. Anyone can photoshop half a face with another and call it conclusive proof.

Here's a picture of me and Barry from Eastenders. If anyone accuses me of being the same person as Barry, they would be barking up the wrong tree.

Though to be fair; he does provide multiple examples of evidence which do call into question the official version of events. No one can deny this.

My argument is that for something so fantastic, fantastic proof needs to be presented.

But is it all a fantastic Red Herring?

Richie Allen is the latest Truth Movement celebrity to publicly complain of charlatan's within the movement smearing the truth and spreading falsehoods to fulfill their own agendas and nefarious ends.

Could Spivey be a Double Agent?

You can bet your bottom dollar that Ian R Crane is distancing himself from Spivey's latest theory. While he was the first to come to his rescue during Spivey's harassment trial, Crane has kept loudly quiet about his latest theory.

Likewise with the pin-up girl of the Truth Movement Danielle Le Verite, who wouldn't dare comment on Spivey's latest theory without first consulting her handler Thomas Sheridan.

***Its worthy of note that neither Ian R Crane or Thomas Sheridan even knew who Chris Spivey was until I told them during the AV5 conference in 2014.***

Its odds on favourite that considering Thomas Sheridan's view of anyone who believes the Earth is flat are "stupid cunts", he'll have nothing constructive to say about Spivey's latest theory either.

Keep in mind Spivey has never commented on:
  • The Hampstead Kids
  • The 788-790 Finchley Road fraud
  • Chem-trials
  • Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett's historical research on King Arthur II
  • Aliens

It does make you wonder; what side is he on?

Of-course if Spivey's theory about multiple actors playing many different roles and the fact that not only didn't Princess Diana die in the Paris crash but that she never even existed; is proved to be true, then all would be forgiven and he'll be awarded the Nobel Peace prize.

The issue many have is that his research is turning the Truth Movement into a laughing stock and is making a mockery of the truth as we know it.

After all, if anyone comes searching about the Truth Movement, Spivey's name would be one of the first names which would spring up from Google.

How would anyone react to the proposition that the most famous car crash in history was in fact staged and that one of the most famous woman in history didn't even exist?

Perhaps one of Spivey's many gate-keepers could come to his rescue and present his research is a more pleasing and digestible manner?

Take Fabooka De Stait for example, a writer in his own right and someone who appears regularly on Spivey's site. Perhaps he could present Spivey's research in a new light?

Or how about John Hamer? Another writer who appears regularly of his site? Something needs to happen because as of now, Spivey is loosing his credibility with each new article published.

Which remains me of a Freedom of Information request I lodged with Sussex Police on the 22 March 2015.

Dear Sussex Police,

As part of your investigation into the Shoreham Airshow crash, have you investigated the claims made by Christopher D Spivey, published across three parts on his website?

The first part is linked below:

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew Taylor

I've heard nothing back yet!

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