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Image There is a lot of talk about the Alternative media verses the Mainstream media, but what really is the difference?

Bill Maloney, the film director from Pie’n’Mash films and a prominent campaigner against institutionalized child abuse, says that the alternative media and mainstream media are working together to expose paedophiles in government, so what actually is the difference and how do they actually differ?

Until I become active in the alternative media after watching the Rich Planet TV show, I was a mainstream news junkie, religiously watching Channel 4 News at 7 pm and the BBC Newsnight 10.30 pm. I couldn’t get enough of the mainstream and soaked up everything they offered.

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Slowly but surely, I began to realize that what I was hearing on the Rich Planet TV show and reading on such sites as Chris Spivey’s; weren’t being reported on either the Channel 4 news or the BBC.

I’ve since come to realise that what the alternative media reports, will never be screened on the mainstream media, for the simple reason that they are all in it together.

People may have the misconception that the infamous D Notices, which are spoken about in hushed tones, are a totalitarian tool to smother the truth, when in actual fact, it’s a gentlemen’s agreement between the government and news paper proprietors to mutually smother the truth, for both their benefit.

So, what is the Alternative Media reporting that the Mainstream isn’t?

Top of the list goes to 9/11 and 7/7.

While it’s commonly acknowledged in the alternative media that both the 9/11 and 7/7 atrocities were false flag events orchestrated by persons, other than the persons officially blamed, the mainstream are maintaining the opposite.

judy wood, where did the towers goDr Judy Wood, who wrote a book about 9/11 called ‘Where did the Towers go?’ points to a secret energy weapon, being used to literally turn the Twin Towers to dust, has never uttered a word on mainstream news.

terror on the tubeThe same applies to Nick Kollerstrom and his book, ‘Terror on the Tube.’ I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched him on Rich Planet TV, but can confidently state I’ve never seen him on mainstream news, except that one time when he was duped by the BBC to appear on one of their programs, only for them to discredit everything he had to say.

The Boston Bombing, has been picked apart by Chris Spivey in his frame by frame dissection of the event, and has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a false flag event, in which no-one got hurt.

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And while we are on the subject of Chris Spivey, he’s done the same for the Lee Rigby murder, the NSPCC, the Somerset floods and the Madeline McCann ongoing saga.

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Check out for even more earth shattering stories that you won’t find on mainstream news.

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  • Everyone who reads the alternative media knows the most likely location of Madeline’s grave is under Robert Murat’s driveway.
  • Everyone who reads the alternative media knows Lee Rigby was never beheaded.
  • Everybody who reads the alternative media knows the royal family is a bunch of perverted sex-pests and paedophiles.
This is the chasm which divides the alternative from the mainstream.

The Queen of England and the Pope’s ex and present, have been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by the international recognized International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. In fact the guilty verdict of 2013 against the then Pope Benedict was the reason why he suddenly retired.

Of-course, the alternative media was ablaze with news but the mainstream maintained the lie of ‘retirement due to exhaustion’ and moved swiftly onto the weather and the end of the show.

Nothing to see here Ladies and Gentleman, please move on.

The most recent allegations from Bill Maloney is that Prince Charles is a paedophile. Earth shattering as it seems, but not a whisper on mainstream.

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To recap:
  • 9/11 & 7/7.
  • Lee Rigby.
  • Boston Bombing.
  • Madeline McCann.
  • Paedophile Royalty.
  • Institutionalized child-abuse.
  • Parliamentary perverts and paedophiles.
  • RSO cures Cancer.
And we haven’t even touched upon UFO’s and extraterrestrials.

The most recent news being the moon collision which NASA is covering-up.

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To the ‘out-of-this-world’ allegations that UFO’s blew up the Columbia Space-shuttle, three years ago.

It isn’t so far fetched to followers of the alternative media, considering the latest film from Rich Planet TV, which alleges that not only are aliens mutilating cattle, they are also mutilating human beings and the government’s are cleaning up their mess to hide the truth.

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paedo-ring-in-no-10In truth the Alternative media and the Mainstream media couldn’t be further apart, but there is hope in what Bill Maloney had to say.
The alternative media and the mainstream media are working together to expose parliamentary paedophiles and that’s a start.

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It’s getting embarrassing because what is being feed to us on the TV and in the newspapers, isn’t the same information and news being feed to us on the internet.

No wonder anyone new coming to the Truth Movement are getting confused. Sometimes you can even see the embarrassment on the mainstream news reader’s face when they say something, which has been ridiculed and proven to be incorrect else-where.

Everybody knows there is an alternative view, an alternative take on the world we have come to know. The challenge now is to take the credibility which the mainstream are abusing and use it wisely in the alternative media.

There is a difference between Alternative and Mainstream and its MASSIVE!


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