Fallen Angels.

Christopher Spivey

Tina Nimmo and Vikki Cave.
Exactly Voicey.
The pair would no doubt be described as the 4th and 5th ‘Woolwich Angels’ after the terrible trio Ingrid Kennett, Amanda Donnelly & Gemini Donnelly.
Now Tina Nimmo was somewhat of a mystery to me up until the trial of Michaels Adebolajo & Adebowale.
Indeed, the Telegraph & the Sunday Express  – as far as I am aware – were the only two newspapers to actually mention Tina Nimmo back in May 2013.
The following is what the Telegraph had to say about her:
A pub landlady who was photographed helping at the scene immediately after police marksmen shot the two alleged assailants was named as Tina Nimmo, 52. She is unwilling to talk about what happened, but her husband, Peter, said: “She was really shaken up by it all.”
And, along with the photograph and caption found below – that was the full extent of it .
In fact, had they not inset a photo of Tina’s face in the above photograph, then I wouldn’t have had a clue which lady was Tina, would you?
If anything, the bird with the long blonde hair would have looked the favourite being as she is doing plenty of finger pointing.
Course, what I didn’t know back then was that the long haired blonde bird is Tina’s daughter, Michelle Nimmo – The owner of the Vauxhall Antara blocking the road next to the lorry.
So what was the point of the Telegraph even bothering to mention Tina Nimmo back then?
After all, she wasn’t even prepared to talk about what had happened… Well, not to the Telegraph anyway.
She was however more forthcoming to the Sunday Express:
Traumatised Tina Nimmo was among a group of women, dubbed the “Woolwich Angels”, pictured guarding the spot where the 25-yearold father-of-one was dragged after being hacked to death by two terror suspects.
Still shaking from her ordeal, pub landlady Tina told how the body of the soldier was pulled out into the road for motorists to drive over.
However, the quick-thinking grandmother realised what was going on and stopped the traffic. Tina, who runs the Melbourne Arms pub, said: “The full horror of that day will never leave me. I’m already having flashbacks and it’s not nice.
“They just kept on hacking at him like they were possessed. How anyone can be so evil is beyond me. They were like animals.”
Tina was driving with her 25-yearold daughter and her eight-monthold granddaughter. At first she mistook the attack for a road accident after seeing a blue car had mounted the pavement with Drummer Rigby’s body lying on the ground by the crumpled bumper. Then she watched with horror as the suspects tried to behead him with meat cleavers and large kitchen knives.
They dragged his body into the middle of the busy road so he could suffer one last indignity by being run over.
Okay, lets take a pit stop.
Tina was one of only 3 ‘civilian’ witnesses who appeared in court… Got that?
Out of all the witness testimonies and statements taken only three of them actually appeared in court.
Moreover, as far as I am aware, none of these three said very much at the time of the ‘crime’ when compared to the likes of Joe Tallant, Graham Wilders and Ingrid Kennett..
However, as you have just read, Tina has already mentioned the body being run over twice in the Express article – which is an out and out lie.
Tina stood over the body of Drummer Rigby, of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and called the police as his alleged killers paraded up and down demanding to be photographed and filmed by onlookers. She said: “I could hear them walking up and down the road shouting and asking for pictures to be taken but I couldn’t stomach to even look at them. Instead, I stood beside that poor boy’s body and tried to make sure he came to no more harm.”
Show me one… Just one single photo of Tina stood within ten foot of the body until after the police had arrived.
And while you are at it, show me one photograph of the killers “parading  up and down demanding to be photographed”
Course, you won’t be able to because she is lying… Yet she is deemed to be a credible witness!
Tina, in her early 50s, has now been offered counselling. Her husband Peter said: “She’s the sort of person who will always stop when she sees someone in trouble. She acted very bravely by putting herself in harm’s way but it’s going to take her a long time to get over this.”
Four women won the praise of the world for their actions after Wednesday’s tragedy but until now Tina’s role has not been publicised.
When police arrived she was taken away to give an interview and has been advised by officers not to say anything further because it could prejudice any criminal trial.  Source
Traumatised my left gonad!
As for the trial being prejudiced!  Fuck me, the British government did that all on their own back in May 2013.
Mind you, it was certainly news to me about her being the 4th ‘Woolwich Angel’.
In fact, if there was a 4th ‘angel‘ after Hagrid  Kennett and the dubious Donnelly’s – the Mother and Daughter tag team of liars – I would have said that it was Vikki Cave.
You are going to like  Tricky Vikki… She too is an out and out liar who has sold her country down the pan.
Now, the following is what Vikki had to say in evidence – not that she was in court to say it you understand?.
Once again, she too had her statement read out by the prosecution leaving the Defence QC’s unable to cross examine her:
Witness Vikki Cave said they were planning to attack police as she spoke to the two men just metres away from Fusilier Rigby’s body.
Prosecutor Richard Whittam QC said Ms Cave was driving down John Wilson Street in Woolwich when she saw Drummer Rigby in the road.
She said: ‘I was next to the body, only a few metres from the male.
‘I spoke to them – “are you going to hurt us?”
‘He said “The women and children are safe, you need to keep back when the police and soldiers get here”.
‘They then started shouting about religion and Afghanistan and the damage other soldiers have done.’
Both men were shot as they charged armed police at the scene.
When Ms Cave first arrived, she spoke to another woman on the ground next to Fusilier Rigby and said she was ‘around to help’ as she was first-aid trained.
Ms Cave said: ‘She said “There’s nothing that can be done. He’s gone”.’
Ms Cave said one of the men claimed the attack was ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’.  Source
Fuck me, another first aider.
Course it is really strange that Hagrid Kennett never mentions Cave in all of the many interviews that she has so readily given.
Never the less, what we have now is five Woolwich Angels in total , with two of them – Tina & Vikki – hardly being mentioned in the media prior to the trial.
Yet the most prolific ‘angel’ Hagrid Loyau-Kennett, didn’t even warrant having a statement read out in court.
And forget about her being too vocal… Her testimony on subjects like the BIG FUCK OFF RED BUS that stopped at what WASN’T a bus stop would still be crucial… Had the Kangaroo court brought up the subject of the bus.
You know the bus that I am on about? The BIG FUCK OFF RED BUS whose driver had a brainstorm and broke just about every rule in his bus drivers contract by totally ignoring his care of duty towards his passengers which is backed by law.
Never the less, the mystery bus driver who just so happened to reverse instead of pull forward in order for the armed police to perform their amateur dramatics – amateur being the operative word; take note Assitant Big Knob Of The Odd Bod Plod Squad Cassandra Dicks – was never named or even asked to explain his totally inexplicable actions in court… But you people with mushy peas for brains keep thinking that this was a proper trial.
That way you can pretend that you are not being led into a police state where you have no say in your childrens lives.
Moreover, it is mighty strange that Tina Nimmo was the only one who says that she was asked not to leave the crime scene – as per standard procedure – whilst every other cunt was allowed to fuck off, including Hagrid, who has put out conflicting stories about what finally happened with the bus… None of them fucking true.
Course, just like the other four fallen angels, Vikki’s testimony is also bollox.
You see, according to the snippet from the Chimp article above: “Ms Cave was driving down John Wilson Street in Woolwich when she saw Drummer Rigby in the road”.
Well fuck me, she did fucking well to see the body from John Wilson Street didn’t she.
But lets assume that Vix is telling the truth.
After all, someone alleging to be Terry Cave – Vikki’s dad – commented on a previous Rigby article of mine stating that his daughter doesn’t lie… Which in reality makes him a fucking liar too.
However, lets for arguments sake just say that Sticky Vikki did see the body in the road.
Where the fuck did she pull over?
After all, John Wilson Street is a dual carriageway… Or put another way, no stopping what so fucking ever.
And since she would have already committed herself to going straight on, she had no fucking where to park.
Now, perhaps Terry and Vikki were a tad worried that I would ask her about this and other anomalies such as that, in the email that I sent Terry Cave by way of reply to his comment.
You see, that email was in fact a request for one or the other to speak to me on the phone.
But no answer was the stern reply… Just sayin’.
Indeed, the fact that she saw this accident from John Wilson Street – given that she would need her eyes straight ahead because of the heavy traffic, which in turn would make parking a no, no – seems too far fetched for words.
Never the less, this is what Vikki said in her statement read out in court:
Vikki Cave said in a statement read to the court: “I noticed people standing around. I saw a body in the street, a lady crying.
Now check the above map again!
“My first thought was to stop because someone had been run over. I spoke to the lady who said ‘he’s been stabbed’.”
As a first aid trainer i wanted to check to see if i could do anything.
‘I saw the mixed race lady sat on the floor. She said “there’s nothing to be done, he’s gone.”
Lets stop there for a second.
You see, it has to be said that Vikki and Hagrid Kennett are reading from the same script.
And I’m not even talking about them being first aiders… Who all seem to think that putting a plaster on a grazed knee qualifies them as doctors.
What I am talking about will become clear in the following, which was reported in the Telegraph in the days following the ‘murder’:
Within seconds of getting off the bus, Mrs Loyau-Kennett realised there was more to the scene than she had thought. The dead man had apparently been run over in a car and attacked with knives. A Caribbean woman tending to the man on the ground told her he was dead.
“I took his arm to feel his pulse,” she remembers. “There was blood on the pavement where he had been dragged and blood was pouring out of him. Suddenly this excited black man came up to me and said, ’Get away from the body; don’t touch it’. I looked up and I could see red hands, a bloodied revolver, bloodied meat cleaver and a butcher’s knife.
“I saw the mixed race lady” – Sticky Vikki
“A Caribbean woman tending to the man” – Hagrid
What the fuck has Amanda Donnelly’s skin colour got to do with anything?
Come on, lets hear some more of Vikki’s old fanny:
He was wearing a blue help for heroes top. I could see a lot of blood and could tell a major artery had been severed.
So, now we have both Hagrid and Vikki saying that there was loads of blood. 
I will just remind you that Hagrid said: “There was blood on the pavement where he had been dragged and blood was pouring out of him”.
Yet Amanda Donnelly who was sat stroking Rigby’s back stated as fact to the Daily Mirror:
“It was strange, because as he was lying there the hood from his hoodie was up so I couldn’t see any serious wounds.
“He maybe had a bit of blood on his hands but that was it. My mind was not on what had happened to Lee, it was more ‘What can I do?’. Source
But fuck knows how blood “was pouring out of him” since he was supposedly hacked to death on the pavement!
Once again, the script writers want it all ways.
Miss Cave described how both men were armed with knives and machete.
And in doing so, forgot about the fucking gun.
She added: “The taller man had blood on his hands.
Which one is the taller man then Vix? Just askin’.
“He was saying, shouting stuff about religion ‘these solders go to our lands, kill / bomb our people, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.’
“I spoke to him: ‘Are you going to hurt her?’
“He replied: ‘No, women and children are safe. You need to keep back when the police and army arrive.’
“They then started talking about soldiers and Afghanistan and the damage done. Source
Well of course he would be shouting “stuff about religion“… That was the whole point of staging this fraud.
Yet somehow that crock of horseshit was deemed admissible which means that the defence QC’s must have okayed Sticky Vikki’s evidence before the trial began.
And that being the case, we are seriously meant to believe that two defence barristers acting in a murder trial wouldn’t want to put her on the stand and cross examine her! … Yet people still believe that this was a genuine court case!
Thick as fuck… Thick as fucking fuck.
Now before we look at some more photos of Vikki, I ought to tell you that I have checked with an ex-policeman – whose job it had been to gather evidence for court cases – whether or not producing photos of evidence, rather than the evidence itself, and reading out witness statements is acceptable in a murder court case.
His answer was a most definite NO.
Untitled (1)

However, that isn’t the full story, not by a long chalk.
You see, hours and hours of trawling through foreign videos finally paid off.
Why foreign videos?
Because people abroad more often than not get shown a lot more than we do.
Take a look at these screen shots of a video shown on America’s CNN network.
previkprevik96 And I don’t expect I will hear from Terry Cave again, to be honest.
Okay, lets get back to Tina Nimmo.
Now obviously, anyone who has read the Drummer Man will already know why the Telegraph mentioned her, despite doing so appearing to be a waste of time.
However, those once loyal to the MSM, who have now since stepped up a huge grade to the AM, won’t have a fucking Scooby Doo as to why the newspaper bothered.
So, those of you who do know, bear with me whilst I tell the newcomers.
Now, the Telegraph is for all intents a purposes an outlet for MI5.
You see, the Telegraph and MI5 go hand in hand due to the newspapers long association with the Monckton Family.
The Moncktons who are described in print as being the consummate spy family are very friendly with the Royal nonce ponce family.
And Tina Nimmo is in all likelihood, something to do with MI5.
After all, she certainly did more than help.
I have in fact been able to track Tina’s movements via the Daily Mirror and the Sun video footage of the incident.
Therefore, I can tell you now that Tina’s version of events is vastly different to the reality.
Moreover, she is a lot more than a bit part player in this amateur dramatics production.
The following is a true account of Tina’s movement and participation in this government false flag operation.
Tina first comes into view when she walks up Artillery Place from the direction of John Wilson Street.
Quite what she was doing down by John Wilson Street is anyone’s guess since she says that she tried to help Rigby and her daughter, Michelle is parked upwards of his body, not down the John Wilson Street end.
She then stops beside the bus, consults the script that she’s carrying after which she appears to give the Actors – consisting of the Michaels, Ingrid and the two Donnelly liars – their orders.
I would imagine that her orders are to tell Ingrid and the Donnellys to fuck off, tell the Michaels to get ready and tell the bus driver to begin his reverse.
“No you’re wrong Spiv because this is before Adebolajo made his speech”.
Well, you would think so Voicey, but I’ll come to the speech in due course but for now, humour me.
Tina, then fucks off back down the road and awaits the arrival of the Armed Response Unit (ARU).
As soon as they start shooting, Tina, instead of running for her life appears to calmly make a phone call.
She then walks in a semicircle – dropping weapons as she goes –  towards the ARU’s BMW, where she appears to put something in the back.
Tina then SPRINTS up Artillery Place and then double backs on herself – eventually appearing under the tree on the opposite side of the road.
From here she beckons the crowd of spectators forward for their photo opportunity.
Included amongst these spectators are two fellas in grey hoodies who are beyond doubt, also members of the Security Services.
These two fellas immediately walk over to Tina where they receive their orders.
And that is where we end up with Tina in the photo from the Telegraph which has her face inset in a smaller photo.
Never the less, for the doubting Thomases here are the photos to back up what I have just said… Which, unlike the MSM’s photos, are not photo-shopped either.
After all, the truth speaks for itself without the need to doctor photos.

Now, after seeing those photos anyone who thinks that Tina Nimmo is just a pub landlady ‘helping out’ must surely be one dumb mother fucker.
So why did the Telegraph make that pointless mention of her?
I would imagine the reason would be because at that early stage the storytellers didn’t know whether or not they would have to utilise Tina to bring credibility to the story.
Which as it goes, just so happens to be the case.
Now, whilst Nimmo may have been reluctant to talk about the pantomime back in May 2013, she hasn’t been backwards in coming forwards since in an effort to reinforce her lie that she was the one who stopped the white lorry.
However, having made herself out to be a heroine she wasn’t done with the old fanny by a long chalk – as you will see from the following.
And it may pay you to just have another look at Tina’s movement in the above photos first:
A mother and daughter who witnessed the attack on Lee Rigby have told ITV News that they are still haunted by what they saw that day.
Woolwich resident Michelle Nimmo was driving her baby and her mother, Tina, when they came across what they initially thought was a car crash.
“Michelle got on the phone to the police and I just went over towards where they were,” Tina explained.
“They didn’t look comfortable with me approaching and I felt like there was a silent threat of weapons.”
Hold up! “A silent threat of weapons”?
What the fuck is that all about then?
Michelle, with her baby in the car, screamed at her mother to come back to the car.
Well… That isn’t exactly true. In fact Michelle took no fucking notice of the proceedings whatsoever until it was time to go down to Rigby’s ‘body’.
And the baby must have been asleep because never once did we see her with it.
But, said pub landlady Tina, “I think you know you’ve got to do something and that’s what I felt.”
“There was a lorry coming, and I just went to the lorry and put my hand up and said stop.
“Because I’m not going to let that car run him over as well – it was so undignified, I wasn’t going to let any more happen to him.”
Now, Nimmo told that story to a jury at the murder trial.
Its also fair to say that the white lorry that is seen blocking the road has thrown up its fair share of speculation.
Moreover, the first explanations for the lorry being left abandoned had completely changed by the time the case came to court.
You see, originally it had been widely reported in the MSM that Adebolajo had pointed the gun at the lorry driver which in turn caused him to shit himself and fuck off up the road never to be seen again… At least that is to say hide nor hair of him was seen at the trial… Although he had a statement read out… A main fucking witness who had a statement read out meaning that he couldn’t be cross examined on his bullshit.
Never the less that ‘made to pull up at gunpoint’ bollocks was in fact still being touted by the BBC on the 29th of November last year:
As traffic stopped and members of the public came forward to see what was happening, Mr Adebolajo brandished a gun at the driver of a white lorry  Source
And then there is this from Court News:
Adebolajo brandished a gun at the driver of a white Volvo Lorry to frighten him off while the killers waited for the emergency services, the court heard.  Source
And lets not forget what the lying cunt Graham Wilders repeatedly told the media at the time of the ‘murder’.
Wilders claimed that he and his wife Julie were driving along Artillery Place when they saw the two Michaels attacking Rigby.
Feeling like it was his day to be a hero, Wilders stopped the car and got out:
Mr Wilders, 50, said: ‘When we walked back down to see what was happening, one of the black men pulled a handgun out from behind him.
‘There was a lorry driver and it looked like he was waving it at the lorry driver. He got down out of his cab and legged it. It was absolutely terrifying.
‘I saw a load of kids come out of school gates and I just yelled at them to get back. I ran up to the school shouting there’s a gunman and to get everybody inside.
‘The headmaster came out and they closed the school gates and kept everyone in. That was when I heard four shots.  Source
Once again, most strange.
In fact it would seem that the 4 to 11 year old pupils who attend Mulgrave Primary school just come and go as they please since this would have been around 2.30PM.
Yet just like every single one of the witnesses whom had their witness statements read out in court, Graham Wilders also had new, relatively unimportant information added to it.
Now, for those of you who cannot remember, Wilders – in the aftermath of May 22nd 2013 –  was never off the fucking TV or out of the papers spouting bullshit about what had occurred on that day.
Yet despite the lying piss ant loving the attention that he was getting, never once did he make mention of this next bit of old fanny:
Witness Graham Wilders today described a confrontation between a passer-by and a policeman who had arrived at the scene.
He said the pair fought in the street because the officer said he must wait for the armed response team to arrive and disarm the suspects.
‘He was mouthing off to the police officer, asking why the police were not doing anything,’ Mr Wilders said.
‘The police officer was fighting him.
‘I said “F****** go up there and take the gun off him”.
‘He then turned and went into his block of flats.’  Source
Now, the obvious reason that Wilder told the above lie is to reinforce another lie, namely that the unarmed police were there at the scene but it was too dangerous for them to intervene and as such, stayed out of sight… Which is of course, totally made up old fanny.
It should however be noted that the article does not make it clear if Wilder gave that evidence in court in person.
You have to watch out for the Monkey Boys clever wording, don’t cha know.
However, I can tell you that the lying cunt never got near the witness box.
Moreover, the Prosecution Counsel never mentioned Nimmo when talking about the lorry and its driver:
Mr Whittam explained how lorry driver Samuel Williams used his white Volvo to block the sight of Lee Rigby’s body from members of the public. Source
Yet Nimmo still claimed in court that she was the one responsible for stopping the lorry:
“There was a lorry coming, and I just went to the lorry and put my hand up and said stop.
“Because I’m not going to let that car run him over as well – it was so undignified, I wasn’t going to let any more happen to him.”  Source
But did Goatlips, Adebolajo’s defending QC’s pull her about this anomaly?
Did Adebowale’s unpronounceable QC pull her about this anomaly?
Did they fuck!
And why didn’t they?
Well, the simple answer to that is that the trial wasn’t a trial.
It was a puppet show, so surreal that it is testament to just how fucking dumb a nation we have become to allow such a travesty of  justice to go unchallenged by anyone… Except me.

Tina Nimmo says she gets visions of the Woolwich attacks “when you don’t even call for it.” Credit: ITV News

Okay, back to that Nimmo interview:
She was worried when a busload of passengers headed towards the incident.
“I was saying please, please, back off, he’s got a gun. But some people just marched past like it was just a normal everyday event.”
“I was scared that he had a gun – I’ve never seen a gun. I just thought if it’s my time, it’s my time.
Photo: Oh yeah, she looks absolutely fucking terrified
“I’m not going to stand about and do nothing. I’m going to do what I’ve got to do to. And I did.
“And I’m quite proud of myself now.”
What for? Selling your country down the pan you evil bitch!

Michelle Nimmo said she has trouble sleeping as a result of what she witnessed.Credit: ITV News

Michelle said she has been affected “in every way” by what she saw in Woolwich.
“I’m not sleeping, reliving it daily. It’s just horrible,” she said.
But she praised the help of victim support services: “I don’t know what I would have done without it.”
Tina said the memories are “so vivid” that she is struck by flashbacks in everyday situations.
“It doesn’t leave you. You try to sleep or shut your eyes and it’s there. I can’t explain it to anybody.
“It just keeps going over in your head. When you don’t even call for it, it’s there.”
Hmmm, it has to be said that if Nimmo has never seen a gun before, she was very fucking brave and very fucking near to the action.
As for Nimmo’s daughter receiving counselling, well she didn’t look too upset when she was stood so close to Rigby’s body that her toes were nearly stuck up his fucking arse.
Further evidence to suggest she wasn’t too traumatised comes from the fact that she was also caught in photographs stood next to her car – the Black Vauxhall Antara –  happily chatting away whilst not taking a blind bit of fucking notice of what was happening down the road.
The following is taken from The Daily Chimpanzee:
Michelle Nimmo was driving along Artillery Place in a Vauxhall Antara with her baby in the back and mother, Tina Nimmo, in the front passenger seat.
In a statement, Ms Nimmo said one of the alleged attackers had a ‘smirk’ on his face and both men appeared ‘proud’.
Ms Nimmo described seeing the two men leaning over the soldier clutching knives and a meat cleaver.
In a statement read to the Old Bailey she said: “These men began repeatedly attacking the man with knives. They were chopping him all over.
‘I shouted to my mum to get back because I was worried about her safety, but she wanted to help the man on the floor.
‘Then I saw the men drag the man’s body into the road and continue chopping at him and kicking him in his side.
‘I wanted to help the man on the floor, but any attempts to get close they would threaten or gesture with the knives or the gun. They looked very proud of what they had done…they had evil in their faces.
Course, you would again have thought that the defence QC’s would have asked Michelle Nimmo why her evidence doesn’t tally with the video footage… But then again, since she didn’t give evidence in person they fucking couldn’t could they?
And then, whilst they were at it, they could also have enquired as to who looked after the baby whilst the pair of lying cunts were stood around the alleged body of Lee Rigby.
Still, at least Michelle, Dumb Belle is doing her bit to swell the Rigby piggy bank:


That will do for Sticky Vikki and the despicable Nimmo women… For the minute at least although there is still more to tell.
And doesn’t Tina look evil in that last photo?
Okay, just so as there is no mistaking where I stand – some people are not too quick on the uptake –  I am openly calling the following women out and out liars:
  • Tina Nimmo
  • Michelle Nimmo
  • Ingrid Loyau Kennett
  • Amanda Donnelly
  • Gemini Donnelly.
  • Vikki Cave
They can of course contact me, call me a horrible cunt and explain their position and I will obviously be only to happy to publish whatever the lying bitches have to say.
Never the less, I won’t hold my fucking breath.
And just for the record the 3 people to give evidence in person were: lee Perkins, James Heneghan who cried and Tina Nimmo.