Friday 23 May 2014


Could Kevin Annet be the next Pope?
God’s Army recruitment drive is launched.

A CAMPAIGN to attract thousands of new recruits to the ITCCS’s sponsored “God’s Army,” has got off to a miraculous start.

Kevin Annett their Field Secretary says they have signed up 200 people in nine countries, who are currently undergoing training as common law peace officers and as members of Direct Action Units (DAU).

Over three quarters of these trainees are based in the United States of America, England, and Canada.

Extracted from the ITCCS website:

There is no lawful government or system of law in England and Canada anymore because of the criminal and arbitrary nature of the Crown of England and its parent body in Rome. Citizens of those countries must therefore create a new Constitution and Republican government to replace the Crown, and lawfully establish common law courts of record and their officers.

The ITCCS’s new campaign aims to reclaim the law to serve the people and protect their liberty and security.

The DAU’s will undertake the following tasks:

1. Perform arrests on criminals convicted by the ICLCJ, and upon child rapists and others who are clear dangers to our communities, and seize the property of convicted criminal organizations;

2. Provide security for the common law court, and for ICLCJ investigations, such as at mass grave sites and crime scenes, and

3. Conduct public education about the work of the ICLCJ and our local common law courts, and recruit and deputize new members.

Positions are open to everyone from all walks of life and profession. Politicians, policemen, specialists, logistics workers, drivers, welders, veterinary technicians, musicians, environment health technicians, healthcare assistants and infantry soldiers; you name it and God’s Army wants it.

Read more about the Soldier who questioned the Queen.

Local common law groups around the world have been given the go-ahead to immediately recruit reliable, able bodied men and women into Direct Action Units of no more than ten people each, under the leadership of a Unit Commander.

Once formed, the DAU will be expected to undertake all three of the tasks outlined above, and to report regularly to ICLCJ Central or to Field Secretary Kevin Annett, who will provide you with the necessary material and information needed to proceed.

When issuing Stand Down Orders to crown officers, make it clear and state to them that the Orders are lawful instruments issued under the authority of God and the Sovereign People.

Be under no illusion God’s Army is making history. Already an urgent request for assistance has been issued for sheriff’s and peace officers to converge on Montreal cathedral, at 1085 Rue de la Cathédrale, Canada, on August 15, 2014 because it was identified as the next major conclave of the Ninth Circle, in which children under five years of age were ritually killed.

As hard as it is to believe, you must.

As Kevin Annett and the ITCCS reminds us:

Massive public education is therefore a key aspect of our common law work, and one of the main jobs of trained sheriffs and Direct Action Unit members. 

Before laying the stark truth on the line:

“We want the men and women who are now being trained as our police force to realize that children are dying horribly as we speak. Protecting those children will be the first job of our trained sheriffs. They will be detaining and incarcerating the guilty. And they will be deputizing other men and women to form Direct Action Units to enforce the standing arrest warrants against criminals like Joseph Ratzinger and Elizabeth Windsor. We can only protect our children by tracking down and stopping those who are raping and killing them, starting with the sick monsters known as the Ninth Circle.”

Educate your self further by watching Rhianne Baines, a unit Commander in action, as she and her team conduct a church reclamation in Coventry.

Rhianne Baines demonstrates what sheriff’s and peace officers will be expected to train for.

Contact to join or form a DAU in your area, and to take longer term sheriff training.
Issued by the Central Directorate of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ), Brussels /

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