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Breaking News: Brave Bill Maloney confronts Nick Clegg and the BBC about VIP child-abuse rings
Brave and fearless Bill Maloney, filmmaker and child abuse activist, has shaken the British Establishment by confronting Nick Clegg and the BBC on primetime TV.
He interrupted a LibDem Budget 2014 photo-shoot and quizzed Clegg on what he knew about institutionalised VIP paedophile-rings in this country and also about allegations concerning Leon Brittan.
Slimy Clegg didn’t even have the nerve to look Maloney in the eyes and he sloped away with his entourage.
Is it any wonder when you consider that Clegg was himself once the political toy-boy of Leon Brittan and also adored child-raping filth Cyril Smith, MP?
The paedophilic BBC were quick to cut away from the confrontation and their ‘reporter’, Norman Smith, tried to play down the incident.
Fortunately, Bill was having none of it as this brilliant footage shows:
ImageThe events made the national press with a report in the Independent:
” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was made to abandon both a staged photo opportunity and a BBC interview on Wednesday, after he was accosted by an angry protester outside the Houses of Parliament.
Demonstrator Bill Maloney reportedly shouted at Nick Clegg, forcing him to move the Lib Dem photo-call aimed at promoting their role in the £10,500 tax threshold that was announced in the 2014 Budget, the Huffington Post reported.
In footage from a BBC News broadcast, Mr Maloney is shown interrupting presenter Norman Smith live on air as he explains why his interview with Mr Clegg was scrapped.
Mr Maloney, whose Twitter profile reads: “Maverick, Outspoken, Fearless, Filmmaker, Abuse Survivor and THORN in the side of the Establishment,” tweeted after the incident: “#Budget2014 A good days work. More 2 follow soon.”
This exposure will not go down well with the filth running this country and they are no doubt s******g bricks that their sordid secrets are about to be revealed.
We should all be bloody grateful to Bill for his nerve and bravery because through him, we may well have just witnessed the beginning of the end of the filthy British Establishment.
It won’t be long now until the whole f*****g truth blows wide open and we can finally get justice for all the children who have suffered at their sick hands.
The clock is ticking…

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