Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Ben Fellows
In fighting has erupted within the Independent Movement, following allegations that Ben Fellows is lying to extort funds from his army of fans and supporters.

The first I knew of it was when truth seeker Barbara Collier wrote on her Facebook status:

“Ben fellows is a 100%, absolute, piss taker.
Now he's begging for money, AGAIN, (how many times and years have you been doing this Ben??) from skint people, to get him and his latest "girlfriend" plane tickets to India. ffs.
He should have thought about that BEFORE he was pissing it up and eating meals out at the expense of the vulnerable that stupidly donated to him.
I don't buy his tales in the slightest.
Originally, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, despite hearing all about Bandwagon Ben and how he joins up on any Activist cause going.
He's not a victim of CSA and never corrects the gullible that think he is.
He comes from a Middle Class family who could house him.
All this living in a tent is pure fantasy 100%.
As for his latest beau, where the hell has she sprang from?
Was she in the tent-next-door?
LMFAO you Charlatan Ben Fellows.
Liar, plain and simple.
But hey, thanks for letting us know you gave the money to Malcolm Blackman/Joe Public.
Wonder if he will confirm or deny that?
Hahaha, throwing others under the bus eh, to try and save yourself?
LOL, so is that more money that Malcolm Blackman/JOE PUBLIC (pmsl) has taken from gullible people is it, eh?
Love it...”

To which Ben himself hit back with a youtube video.

“Panicking. I wish i was a body language expert, but i do know all the eyes darting right and left = deception. None of this tale adds up, none of it.” - Barbara Collier.

Going further to publicly share a letter to Facebook reporting cyber bullying, stalking and harassment.

“Dear Facebook,
I am currently being cyber bullied, stalked and harassed by Hannah Remington, Lucas Mcoy and others. Hannah has, we have learnt set up fake profiles and is impersonating my wife Julia Fellows and saying disgusting things about me. My account has been hacked on a number of occasions and I am currently suffering under a barrage of threats and intimidation from these people. I am a well known person as I have recently won a high profile legal case in the united kingdom regarding child abuse. For Facebook to suspend my account means that the corporation is complicit in cyber bullying, harassment and is helping to cover up paedophilia and child abuse. I am currently, travelling to see the Dalai Lama in India and for my account to be disabled has directly affected my funding from my friends stranding me in Esenboga Airport unable to fly out of the airport and placing my life in direct danger. I have received no warnings from Facebook regarding any breach of guidelines, my account is under my real name, so please inform me what I have done? My account has been hacked a number of times and if you check you will see that over the past months it has been repeatedly deleted on and reinstated a number of times and accessed from a number of different locations. The British Government is attempting to stop me from seeing The Dalai Lama as it will bring the world's press attention back to victims and survivors of child abuse whom I am representing. I hope that Facebook isn't condoning child abuse or the further abuse of victims and survivors and by disabling my account this Is exactly what you are doing. I hope you will reinstate my account as soon as possible. Hannah Remmington has attempted to affect our funding with our Go Fund Me page but fortunately Go Fund Me recognised what these people were doing. She and her operatives have setup a page called "Ben Fellows A Fraudster and A Liar" I am unable to report this since you have disabled my account. This is outrageous that my account should be disabled and for these trolls to be supported by Facebook, helped and encouraged to continually harrass, threaten, bully and intimidate me. If you do not find in my favour and remove these people I will have no choice but to take legal action against Facebook for supporting cyber bullying. I am neither a liar, fantasist nor fraudster and any suggestions of such is slanderous. I hope you will enable my account and deal with these others accordingly who have violated Facebook guidelines. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Ben Fellows.”

"Why am I being discredited all of a sudden?"
Coming in the wake of a very public spat between Abel Danger member John Pateron and veteran Illuminati whistle blower Greg Hallett, this latest onslaught against Ben Fellow’s character seems certain to irrevocably damage his reputation.

Even die hard supporters such as Brenda Namara aka Mumsy and best friend Lou Collins appear to be pulling their support.

Best friends - Lou Collins & Ben Fellows
While Lou Collins would rather make her opinions known in private chats, Mumsy said this in response to Ben Fellow’s latest video blog featuring his travelling companion Jackie.

“How dare you bring my name in here. I’m no liar or a thief and where I go on holiday WTF got to do with you. I've donated to you Ben, I don't know her, BEN YOU KEEP AWAY FROM ME AND YOUR GIRL FRIEND,YOU HAVE NOT IN-BOXED ME, YOU ARE A LIAR.”


Blogger and paranormal researcher Ben Emlyn-Jones would rather be kept out of it, having been pulled into the argument by third parties and Kev Baker, helmsman of the hugely popular Kev Baker Show has shown his support by declaring “We are all Ben Fellows.”

Writing a blog on the subject Ben Emlym-Jones makes the point "What’s the Problem?” of asking for donations?

Surely if someone wants to donate money to Ben’s goal of travelling to India to meet the Dalai Lama to ask for “Spiritual Guidance” on how to combat child-abuse is their business and no one else's.

By Ben’s own admission, Paul donated £5000 as Ben’s bail money, of which he got back with interest. If Paul is happy to donate £5000, what's the harm of asking for more?

In a world in which money makes it go round, isn't it common sense to ask for donations baring in mind he has no other means of raising the necessary funds.

Though as Barbara Collier points out; Ben’s from a middle class family and why hasn't his mother come to his rescue?

If fans and supporters wish to hand over their money, then who’s business is it of anyone else to slam their decision?

As Gayle Fawkes writes in reply to a Facebook comment on the subject:

"I feel its up to the individual if they want to help Ben. Their money, their choice but I will be giving to the cold and hungry on the streets.”

To which Barbara Collier responds:

“Nothing wrong with that. I feel it is wrong to con people in donating for a holiday for him and his gf. I bet most of the donatee's have a learning difficulty etc. i mean no ill will by that. Just something is missing in their decision making abilities.”

Let’s not forget Ben’s credentials. He exposed the G4S 2012 Olympic scandal which saw the Government bring in the Army as an extra layer of security and most famously, he was found not guilty of making false allegations against ex Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke, which by proxy finding Kenneth Clarke of sexual assault.

To many Ben is a hero of the same status as other leading men in the Independent Movement.

Take for example in what appears to be a veiled death threat against Chris Spivey. AJ's comment left on Spivey’s most recent blog “Qui Qui, Poo Poo.”

“Chris I love your work & have been reading what you do since the beginning but have never commented.
I don’t think it’s always 100% correct but the articles that aren’t perfect ( only in my opinion ) are still well researched & you stand by them which is commendable.
My main fear with yourself is that if too many people start to take notice of what you say then you could probably end up ” committing suicide ”
I don’t know you but you seem like a good bloke & it would be hell on your family if anything happened because it wouldn’t be the first time!
I’m gonna stick a few quid in your paypal & have a good look through your back catalogue as some of the older stuff you wrote seems quite prophetic reading it a couple of years later, i would suggest fans of your site do the same thing..
Aurevoir n all that bollocks

If it’s okay for AJ to donate to whom he wishes, what’s the problem of anyone donating to Ben?

I’ve personally asked for donations, and continue to do alongside every other contributor to the Independent Movement. It's the nature of the beast that having to independently research and share our work, there is no parent company who pays a wage or covers expenses.



Having asked the same question in 2013, the answer was no.

Having been cleared of making false allegations against Kenneth Clarke for sexually assault, a jury of 12 men and women have come to a conclusion that he wasn't lying.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber
World famous composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber hasn't responded to claims that he stuck his tongue down Ben Fellow’s throat, but again, if it went to court would Ben be found guilty of making false allegations?

TV darling and Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley hasn’t responded to claims that she snorted copious amounts of cocaine with Ben Fellows on BBC TV premises; but again, if it went to court would Ben be found guilty of making false allegations?

Is this all just a storm in the tea-cup or is it Kenneth Clarke’s Revenge?

Ben Fellow’s has been quick to respond to these latest allegations and insists he isn't an liar and has never lied.


Jackie Clarke in Ankara, Turkey
Confessing he’s “failed”, Ben Fellows has been left devastated and demoralised by these latest allegations, but digging his grave further by using his travelling companion Jackie to answer on his behalf, and making his own allegations against staunch supporters such as Brenda McNamara, will surely damage his reputation further.

Rumour has it Tom Cahill is planning his own video response which will surely add fuel to the flash fire which is steadily burning Ben Fellow’s reputation to ash.



  1. If you want the evidence I can provide you with it. Ben has told vicious lies about myself and others. He is profiting from telling everyone he is in danger but the reality is he is a freeloader. He has named me all over the internet as being a police informant/government asset and a thief which is outright lies. I have never inpersonated his wife and have not hacked into anything. When I reacted I am the angry ex??? Simply not true. He would be putting me at risk if people believed him but they don't anymore as he has also been lying about other people. If you are interested you can email me for the evidence, then perhaps we can all stop wasting our time feeding his ego and get on with sorting out real issues. remingtonhannah@hotmail.com

  2. You shoud ask people's permissiom before using their names and comments

    1. What people? If it's on the internet, it's public!

  3. Ben Fellows did borrow money during his India travels (accomodation, food and local travel) plus return flights back to Europe from my wife. The money was a loan (not a donation), he agreed via email to repay everything once he returned back to the UK. So far he (and Jackie Clarke) are avoiding repaying the money, or getting in contact with us to arrange the repayment of their debts. They seem to assume that they can avoid their obligations to repay the loan by ignoring our attempts to communicate with them. If Ben Fellows is such an honest whistle-blower standing up for what is right then surely he should also repay his debts, or is he just in it for freebies and ego-ism?

    1. Yo are you active? Would like to speak to you about this

    2. Yes please; I am active. Let's speak.

  4. Phillip Jackie is on fb now as Jackie Corvin.

  5. Phillip Jackie is on fb now as Jackie Corvin.

  6. He is back under the name zed Phoenix with a new missus and a new scam. 100 % liar and fantasist. He is flogging over priced clothes online and has set up a scam looking website asking for everyone's details. He is Glastonbury now. No mention of his previous calamities but he is making videos about Bill Gates and vaccines etc..


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