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Chris Spivey
The editorial decision to call the acclaimed investigative journalist Chris Spivey a “Crackpot web troll,” has plunged The Sun newspaper into fresh controversy and spells the end of Murdoch's business interests in the UK.

With a readership approaching the 7 million mark, Chris Spivey has reacted forcefully to criticism of his up-coming article “Look back in Anger,” which blows away any remaining doubts that the Woolwich Murder wasn't a MI5 sponsored false-flag event designed to incite radical hatred in the UK.

Printed on Sunday 29th June 2014 on page 19 it read:

A CRACKPOT web troll is waging a warped hate campaign against Lee Rigby's family.

Chris Spivey claims the government staged the murder to incite hatred against Muslims.

Tattooist Spivey, 51, of Rothford Essex, dismisses TV evidence of the savage hacking to death as “amateur dramatics” and callously mocks the Rigby family anguish.

He posted online: “Was Lee Rigby really in the Army?” A family spokesman called the rants “vile nonsense.””

Britain’s Biggest Selling Pile of Shit.

Forced to push their paper through 20 million postboxes to get people to read it, The Sun have shot themselves in the foot by dismissing 'The Spivey School of Thinking' with such evident distaste and disrespect.

Chris Spivey said this in his “Pissing on The Sun,” article in response:

Mind you, it shows you exactly what kind of pieces of shit we are dealing with because they have gone and put the article – specifically written with the intention of inciting some brain dead moron to come round and petrol bomb my place – on their Facebook page.

This is despite knowing that my 18 year old daughter and 1 year old grandson live here, both of whom sleep in the bedroom at the front of the property.

Proof of their intent is quite obvious by the way that they have:

  • Tried portraying me as a single nut job *yawn* when indeed there are many, many more who have written about the Woolwich fraud.
  • Accused me of waging a hate campaign against the criminal rigby family, which although untrue, they did not print a single one of my allegations.
  • They did not publish a link to this website, knowing full well that all search engines have been banned from listing me.
  • By not publish a link, they knew that no one would be able to find the site thus showing them up for the scum that they are.
  • Anyone who comments on their Facebook page to set the record straight has their comment quickly deleted.

Having asked his millions of readers to complain to the Press Complaints Commission, Chris Spivey has gone on the offensive and turned a negative into a positive.

Lauren Hay, a complaints Assistant from the Press Complaints Commissioner has been kind enough to answer personally:

Thank you for contacting the Press Complaints Commissioner.

We are currently investigating this article following an earlier complaint. We will let you know the outcome of our investigation when we can.”

Bringing his unique brand of investigative journalism to a whole new audience, Chris Spivey can sleep soundly at night knowing that he's the man whose set in motion a rolling ball which will ultimately lead to a British Revolution.

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