Friday, 26 June 2015


Weeks on, and with the total and utter submission of the Labour Party, with the total obedience of a compliant press and the apathy of a beleaguered public; The Nasty Conservative Party have pulled off the biggest rigged election in British political history.

As reported by Spectator Magazine-

  • At 6.30 p.m. on 7 May, the Camerons invited guests at their home in Oxfordshire into the garden for a drink. Everyone stood on the patio, wrapped up in coats and shawls and drinking wine. They were understandably nervous. The Prime Minister had prepared a resignation statement and read it out to the assembled gathering.
  • Civil servants had ordered sandwiches for the expected coalition talks.
  • And of-course no-one can forget the exit polls predicting no clear majority by any party.

As the Independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, I was privy to the state of Tory Simon Kirby MP and prospective Labour MP Nancy Platts, while they waited for their votes to be counted.

  • Nancy Platts was in jubilant mood, with a big smile on her face clearly intending to win.
  • Simon Kirby was in somber mood, preparing for a disappointing loss.

Come on, lets get real; no-one voted for the nasty Tories and no one expected them to win.

And then by magic, they win with a majority and the Labour Party, the Press and the Public kowtow and accept their victory.

Mind you the immediate reaction by the public outside 10 Downing, proved to me that Great Britain had been robbed and that we were going to do something about it.


Fred Fairbrass
While one half of Right Said Fred Fairbrass says-

The election wasn't rigged. Labour alienated Scotland, Miliband convinced the few and sad to say Cameron seemed like the best option. I got a lot of abuse for saying it at the time but if people had abstained, undermined the process we would now be having very different conversations.”
Kerry Ann-Howitt

Other people like Kerry Ann Howitt respond-

How can 24% of the vote mean that you're the one out of a multitude of candidates that is the winner? The election was rigged alright, maybe not in a 'fake voting' kinda way (I'm not addressing the missing hundred-odd thousand postal votes that were stolen, because I don't know much about it). But the Queen of England had promised to not turn up to give her opening of Parliament speech, did the Tories not win. That babe is how 24% = a resounding victory and that is rigging!”


Whether you want to split hairs about it or not, we know how the election was rigged.

Its easy once you know you can get away with it and that the police and press won't investigate it.

As the International Business Times reported-
  • A van carrying more than 200,000 ballot papers destined for two constituencies in East Sussex has been stolen.
  • Metropolitan Police do not believe the van was purposely targeted because of its contents, but it instead was merely a coincidence.


And don't think that stealing blank ballot papers is the only way to rig an election.

Take for example the more simple method of mis-counting.

As reported in Brighton's The Argus on Monday, May 11, 2015

As the article tells us, in the Lewes District election count, “Councillor Sarah Osborne demanded a re-count on her poll and a good thing she did,” writes Neil Vowles from The Argus, “because a whole bundle of votes had been put on the wrong pile. After a swift redistribution, which revealed she was in fact the winner.”


How many times across the country were ballot papers put on the wrong pile?

As one of the greatest and most evil Dictators Joseph Stalin reminds us-

'It doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.'

Journalist Neil Vowles seems to laugh off that attempted electoral fraud right under his nose.


Labour's parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown Nancy Platts lost by only 690 votes.

I wasn't there to know whether she called for a recount, but I expect that if she had, a whole bundle of votes would have been put on Simon Kirby's pile and after a swift redistribution, would have revealed she was in fact the winner.

(I wasn't there for the declaration because for some inexplicable reason, I became violently sick on the night/morning of 7/8 May 2015.)

I hate to call people nasty names, but if you (Fred Fairbrass included) really think the Tories won the 2015 General Election fair and square, then not only are you gravely mistaken, but you are also bloody deluded!

Right Said Fred DO NOT endorse Guerrilla Democracy News in anyway. This is an unauthorised graphic without their permission.

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