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The Woolwich Hoax.

Signaling out the journalist Sarah Rainey and her employer The Telegraph newspaper as “MI5 controlled” for spreading today’s propaganda on the first year’s anniversary of the Woolwich Hoax, Chris Spivey the most controversial writer in the world, then goes on to call the Angel of Woolwich Ingrid Kennett, the lady who stayed with Lee Rigby in his dying minutes, a “Lying Cunt.”

“But fuck me,” he says in string of expletives, “I promise you that what I have written in that article exposes every traitorous cunt who took part in the Woolwich act of treachery.”

Before ramming the point home that Ingrid Kennett lied about the events that day exactly one year ago, saying “In fact, I am openly calling her a lying cunt who has sold this country down the pan.”

Promising the reader that ‘Look Back in Anger‘ is going to make her look like “a proper prat.”

Who is Chris Spivey, or CS as I will now refer to him?

Read more: “Who the fuck is CS?” As if you don’t know already.

Clicking the links he provides, you find out aspects of the story that simply beggar belief. Take for example this extract of self praise exhibited by Ingrid Kennett:

“I feel like a fraud,” Loyau-Kennet says, shrugging awkwardly at the mention of praise. “My great-grandfather was in M15 and my grandfather was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in the Second World War – they did their bit for their country. This was just 12 minutes of my life.” 

She is overwhelmed by the idea of being decorated for her actions, but would be “very grateful” if it did come to pass. “Even better than any medal would be if they made a Brownie badge in my honour,” she adds. 

“A Brownie badge in my honour,” is she for real? 

She admits to feeling like a “Fraud,” after receiving the following decorations:

·        The Prime Minister singled her out as a symbol of courage in the face of barbarity
·        She received a letter of gratitude on behalf of the British public
·        She received countless cards and tributes from strangers
·        Presented with a medal by the French Embassy in London.
·        Nearly 90,000 people have signed an online petition for her to be awarded the UK’s George Medal

And while having always denied she is a “hero,” says she would be “very grateful” to accept the George Medal if offered before going on to wish to have Brownie badge made in her honour as well.

Is there no pleasing this woman?

As CS would often say in his articles, “You couldn’t make this shit up.”

She ends off the interview saying that if she would commit the fraud again she would, “I would do it again. Definitely. As a mother, as a human being, I was just doing my job.”

“Just doing her job.”

Make no bones about it, CS’s ‘Look Back in Angel’ is going to be dynamite and it’s going to cause a war. It’s going to prove (as if it hasn’t been proved it in ‘The Drummer Man,’ already) that the Lee Rigby murder was a government hoax in the same ilk as the London 7/7 bombings.

Let’s look at some of the explosive revelations coming our way as promised in a previous article by CS ‘The Sunday Spiv 18/05/2014

·        CS has spent countless hours researching every detail of every claim he makes and then countless hours more double checking that research.
·        The vast majority of which have never even been touched upon by anyone else, anywhere else in the world.
·        Cannot say when Lee Rigby died or if he is even dead.
·        Can state as fact that Lee Rigby did exist at one time or another although under his real name of Lee James McClure – the only child of Mr & Mrs Philip McClure.
·        Can state as fact that the MOD knowingly released a photo of a person that is most definitely not Lee – at least not in its entirety?
·        The Woolwich Hoax has generated millions, upon millions of pounds for those involved in the fraud.
·        The classic picture depicting Lee Rigby is an undated fake photograph which has been used to turn someone into a national hero, who at best had/has a very dubious past and is/was of extremely questionable character.
·        The fact that highly intelligent members of the public buy into Lee’s ‘hero’ status is extremely absurd and extremely disturbing – even if the official version of events were true.
·        Prime Minister, David Cameron took part in and exploited the Rigby fraud for all it was worth and indeed continues to do so.
·        Calls David Cameron “The Cunt Cameron,” and “a sexually perverted deviant, a traitor, a liar, a murderer, and a common criminal, who should have been long dead by now along with many, many more perverted, corrupt cunts all guilty of high treason and crimes against humanity and those they were supposed to serve.
·        Has proved beyond any question of doubt that the official government story is an obscene lie.
·        Has proven without a shadow of doubt that all the major players, such as members of the “*aherm, aherm*” Rigby family, certain members of the West family, Rigby’s friends and colleagues along with every single witness given a voice in the play act are either members of the security services, crisis actors, or out and out liars, most knowingly breaking the law by obtaining money under false pretences, and/or looking to exploit the name of a man that has been given the identity of 3 different people – all of whom CS names, and indeed encouragingly invites – be it them or their families – to challenge him in a court of law.

In less than a weeks time CS will release an article that has approximately 75,000 words and hundreds upon hundreds of photographs, each word and each photo proving beyond all possible doubt that David Cameron… The leader of the country has made a right “cunt” out of us all… And we have let him.
Harsh words for harsh crimes, or as CS puts it, “There are no flies on the Great British public… Pathetic.”
Make no bones about it, CS means war.


  • You don’t call the mother of a national hero, Lyn Seville, “a lying, fraud, cunt who has also sold her country down the pan,” if you haven’t got the proof to back it up.
  • You don’t tease the mother of a national hero with public questions such as:
  1. Which one of your houses is the video filmed in Lyn? Be careful though because I do know the answer to that.
  2. How many full brothers and sisters does Lee have Lyn… Once again, be careful because I know the answer to that too.
  3. How close were you really to Lee… Your son who told you everything… Think on – I know the answer to that too.
  4. Who are the two children in the photo below Lyn… And Lyn, be sure that I do know exactly who they are.
  5. How deep are you really grieving Lyn… Yep! I know the answer to that too.
  • You don’t call the “best friend” of a national hero Owein O’Brien, a “scummy racist cunt,” without the back-up of a few dozens friends…
  • And you certainly don’t call the Major of London Boris Johnson a “scumbag, piece of Dogshite,” and the Prime Minsiter David Cameron a “despicable lying cunt,” without a team of lawyers and barristers. 
CS knows exactly what he is saying:

“I openly accuse Boris Johnson and David ‘cunt’ Cameron of high treason… I provide you with conclusive proof of that fact in “Look back in anger.”

You cannot argue with Chris Spivey, “Don’t look back in anger… Let’s go to war.”

Think about it…


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