Monday, 22 June 2015


Danielle La Verite on the UK Column
HELP! I'm obsessed with Danielle La Verite and the obsession is taking over my life!

I simply can't go a day without checking her Facebook page to see what she's said.

I daren't ask her to be my Facebook friend because I've been so critical of her in the past, but still I cannot help myself checking out her profile on a daily basis; its destroying my life.

I used to really admire her. When she burst on the Alternative View scene I thought she was wonderful. While she never told us anything new; she regurgitated what we knew in a new, entertaining and refreshing way.

I was a fan and made my opinion of her known in a very public way.

It all went wrong between us over Tom Cahill and the Hampstead kids case.

If you don't know who Tom Cahill is; well; what's the best way to put it? Tom Cahill is just a guy who posts youtube videos about what he feels about people in the Alternative View.

From the very start he was extremely critical of Danielle and everything she stood for. Of-course I closed ranks against him and firmly in Danielle's camp I lambasted Tom Cahill as much as the next person.

Our relationship became strained when I mentioned Tom in the same sentence as her. Danielle has never forgiven me since.

Trying to make sense of the Alternative View, I often write blogs in which I compile lists of people, in an attempt to understand where they are coming from and what they do.

Mind you, my lists don't go down well with many people; take Patrick Henningsen for example:

Patrick Henningsen
With all due respect Matt, I do not consider myself part of a 'Movement", I just do what I do to educate as many people as I can and spread what I consider to be the truth, or close to it as possible. I understand your concerns on these kind of issues, but you have to understand that when you start punting about lists of names like that, it almost looks as if you are trying to recklessly discredit everyone and anyone out of pure spite, or for some other reason. If you really want to see a positive change in this world, then you should consider stopping to target small alternative media pepes and instead focus on the real elite overlords who are robbing and taking away our rights daily.”

Well anyway; things have never been the same again.

Our relationship hit rock bottom and shattered into a million billion pieces after the Hampstead kid videos were released.

Danielle made her views known about what she believed on one of her many videos and I made my view known on my blog- DANIELLE LA VERITE; I'M NOT IMPRESSED.

Richie Allen asking about the Hampstead kids
Here is what she said in response:

You're pathetic Matt. You only have yourself to blame for pissing people off. This article is a childish snipe because we can all see that you stir the pot & then plead innocence.
You won't get a backlash because you're a joke. You try to make out that I have a feud with a stalker I've never met... & I'm the disgusting one.
I'd suggest watching the shit you spout because like the idiots at the KFM, I won't think twice about suing your weasely sorry arse.”

From the very start Danielle made it known that she knew certain aspects about the story, which in her mind proved the kids were lying. What exactly that piece of information was, hasn't been made public; and in all honesty, that infuriates me.

Since then I've been caught in a circle of anger, jealously and interest.

I watch and listen to all her interviews and talks. Her talk at the Barges Conference organised by Miles Johnson made my jaw drop in amazement and disbelief.

Her most recent radio interview with Richie Allen did the same. Some of the information she's parting is absolutely stunning and confirms all my worse fears about her to be true.

Watch and listen to the show here.
  • She makes me angry when she dismisses the Hampstead kid's testimony of Satanic and sexual abuse at the hands of their father.
  • I'm jealous that she gets invited onto a number radio shows and talking engagements, while I get invited to none.
  • I'm interested in what she says and what people have to say about her.

Danielle La Verite talking about the Hampstead kids

Take for example her most recent Facebook up-date, which illustrates perfectly why I keep checking it on a daily basis.

I watched a group of people I've had nothing but respect for last night, have a good old chat about whether or not I'm worthy of their 'friendship'. Actually, I watched for about 30 seconds before completely ignoring it & getting on with what I was doing. They thought that by not using my name, this was ok because it wasn't hurting anyone.. Well, it does. It hurts you. Not the people you're slagging off & deciding their worthiness.
So concerned at maintaining a 'reputation' people will actually forgo the friendship of another.
I'm aware of each one of you still lurking on my friends list. I'm not going to shun you or have a go at you.
I'm going to leave you to it.
I should imagine some will have skulked off by the end of today.. Which again, will be due to their own discomfort.
Have a nice day all.”




  1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but you don't seem to be doing anything positive.

  2. It's neither positive or negative. It's just something I'm been meaning to get off my chest.
    I feel better for it, if that means anything?


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