Sunday, 4 May 2014


With less than 24 hours until the return of the best chat show on TV, The Rich Planet Show, here is an interview with Ben Emlyn-Jones, a prominent blogger since 2006, about the man of the hour, Kevin Annett.

Click on image to watch interview
Click on image to watch interview

Kevin Annett, who forced the retirement of Pope Benedict in 2013 and is presently bringing an end to the institutions of both the Vatican and the Crown of England, is discussed in this classic Rich Planet interview.

The Maastricht Proclamation.

Having effectively sliced off the heads of both the Vatican and the British Crown, after the guilty verdicts of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), of crimes against humanity, Kevin Annett made history on Easter Monday by stepping upon the steps of the oldest church outside of Rome and reading the Maastricht Proclamation.

Read more: Its over for Queen & Pope.

Ben Emlyn-Jones

In a classic interview of evidence based discussion, Richard D Hall demonstrates why he’s the favoured viewing choice of the alternative movement and why Ben Emlyn-Jones is an expert voice on anything to do with the New World Order.

Making no secret of his love and respect for Kevin Annett’s work, Ben Emlyn-Jones explains in expert detail Kevin’s story and his efforts to bring justice to the thousands of children killed and abused at the hands of the state and church.

‘Unrepentant,’ the most upsetting and disturbing films you’ll likely to see.


As Ben introduces it, “An hour and 40 minute feature documentary which is one of the most upsetting and disturbing films you will ever see. However, one thing that will be more upsetting and disturbing, if it wasn’t there was if people weren’t talking about it and it wasn’t exposed. Its definitely the lesser of two evils.”

Asked by Richard D Hall the obvious question of why? Ben answers in expert and informed style:

“To tell you the truth I don’t know why they are doing this to children, one of the reasons could be to mind control the next generation into? And somehow change the way of Humanity, there’s also the allegation that the aristocracy, the aristocrat blood lines of Europe, and the elite blood lines of the United States and Britain and the illuminati, are into the occult and black magic and satanic ritual, probably both those explanations are true. I think. Either way its the most horrific and saddest and most tragic things of the can happen on this world and needs exposing.”

Rumoured to be coming to the UK, and booked to appear at The King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury in May, Ben warns us, “The authorities always have their eye on Kevin Annett and continually work on ways to bring him down.”



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