Thursday 20 October 2022

Sussex Police are Prime Targets by Organised Crime

While some Sussex Chiefs can earn four times what the constable on the street earns, the admission by Sussex police that their officers are relying on second jobs and food banks to make ends meet; indicate Sussex Police officers are prime targets by organised crime, paid to turn the blind eye to crime.

PC Joseph Bryant had a second job helping a friend with their business, sacked for breaching the force's Code of Conduct.

Two Sussex police officers jumped before they were pushed. Both men would have been dismissed but left the force before disciplinary proceedings. PC Bryant resigned in February while PC X retired from policing in August.

PC X was earning so much money, he had enough to afford a sniff of cocaine before his shift.

PC X was found to have ingested cocaine after being asked to provide a urine sample. Testing of the sample returned traces of the Class A drug.

Too Proud to go to a Food Bank, but Desperate Enough to Take a Back-Hander!

Andy Standing, branch secretary for the Police Federation and a detective inspector for Sussex Police, described how officers across the country are “sleeping in cars and vans” and “going to food banks to keep going”.

Sussex Police have confirmed that some officers are struggling.

A spokesman told Brighton's local newspaper The Argus: “Sussex Police understands some officers and staff have relied on food vouchers via the Sussex Police Charitable Trust, as well as food banks.

Former Sussex chief superintendent Kevin Moore described the situation faced by rookie officers as “scandalous”.

He said: “No one joins the police to earn lots – but police salaries shouldn’t leave officers unable to pay the bills.”

Crime writer Peter James once said that Brighton was the city of choice for crime lords to settle and raise their families.

While some police officers are keeping their integrity at the expense of their dignity by relying on food banks and second jobs to survive, how many colleges are selling their integrity to organised crime and losing all dignity, as with PC X who turned up to work off their head on cocaine.


Peter James with his wife Lara

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