Sunday, 11 May 2014


It would appear Richard Branson is not a paedophile

Having entered a twilight zone in which the nation’s most beloved TV personalities and statesmen are being ousted as satanic child murdering sexual predators, Billionaire Richard Branson owner of the Virgin Empire has not been named.

Following the police investigations of Yewtree in the wake of the Jimmy Savile revelations, the alternative media has been awash with speculation and innuendo.

Described as “wrongens” by such writers as Chris Spivey and Ben Fellows, a spate of prominent well known personalities have been named in relation to child-abuse, paedophilia and sexual perversion.

Prominent well known personalities include:

  • Cliff Richard
  • Simon Cowell
  • Philip Green
  • Gordon Brown
  • Peter Mandelson
  • Ken Clarke 
  • Leon Brittan
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Prince Charles
  • Prince Andrew

Whilst our most treasured personalities are being named as sexual deviants on what seems to be a daily basis, the fact that Richard Branson hasn’t been named or accused is breaking news.

Other well known media personalities such as Terry Wogan and Bruce Forsyth, have also escaped being named in relation to paedophilia.

In a world in which it seems nearly everyone is being ousted as “wrongens,” it merits congratulations and mention to those that haven’t been accused.

While the Yewtree investigation has steamrolled through the world of entertainment, we have yet to see the same with the world of politicians and royalty.

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