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Jermain Jackman is crowned the 2014 winner of the BBC Voice UK Final and goes on to declare to the nation that he wants to be the first Black Prime Minister of Great Britain.
jermain jackson
Jermain Jackson winner of The Voice UK 2014
A sensational result for, who groomed Jermain Jackman to stardom having first met him at a festival, where Will I Am recalls meeting the young wannabe and advising him to enter the Voice UK 2014 competition.
It’s Destiny!
Upon winning the title, Jermain said in tears of joy, “This is not just an achievement for me, this is an achievement for every single person around the world, especially in the UK, who has had a dream, worked hard for that dream and achieved that dream. I want you guys to know – work hard for your dream and you can achieve it.”
Hackney lad Jermain Jackman was already known in America after a singing competition landed him a headlining slot in New York City.
The incredibly upbeat 19-year-old says the experience gave him the confidence in his own abilities to audition for The Voice UK.
“I was in the New York papers! My friend and family in the States saw an article “UK singer comes to New York and blows up the Apollo.” It was like Wow!’” he remembers with pride.
Clearly a cut above other singers, Jermain’s self assurance shines through, “People ask me, what singer today is like you? And I struggle to think of one,” he admits.
“There is no singer that can do what I want to do – mixing soul, classical and gospel together. Maybe like a young, male, Shirley Bassey. But I want to be the first Jermaine. I want to start my own genre.”
Prime Minister, not really!
The other Jermain Jackson
Having received support from political heavyweights, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls in the Saturday night final, Jermain admits to more lofty dreams of singing in front of the American President Barrack Obama, at his house!
Jermain admits that being PM, isn’t quite what he meant.
“When I said I want to be the first singing black Prime Minister, I don’t really want to be Prime Minister, but it’s a thing where I’m trying to send a message to say there should be no limitations for how high you want to aim,” he said, before adding he wouldn’t mind replacing Boris Johnson as Mayor of London.
“I’m just for London, really. I’m not so sure about the whole UK and foreign policy,” he said.
Concerns are raised in certain quarters that his close relationship with Prince Andrew, hides a more sinister story.
Christina Marie
Christina Marie
Prince Andrew’s links with paedophilia are well known in the Alternative Media, and talk will be cheap concerning the obvious link between ‘making it in showbiz’, with ‘bending over like a good boy’ to get it.
As Jermain is quick to lavish his praise, “My high has been working with Will, as well as going to Buckingham Palace and meeting Prince Andrew. I’ve learned so much, it’s been so inspiring.”
Its makes you wonder: Is Paedophilia what holds the Ruling Classes Together?
I know I wouldn’t want my children to be left alone with Prince Andrew, let alone turn up at Barack Obama’s private residence in the middle of the night.
The British public were quick to condemn the BBC’s decision.
Jamie Johnson with Kylie Minogue
  • Tweety Pie: Yawn, the wrong winner! it should have been Christina.
  • Yorkie Guy: Agree……another fixed result.
  • Mark Norville: Just watched part of this on youtube. I honestly do not know how he won. I listened to about 20 seconds of wrecking ball and turned it off. His voice is very weak and he will not sell records, he might get a few minutes of fame because of the show, but he is not a strong singer.
  • Enlightment: Emigrate to America and be their President.
You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
If any in Great Britain is going to be Great Britain’s first black Prime Minister. It’ll be Raspect Fyabinghi.

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