Tuesday, 18 October 2022

Foul Play Suspected in Sudden Death of King Arthur Legend Ross Broadstock, hints Truth Expert Andrew Johnson

Top Truth Movement Expert Andrew Johnson has indicated that foul play may have been a factor in the sudden death of King Arthur legend Ross Broadstock.

Publishing on Facebook he posted:

"I was shocked to learn of the sudden passing of Ross Broadstock, who was recently interviewed by Richard D Hall.

My deepest condolences to Ross's family. He was a wonderful chap - an example to us all. 🙁 Obviously with the Alan Wilson material he was potentially venturing into some dangerous/sensitive areas.
To add some more details, he was doing his YouTube livestream when he became uncomfortable, and he had to stop for a rest. He then finished the show, with some discomfort, but was later taken to hospital where he passed at about 4am, unfortunately. The cause of death was apparently heart-related, but I am not sure if this was a new or existing condition for him. 🙁"

Revealing more of the details of the previous 24 hours which we otherwise didn't know, Ross Broadstock was taken to hospital and died at about 4am on Monday 17 October 2022.

Devastating a closely-knit online community, a Go Fund me appeal by a close friend of Ross and his family, Marchell Abrahams, has been launched and thus far is over £4000.

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Dominick Kench added, "And .. now .... where can we get the books he had stocked and reprinted .. nowhere .. suspicious indeed."

Sharon Russell says what others are thinking, "It was a shock to say the least and what you have stated here Andrew I thought the very same a few weeks ago.. it truly has upset me and I feel for his wife and boys for it is what seems obvious to us yet maybe not to them. Very sad and he will be greatly missed and I hope his information keeps going forward for truth is so important."

Marcus Cutts moves the goalposts directly into conspiracy territory, "Rumours are circulating that this was a warning to RDH as he was the last guest on his show. I mean no disrespect this is just what I am hearing."


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