Sunday 4 May 2014


beheading frontpage copyChris Spivey, the alternative media’s most controversial writer, has broken his silence on the progress of his long anticipated exclusive on Lee Rigby’s Trial.

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Described as the most important trial in British judicial history, Chris Spivey promises to have gone further, (as if further was possible), to prove once and for all, the false-flag event which the Lee Rigby murder evidently was.

Soundly lambasted in the main stream media as a vicious beheading of an innocent British soldier; the Lee Rigby murder is widely recognized in the alternative media to be a false-flag event designed to stir up cultural hatred, with the final goal of breaking up communities and defragmenting society.

Explained as you would explain it to a child, Chris Spivey breaks the incident down, frame by frame, in his indebunkable article, The Drummer Man.

Read more: The Drummer Man.

The Drummer Boy by Chris Spivey.
The Drummer Boy by Chris Spivey.

Chris Spivey who recently lost his beloved Rottweiler dog called Jasper, has revealed that he intends to release his forthcoming Rigby article on first anniversary of “the sorry saga” on 22nd May 2014, saying “Patience, I am getting there… Honest.”

Already totally 44717 words and anticipating another 30,000 words to complete it, Chris Spivey is dedicating all his resources into finishing it.

“I live and breathe Lee Rigby at the moment.”

“Now, when you consider that 75,000 words make up a medium to large paperback, and a non fiction paperback can take years to research and write, the fact that I only started putting this exposé together in December will hopefully give you an indication of how hard I am working on this project. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that I live and breathe Lee Rigby at the moment.”

Famed for his thorough research and impeccable fact checking, Chris Spivey knows that by publishing his most seminal article to date, he is calling the government liars and placing the proof in front of them to back up every single claim he makes.

As Chris Spivey knows, “You only get one crack at this type of thing and its credibility will be judged on its accuracy… It has to be accurate, else I have wasted my time.

“Patience, I am getting there… Honest.”

Chris Spivey reassures to his loyal readers, “I will not rush into releasing the article until I am 100% happy that all the information (of which there is an awful lot, most of which has never been released before) that I have included, and which exposes the Woolwich false flag operation for the fraud it is -and let me be very clear here, that is exactly what it is – stands up on its own merit.”


Revealing an exclusive detail about Lee Rigby’s mother, Chris Spivey goes on to tempt us with a taster of what’s to come.

“One other bit of information that I stumbled upon which is trivial, but never the less gave me a ‘fucking hell‘ moment was the fact that Lyn Rigby was born in… Wait for it… Rochford in Essex.”

Having to spend £90 on the 192 directory to check a fact is all part of the service when it comes to a Chris Spivey exclusive.

“Course, whilst I was loath to spend that amount of money on what some may consider a matter of no consequence, I consider the matter extremely important and by doing so I was able to confirm what I had suspected for a long time i.e. that all of Rigby’s sisters are either half sisters or step sisters.”

Asking to recuperate the cost from his readership, Spivey assures us, “That information then allowed me to track down the father’s & MOTHER of Rigby’s five sisters. And again 192 people finder was invaluable in allowing me do so. So, with that in mind, a little help to recuperate the cost would be most appreciated.”


Chris Spivey is one of a handful of prominent players in the alternative movement to be invited to Glastonbury to meet Kevin Annett, the Field Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State and Queen Elizabeth II’s arch Nemesis.

It remains unknown whether Chris Spivey has accepted the offer.

Other personalities rumored to be invited include Bill Maloney, Matt Taylor and Penny Pullen.

Who’s the Daddy?


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