Wednesday, 9 July 2014



Dear All,

Please find below (2) emails of many that we have sent to the RT HON Theresa May with reference to the theft of Government Money that has been stolen from the Government by an Organised Gang of Criminals who have premeditatedly set-out to deliberately steal money from the British Tax Payer.

The reason that we have emailed you all is because, the RT HON Theresa May and the Home Office are in a position where they dare not respond to our correspondence to them, where we have repeatedly reported serious crimes to them all, that is to say, around the subject of the serious amounts of Government Money that has been stolen.

There have been over (20) lines of communication that have taken place between us and the Home Office, where we have repeatedly reported the theft of the "STOLEN GOVERNMENT MONEY" but, we can confirm absolutely, that the RT HON Theresa May and her team at the Home Office have not engaged in any kind of communication with us by seeking information from us over the matter.

We have emailed you all as we now wish to go public with the matter and make it known to the General Public and the British Tax Payer, that a serious amount of money has been stolen and the Home Office are remaining dormant and silent over the very serious matter.

We also list here for your convenience, and, have highlighted in blue below, some of the individuals who have also been placed in "FULL KNOWLEDGE" and, who are all in "FULL RECEIPT" of the information that has been repeatedly reported to the RT HON Theresa May and the Home Office.   

We would like to thank you in advance for your time and would welcome a response, thank you.

Yours sincerely

Regan and Setchfield.

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