Monday, 2 November 2015


A Legal Analysis of Child Witnesses, Child Victims, Abuse Survivors and Other Evidence of Child Abuse.


This Report presents substantial evidence supporting serious concerns regarding child safety in Britain. Presented here is merely a sample of the evidence accumulated to date. These evidences and concerns cannot be lawfully dismissed in light of the resulting risk to thousands, and even millions, of children both in Britain and abroad.

When we examine the cold, hard facts, the truth of what we’re up against as a nation and even, as a species, is legally and ethically, undeniable. The resulting risk to children is immense and effectively amounts to an insidious terrorist threat against every British adult and child, including those of other nations.

While some may yet consider the above statement as ‘extreme’ or ‘radical’, the sombre truth is that both the threat and the risk are all too real, as this Report will show.

Doubtless, many will be shocked and then slowly, their shock will fade as they return once more to the cozy realities of the external world, where they have no idea the person serving their coffee had the potential to be a surgeon but as a result of suffering years of childhood trauma, is on medication for depression and feelings of ‘worthlessness’. Or, that the person teaching their child has thus far, gotten away with abusing multiple children including their own because they operate on a conscious level of being that does not include compassion and empathy for others and/or because his/her friends in local authorities have consistently conspired to cover up his/her crimes.

I therefore urge the reader to please see beyond the physical world and accept the greater reality of the thoughts and influences that create the visible worlds we daily inhabit, to please accept this unseen reality cannot be ignored or dismissed; to please understand, the worst aspects of it are actually among the most powerful and they are, collectively and literally, devouring our children.

The social impact of child abuse on human consciousness is no different to the impact of nuclear-radiation on human tissue: just because we cannot visibly see the injuries, this does not mean they are not real and therefore, are not equally as widespread and deadly.


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