Tuesday, 6 July 2021

50th Birthday Surprise - TV Presenter, YouTuber, Journalist & Film Maker Matt Taylor's Christmas Horror Shocker

Father of two, Matt Taylor 50 from Brighton, arrested in CHRISTMAS HORROR SHOCKER!

Hiding in his own home for five days, before Sussex Police threatened to smash his door in, ex-RMP Soldier Matt Taylor was arrested for taking three 15-year-old boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.

Six months on Sussex Police continue their investigations, citing delays on accessing Taylor's IT equipment.

Are you Matt Taylor?

He was asked whether he was Matt Taylor, by three teenagers on his way home from the shops one Saturday night, claiming to be big fans of his popular Matt Taylor TV YouTube shows; he had no idea, that his world was about to be turned upside down, for the fifth or sixth time, in as many years.

Walking home and chatting with three teenage boys, (one of whom Taylor recognized as being his daughter's classroom friend, whom he has known all his life), has resulted in a serious allegation being made that Matt Taylor incited three teenage boys to come into the woods with him, after showing them videos of beheadings on his mobile phone.

Asked by Taylor what it would take to prove his innocence, the investigating officer replied that if no extreme pornography was found on his computer equipment, then he would be proved innocent.

Six months on, Sussex Police cite delays in accessing Taylor's IT equipment, to determine the existence of extreme pornography, including beheadings!

In early February 2021, a video titled 'The Man in the Woods Mr X' was posted by Oaks Ted Presents, depicting Matt Taylor running around the woods, shirtless, with his big belly hanging out, with a distorted extended forehead.

This prompted Matt Taylor to send the Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Jo Shiner the following email on 5 February 2021.

Extract from email sent to CC Jo Shiner on 5 February 2021

New information has come to light, evident from the video linked below and a screenshot attached, that a person called Chris Brindle, hiding behind the sock puppet account of Grobnob The Troll#1, published a video mentioning 'woods'. 

Why would he post something like this, mentioning 'woods,' if it was not pertinent to do so.

The Man in the Woods YouTube video : https://youtu.be/fgg1kYdexYM

Chris Brindle is a part of a group, Adam Lashbrook, Linden Warden and Alan Mitchell included, who have previously admitted to registering Andy Devine dead, by submitted a false death certificate to the Greek authorities, having paid a financial sum to a neighbour to intercept his mail.

By posting a malicious video mentioning 'Woods,' Chris Brindle aka Grobnob The Troll#1, has implicated himself in an alleged conspiracy to get me "locked up," as per investigation by PC Rachel Nelms.

I was arrested on 21 Dec 2020, where after my life was turned upside down, just as it was on Sunday 22 March 2020, when on the eve of the national covid lockdown, I was arrested in a 5am raid, where after all my computer/communication equipment was seized, leaving me totally unconnected to the world, when it was most urgent I was connected.

I hasten to add, that Sussex police choose 22 March 2020, to inflict maximum damage, fear, alarm and distress to me, over a frivolous allegation that was alleged to have taken place in October 2019, and which [REDACTED] wasn't even aware of, until months later.

A year on, all charges have been dropped due to a lack of evidence. 

I will be seeking compensation for the distress caused and loss of earnings. 

Chris Brindle Admits to Impersonating Matt Taylor to get him into trouble.

In this video, Chris Brindle describes how keen he is that Matt Taylor is arrested and put into prison.

Chris Brindle Admits to being a Satanist.

Chris Brindle isn't the only one who wants Matt Taylor either locked up in prison, or alternatively, committed to an asylum.

List of arrests against Matt Taylor in the last 4 years. 

1. Arrested for stalking and harassing [REDACTED] - No criminal charges brought
2. Arrested for making a malicious video, stalking and harassing [REDACTED] - No criminal charges brought
3. Arrested for making and possessing child porn - charged but later dropped due to lack of evidence
4. Arrested for contempt of court - Accepted 4 months suspended sentence for 2 years, of which he served without incident
5. Arrested for stalking/harassing [REDACTED] on the eve of the Covid Lockdown, (causing maximum damage, who if it happened to anyone else most probably have committed suicide.) - Charges and Stalking Prevention Order (SPO) brought, but later dropped due to lack of evidence.
6. Arrested for breaking SPO by not recording his address 3 days after the order was given- Charged, case dismissed
7. Arrested for breaking SPO because Andy Devine said the initials [REDACTED] in conversation. Charged, case dismissed
8. Arrested for naming [REDACTED]  in an article, who's blurb couldn't be read with the naked eye - Charged, case dismissed
9. Arrested for allegedly taking three boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings. Bailed extended from 19 Jan to 04 Apr 2021

Matt Taylor vehemently denies all charges of taking three teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.

Arrested on 21 December 2020 and released the next day, Sussex Police dropped the charge of Inciting Children into Sexual Conduct, to Common Assault, alleging Taylor tapped a teenager's nose and said, "I am not a paedophile!"

sent - 12/10/2021 - 09:09hrs


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