Monday 26 May 2014


Matt Taylor, amateur journalist, parliamentary candidate and anti-corruption crusader, caused a storm at this year’s AV5 Truth conference in Daventry.

Labeled a “menance,” by AV5 security, Matt Taylor clashed with both Ian R Crane and the UK Column’s anchor man Brian Gerrish, at the first AV event in four years.

Seen by many as the ‘village idiot,’ comments condemning his behaviour have appeared in Facebook/Youtube comments and across alternative media forums.

  • As Manerg wrote on the AV5 UK Column Forum:
Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more obnoxious big headed fucking retard so called Truther out for the glory of Truthseeking Godhood. What a fucking wanker. If ya have to cope with retards as this on a regular basis I pity you, I really do. Christ I thought I had a big gob this twat puts me to shame. This retard is a shill if he ain’t he’s doing a very good impression of one.

  • To Anthony Carr who wrote on Facebook.
That bloke belongs in a nut house period.

  • To Halo Jones who wrote in UK Column’s forum.
Matt Taylor is a gobshite, but his write up of events did make me laugh. Perhaps he should be a comedian instead of a 'truther'/ shill/ attention seeker. Oi, Matt, stay away from Spivey too!

  • To an anonymous comment posted on Youtube.
Who is this buffoon? Guerrilla Democracy news stinks.


Justifying his presence at AV5 Matt Taylor hits back,
“I knew I had to be at this year’s AV5. It was a great opportunity to meet my heroes and introduce myself to as many people as possible. I wasn’t expecting to clash with anyone, it just happened. Ian R Crane’s response to the arrest of Greg Nikolettos alarmed me because he ultimately acted like the politicians we are working so hard to expose. When push comes to shove, Ian R Crane acted like any other politician when faced with a question they’d rather not answer. “No comment,” is no longer acceptable from anyone.”

Matt Taylor caused further menace to the AV5 security, when later that night he clashed with UK Column anchorman Brian Gerrish.

As seen in this exclusive unseen footage from AV5, Matt Taylor praises Brian Gerrish for his work, only for Brian Gerrish to rubbish Matt Taylor’s work in return.

Video removed from YouTube 

The conversation kicks off with Matt Taylor reminding Brian Gerrish that he “promised” him a story, only for Brian Gerrish to retort that he never “promised” to give a story, but to only “report” on a story.

This small difference of opinion evidently snow-balled because Matt Taylor went onto maintain what he heard, while Brian Gerrish did the same.

The conversation turned ugly after Matt Taylor thanked Brian for all the work he does in the Alternative Media, only for Brain to reply, “Why aren’t you interested in finding out what people are doing to fight the system?”

Matt Taylor is seen on the video to be visibly shocked and taken back with this statement, saying, “Look excuse me Brian, I am a subscriber to UK Column,” meaning to convey his argument that he is very interested in what people are doing to fight the system and that he is heavily involved personally in fighting the system.

Undeterred Brian Gerrish further criticizes Matt Taylor by saying, “Why were you running around yesterday saying, “What’s the gossip?” “Who’s breaking up, who’s got trouble?”

To which Matt Taylor replies, “Because I heard there were money problems between you and the BCG (British Constitution Group).”

It’s at this point you can hear Guy Taylor, out of shot say, “Noooooooo.”

To which Brian Gerrish ends by saying, “So you’re not really a candidate are you? You are somebody who’s here to see if you can try and rake up some dirt that doesn’t exist. You put that on Facebook!”

Matt Taylor responds exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News, “Yes it’s true, I’m always on a look out for a story and while walking about the AV5 conference I over heard a lot of things. One such thing I over-heard was serious discussion between the BCG and UK Column. While I didn’t heard anything specific, I did ask Mike Robinson, “What’s the gossip?” and later asked Brian Gerrish for the story of what’s going on between them; to which I distinctively remember Brian promising “to give me the story.”

“I was wrong-footed by Brian when he argued the point that he never said “promised,” but said “report,” instead. I remember what I heard because I went back and asked him to repeat it. Either-way the conservation nose-dived and once again AV5 security had to step in.”

The conversation then moved, (off-camera,) outside and away from disrupting other delegates.

Brian Gerrish maintained his assertion that Matt Taylor was only interested in destabilizing the Alternative Movement and rocking the apple-cart.

Matt Taylor fervently disputed these claims and reiterated his belief that he is doing such as much as the UK Column in bringing about justice and the end of the evil Establishment.

With the conservation going nowhere and with both Brian and Matt standing their ground, the impasse was evidently broken by Matt Taylor giving Brian Gerrish the hand and saying, “Up yours Brian,” before walking off.

Immediately after the confrontation AV5 security recommended Matt take a walk to calm down. It may amuse the readers and Matt Taylor’s critics to know that he promptly got himself lost for two hours by walking deep into the Northamptonshire countryside. It was only through his army training that Matt Taylor remained calm, and by using his field skills, retracted his footsteps back to the Daventry hotel complex and civilization.

“Up Yours Brian.”

The following morning Brian Gerrish apologized to Matt Taylor and Matt Taylor apologized back.
Having shook hands it’s yet to see whether the UK Column consider Matt Taylor as a ‘village idiot’ or not.


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