Tuesday, 1 July 2014


If anyone wants a template to fill in Chris's press complaints form, you can have this one !!! (Fabooka De Stait)

The publication is guilty of the tort of defamation. This is because it stipulates falsehoods about the individual named C.Spivey, with the sole intention of stirring up hate against the person in order to intimidate him to change his views, and in turn, to change the views of those who follow his articles.

The publication makes outright and unsubstantiated allegations regarding his online activity. It does so, by claiming this man to be a web troll who causes grief or annoyance. This is a total fabrication, as Mr.Spivey is a more than well respected member of the online media community. His investigative journalism and depth of evidence gathering on a number of very recent, high profile issues does indeed leave the likes of The Sun, trailing in his wake. The man has his own well established news site, and receives in excess of 10,000 views per day, and has reached an audience of around 5,000,000 people over the past 2 years.

The Sun itself is guilty in this instance, like it has been on many other occasions of attempting to rally up outcry and unfounded support for a variety of inconclusive accusations. As such, they are attempting to deceive the people of this nation, by stating even more falsehoods in order to justify their totally ad-hominem attack upon the character of the man simply because they themselves cannot refute any of his body of work. They neither have the time, the will, the intellect, nor the commitment to display any truths to the people of this country.

They also tried to cajole Mr.Spivey into engaging them in supposed genuine discussion prior to their totally underhanded and unprovoked display of abuse.

In conclusion, the publication by The Sun, is an affront to those who aspire to be bona-fide representatives of free speech and democratic principles. They use an elaborate web of lies to convince their readership that we actually witnessed the hacking to death of Lee Rigby on television in order to propagate an air of vengeance and show of disdain for someone they perceive as a very viable threat in the realms of changing news readerships.

As a reader of both Mr.Spivey, and The Sun, I shall now like most other people be preventing myself from the very nasty habit of purchasing this spiteful, incorrect, and at the end of the day, rather large blot on the integrity of the journalistic landscape in this country.

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