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Matt Taylor, ranked alongside Bill Maloney, Chris Spivey and Brian Gerrish as the Alternative View’s leading on-line journalists, caused mayhem at a joint 40th and 50th Birthday bash where he had a bust-up with his best friends over Chris Spivey’s “Look back in Anger” article.

Highlighting the chasm between the mainstream and alternative view media, tensions between Matt and his friends were already heightened following an incident at a pub in Brighton some weeks before, where Andy Clarke, (previously a 35+ year friend) got off his pub stool to threaten Matt with clutched fists that he must “Listen,” to the government fed lie that Lee Rigby was beheaded by two terrorists.

Whatever resemblance of friendship finally snapped after an insulting email was sent to Andy from a furious Matt Taylor.

Hey stupid, you really should read this article about Lee Rigby.
I doubt you'll make it to the end; you just haven't got the brain power. Hay hoo.
What I'll do is dig out an additional video which examples it with minimal words.
I know you like books with minimal words. They make you feel intelligent I know.
Well anyway, if you want to know the truth about Lee Rigby, read the above article, and I'll dig out the video now. Stupid....
Like I said, I don't think you have the brain power to read the article to the end, so here is a easy to understand video, to help you.
You dumb fuck idiot!


Celebrating the 50th Birthday of Colin Grealish and the 40th birthday of twins Paul and Ann Grealish, the evening started well enough with an intelligent conversation with Judi Roach, a scientist. Having read all about the Westminster paedophile scandal on Exaro News, Judi firmly believes that Edward Heath could have raped, murdered and dumped bodies of young boys over the side of his yacht.

Read more: The Stench of Perversion is Unbearable.

So it was all the more regrettable that as soon as the Rothschild’s banking family name was brought into the mix, she got all riled up and accused Matt of anti-Semitism, before walking away from the discussion citing that to criticise the Jews, outside of the Palestine situation, was “a step too far.”

It’s a strange phenomena of the human psyche that people are ready to accept politicians are paedophiles and that Edward Heath was capable of raping young boys, killing them and throwing them overboard, but to suggest that the Jews may have conspired with Evil (and outside of the Palestine situation – which you are obviously allowed to criticise only because its so black and white) is a “Step too far.”

It would seem that once a red line has been crossed, another has to be marked to keep their lives from falling apart.

It’s a shame because if she had stuck around I could have told her all about Greg Hallett’s books exposing Hitler as a British Agent who conspired with the Jews to get them their own homeland.

With the inevitable consequences of alcohol, tensions rose with the arrival of Andy Clarke and his wife Lyn.

Having been warned by a mutual friend called Peader Grealish, that “its best they don’t talk,” tensions rose to dangerous levels when Andy Clarke’s side-kick and wife publicly admonished Matt Taylor for being too loud while singing karaoke.

  • Phil Donovan, another mutual friend commented earlier in the evening that as he approached the party he could hear two things, the music and Matt’s voice.


The party ended for Matt having been asked to leave following a fight between him and his best friend Alec Jones.

Exchanging punches and with plenty of drunken pushing and shoving, Alec Jones disputed Matt’s memory that he once shagged a friend of Jane Grealish’s in his sister’s bed and that Matt’s mother and sister were none too happy and made their feelings known loud and clear.

Blessed with the good looks and lean body to have shagged so many women he can’t remember them all, Alec ended all remnants of a 35+ year friendship by throwing the first punch.


Officially dumping all his lifelong friends on Facebook, Matt Taylor is reflective over what essentially comes down to a political difference of opinion.


Illustrating the chasm between the Alternative View and the Mainstream Media, where on one hand is the world-view that:

  • Banking families rule the world and that our world leaders are all perverts and murderers.
  • And the other that wants us to believe Lee Rigby was beheaded on a British street and the new enemy as ISIS.


Stumbling in at 3.30am, Matt woke up surprised to learn he had lost his trousers, along with his camcorder, wallet and favourite belt buckle.

Confirming why he’s such a lucky guy, he soon found his trousers having re-tracked his journey home, and finding his trousers neatly folded up on an electric box only 50 yards down the road.

Matt Taylor reflects on the night’s drama, “People who read and watch the mainstream media lap it up, they believe it hook line and sinker, because not too, would mean accepting they’ve been fools all their lives and that people like me are right.”

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  1. You don't have any right to quote me or misrepresent my comments. You appear to be a fruitcake.

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  3. Matt, I've heard about that evening and your appalling behaviour. One day you will be deeply ashamed of the way you have acted towards true friends and for your sake I hope it happens before you manage to loose whatever respect your real friends have for you.

    Just because some don't share your view it hardly gives you an excuse to be so incredibly rude and abusive. I was especially shocked by the email you said you sent Andy and your bizarre claim that Alec was in any way violent towards you.

    1. Thanks for that Dom.

      May I ask your opinion of Andy Clarke threatening me in the pub?

      I was talking about the fake lee Rigby incident and Andy Clarke jumped off his seat and threatened me with clutched fists to “shut up and listen to him.”

      Once Andy confirmed that he did in fact threaten me, I fired off a strongly worded email which you describe as “incredibly rude and abusive,” so pray tell Dom, what your opinion of Andy being incredibly rude and abusive to me?

      Would you call his actions “appalling behaviour,” of course you won't. I expect you’ll come up with some excuse for Andy’s behaviour such as it's perfectly reasonable to behave appalling towards Matt.

      And about your bizarre claim that Alec was violent.

      Colin’s birthday ended in Alec and I have a fight in his garden.

      So to imply that Alec wasn’t violent to me in any way, is just hoodwink.

      So to end this off Dom, I do claim the right to be rude to anyone who’s rude to me.


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