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John Wanoa <>
Attachments11:29 PM (3 minutes ago)
to Philip
426/2 Tapora Street Auckland 1010
New Zealand Dated 27 July 2014
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth
King Charles Street London SW 1A 2AH
Conservative MP Phillip Hammond
British UK Government England
Dear Phillip Hammond,
John Wanoa
I write to you as a Native Chief Executive spokesman for King William IV Commercial Trading Bank Flag Seal Authenticated Authority in Commercial Trading Bank Business as a Partner to you as British Government Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth. I am his Official Title Kings Bench of Admiralty Jurisdiction Crown State acting Representative. In view of the latest circumstances surrounding Queen Elizabeth II, her exit from Westminster Parliament for the EU Parliament, is at the time of the Lisbon Treaty 16 July 2008 signing between her and Gordon Brown. Is on our Records in AFFIDAVITS Before During and after her FRAUD Criminal Activity started in the AGENDA 21 and JESUIT Onslaught of Westminster Parliament MOAI alleged she is committing TREASON against British and MOAI Business interests and I note that she still uses the Navy and Military for her FRAUD dealings under King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction I want CEASED and DESIST of as he is our Legal Commercial Contract Lien Levy Partner not hers, I feel that she has stolen our QUEEN VICTORIA TRUST FUND that was set up by King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction using our Moai Native 1835 Declaration of Independence Flag Seal Merchant Shipping Manifestation for her own Corporations as our HEAD TRUSTEE of this "QUEEN VICTORIA TRUST she set up in 1844 for my HAPU People of Aotea New Zealand for the use and Occupation of our Natives lands she collects Interest off her Government of New Zealand people to pay into this MOAI,HAPU TRUST FUND, I want INVESTIGATED by you and your Government now that Queen Elizabeth II is a CONVICTED FELON in the WORLD COURT Tribunal. We take her crimes seriously, as well as what she is doing with our TRUST FUND since she has left Westminster Parliament knowing all about the Pedophiles that surrounded her and her Fraud Dealings and Mismanagement of our TRUST FUND that I am coming there to Westminster to SACK HER as our TRUSTEE and run the TRUST myself with out EXECUTIVE and YOU as a DUAL Government with MOAI I hope you take up that Offer Immediately while the QUEEN is still a QUEEN we Bill LEVIED Her already, just need to ENFORCE it into an ACT of STATE OF EMERGENCY ACT OF WAR URGENCY please. I see it becomes your financial interest as well as ours to combine our Recovery efforts for the people of England to use our KING WILLIAM IV Jurisdiction and High Court of Admiralty KINGS BENCH Warrants to salvage from her that GOLD TRUST FUND Contract deal we have with each other from where this LEGAL TRUST originated from QUEEN VICTORIA inside Westminster Parliament and the BANK OF ENGLAND. As our Direct "MOAI CROWN FEDERAL STATE" INTEREST in that TRUST as BENEFICIARIES of our INFANT STATE. Since we cannot and have not sold our land under our KING WILLIAM IV Partnership FLAG means our TRUST FUND is ready for us to USE now we have a Request to you to JOIN as a DUAL Government with your British UK Government LAND Laws of England and International Treaties of the SEA continuation under the Commonwealth of our KING WILLIAM IV Admiralty Jurisdiction with me speaking for the KING OF ENGLAND now in place of teh QUEEN OF ENGLAND its back to our KING until you say we can bring in HRH Prince Regent Jeffery Ross Foley Lord High Constable of Llawhaden Castle in Wales and Scotland. I certainly hope you take us up on this offer immediately of this Official MOAI Stamped King William IV Admiralty Court Martial Kings Order Sealed and Authenticated Letter. You will notice our King William IV Admiralty Commercial Trading Bank Flag Seal of Jurisdiction has free passage through the World flying aboard this SHAW SAVILL Ship the "OCEAN MONARCH" as our Proof of Claim beyond a doubt that we are the Legal Owners of that Flag that has not paid our MOAI HAPU TRUST FUND any Royalty FEES that I can see yet. So I am asking you kindly to accommodate us in advance of that TRUST FUND owners to Fund our trip to Westminster and provide British Diplomatic Immunity to travel as soon as possible before the AGENDA 21 takes a hold over our GOLD FUNDS original CONTRACT I know you understand being a steady hand Accountant Phillip Hammond. Will consider MOAI nomination of the new King of England HRH Prince Regent Jeff Foley, and as King William IV Legal Advocate Chief Representative for our Native Moai Hapu People of Aotearoa New Zealand. I myself Hoaini Kahaki Wanoa (John) Cosgrove and Rogan family and my Secretary Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai (Stewart, Patrick) are Royalty Monarch Families in England to Wanoa and Ngatai families Natives in Aotearoa New Zealand as just 2 families with evidence as Beneficiaries of this FUND) I ask you in urgency of you receiving this email today 27 July 2014 to place an INJUNCTION on this QUEEN VICTORIA TRUST FUND. That Queen Elizabeth II is hijacking illegally as only the TRUSTEE as her Property when its your Ex Pats here and our INVESTMENT MONEY she hasn't earned but us here on our LAND and its NO her LAND as she states it is FRAUD. And now this FUND is a GOLD TRUST FUND with the name "GLOBAL DEBT FACILITY" attached to it as a CLAIM by KAREN HUDES" US World Bank against our MOAI HAPU QUEEN VICTORIA Royal MONARCH ESTATE Interest KAREN and her Client as THIRD and FOURTH PARTY CORPORATE ENTITIES. Whereas our Corporate Entity is "NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LIMITED" registered in New Zealand with 999,999,999,999 shares for that GOLD TRUST FUND we ask you to FREEZE Immediately. If you then go to our website this Fund is set up for 250 Countries where our 1835 Declaration of Independence Flag can continue to FLY on the SHAW SAVILL and P & O Shipping LINES to Transport the GOLD you and our MOAI CROWN FEDERAL STATE HAPU Diplomatic Executive and Westminster Government Military shall SEIZE all of the Queens GOLD Assets. And ship back to the BANK OF ENGLAND (William Patterson created in 1694) KING WILLIAM III passed BANK OF ENGLAND ACT and KING WILLIAM IV passed ACT of Commercial CONTRACT MORTGAGE ADMIRALTY LAW OF THE SEA to transport the GOLD SHIP BILL OF LADEN KING WILLIAM IV FLAG SEALED INSTRUMENTS as our Proof of CLAIM AFFIDAVITS to their Transactions involving our TRUST that no one is saying anything about until now. At the eighth hour when CRIMES have been Committed by the QUEEN for it's THEFT as Evidence here for a HIGH COURT OF ADMIRALTY Case in the ROLLS Building London. I certainly hope you initiate the expense of our Partnership in advance of funding our trip and Accommodation to London with you for the full period of Court Hearings and ultimate decisions. I am sure will greatly benefit Britain and Westminster. KING WILLIAM IV Niece is Queen Victoria fset this TRUST for my MOAI Native Indigenous people in Aotearoa New Zealand. I am concerned about the NWO Agenda 21 about to illegally Claim our QUEEN VICTORIA TRUST FUND involved the Bank of England the Admiralty of Shipping Gold around the World as Investments from the money she she is still collecting Interest for your Ex Pat people occupying our Countries Land in New Zealand and that is in order. And as you can see the Government here is violating our British Hapu Natives of Aotearoa King William IV Contract with you. PM David Cameron claims to be a descendant of King William IV. In that case I want you to ask him to raise our Flag now immediately before we get there as continuing our business from the time of King William IV Reign under his 1830 Courts of Session Act of Westminster Parliament Admiralty Court Martial Law. I am proclaiming under this Monarchy Flag our Commercial Trading Bushiness that we inherit that is not Queen Elizabeth II Contract. She has no proof of that Contract Admiralty to Ship GOLD around the World and neither does the Pope have that Authority but us the Native Chief Executive Commercial Contractor in you Westminster Parliament House. And not in the EU Parliament House that has no such Admiralty Jurisdiction. We are anxious to come there now if you can arrange for our Transit under Military Protection we can resolve this while you make an Injunction over the TRUST GOLD FUND and ADMIRALTY LAW. That they are using illegally to Ship the GOLD elsewhere of other Interests of the US Federal State Government she is dealing as a Fraud Jesuit. I would like you to now consider our Legal Position here as the Landlords for our Business needs up dating since we now have a threat to our Financial Investment Interests here in New Zealand, in Commonwealth Countries I want you to remove her from and we sack her together now, under King William IV Shipping Mortgage Lien Levy Transactions regarding this GOLD Heist Queen has stolen. We hope you intervene and consult your colleague Michael Fallon new Secretary of State of The Defense Military in conjunction with our Claim and Injunction to similarly take action to Investigate the Queen Elizabeth II "HM TREASURY" Royal Account and BANK OF ENGLAND Shipping QUEEN VICTORIA TRUST GOLD BARS BILL OF LADEN MANIFEST Records by the British UK SFO David Green. I am expressly issuing a "MOAI CROWN" HAPU Sovereignty KING WILLIAM IV ADMIRALTY KINGS ORDER following this Letter for you to SEIZE on all the TRUST ASSETS off the 4 TRUSTEES derived through the use of KING WILLIAM IV SEAL and FLAG that you see on the "SHAW SAVILL" "OCEAN MONARCH" Passenger ship. I believe transported the GOLD to ENGLAND from around the WORLD. This is our Business FLAG we claim that MERCHANDISE and CARGO while using our CONTRACT with the KING in TRANSIT. Further we want a thorough SFO Investigation of the "VATICAN CITY" and "CITY OF LONDON" and "BUCKINGHAM PALACE" and "QUEEN ELIZABETH II" and "THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND" Commonwealth Countries Corporations under "Her Majesty the Queen of England" While she is still a QUEEN OF ENGLAND that MOAI CROWN FEDERAL STATE Government of ourselves CHARGED her before she ABDICATES and or before the 28th July 2014 with the NOTICE of this LETTER before that happens to you to FREEZE her ACCOUNTS and ASSETS on this 27th Day of July 2014 New Zealand Time and the 26 July 2014 British UK Time. Who have been using our Ownership Flag for these Businesses have used our FLAG and SEALS of KING WILLIAM IV without our Express CHIEFS permission. We want to see who in the New Zealand "THE NEW ZEALAND BUSINESS ROUNTABLE" collecting Interest for the QUEEN of ENGLAND and "NEW ZEALAND TREASURY" I order the SFO here to conduct an INVESTIGATION of these Company's the Queen is using to collect moneys on our TRUST BENEFICIARIES Behalf. Jaymie and I have proof that we are Classed as Beneficiaries of our State still and CLAIM to the QUEEN VICTORIA TRUST that they are Committing FRAUD with the FUNDS we never got yet. I am calling up the SETTLEMENT of HM TREASURY ACCOUNTS of the QUEEN OF ENGLAND ELIZABETH WINDSOR Elizabeth Windsor by HAPU with you.
Matters concerning this QUEEN VICTORIA MOAI HAPU NATIVE "TRUST" May have changed its name and conducted the Business ASSETS in a way that we have never approved. Including the BANK OF ENGLAND Terms 2014 are Quantitative Easing and QUEEN ELIZABETH MYTHS Fractional Banking which we found dated today before they "CROWN" destroy it, now LOCKED in this INJUNCTION Letter I have dated today while it is still in existence in it's FRAUD FORM CAUGHT in TIME 26 July 2014 British Time. Before they EXTINGUISH it we BILLED CHARGED Debtor LEVIED the QUEEN and POPE and ROTHSCHILD BANK for USD $1141,900 Million Trillion Trillion in GOLD BULLION BAR and GBP Sterling Pound Note Currency or £750 Million Trillion Trillion GBP as of today OPPT World BANK Foreclosure Figure. I have already made CLAIMS against in AFFIDAVITS for the HIGH COURT hearings in London as from today. The £17 Trillion Pounds the QUEEN says she owns the LAND Values we SEIZE as well for all her CRIMES against the COMMONWEALTH Countries that our TRUST has found its way into and has been COMPROMISED Illegally without our Consent. The QUEEN SOFIA and KING JUAN CARLOS and PRINCE ANDREW are still our TRUSTEES and I want you and our Executive Committee of Private Investigators EX PATS from your Country SFO and our SFO to mount an Investigation from WESTMINSTER on your MONDAY 28 July 2014 in Lieu of this Letter ordering a FREEZE on HM TREASURY and the BANK OF ENGLAND GOLD TRUST FUND of QUEEN ELIZABETH II as our HEAD TRUSTEE For our INCORPORATIONS here in New Zealand. I am the "MOAI CROWN" PRIVATE PROSECUTOR in the COURT CASES KINGS BENCH Ordering this INVESTIGATION of all the PERSONS I have named and Photo Identified on facebook which the HIGH COURT OF ADMIRALTY Rolls Building in London accepts. As Admissible evidence in our hearing. You will notice that you are on our Panel of Authority as our LEGAL COMMERCIAL LIEN LEVY CREDITORS Partner. That means you are responsible as much as I am to call a hearing on these serious Allegations I have made for us is no trouble Justifying. I have made the BILL DEBTORS LEVY amount here as SETTLEMENT of their DEBTORS ACCOUNT as they failed to REFUTE our AFFIDAVITS. Now from YOUR HIGH COURT should we need to go there. THESE are PRIVATE COMMERCIAL LIEN CONTRACTS under MOAI ADMIRALTY COURT MARTIAL LAW OF PRIVATE PROSECUTIONS! We really don't require LAWYERS as it is the KINGS HIGHEST COMMAND that I am ACTING AS the KINGS ROYAL REVENUE CREDITOR TAHITIAN NATIVE MOAI MONARCH SOVEREIGN versus the QUEEN OF ENGLAND CASE!
Please find enclosed the evidence of our Flag Bearing "OCEAN MONARCH" on the SHAW SAVILL SHIPPING LINES as PROOF OF CLAIM we are who we PROCLAIM to be the OWNERS and BENEFICIARIES of that TRUST FUND. I have outlined what that FLAG means is the 8 pointed Star is one eighths point of the deal for Queen Victoria Trading Bank Contract Line SHIP Here the SHAW SAVILL and you her EX PATS living in New Zealand. And the remaining seven eighths of the deal for our NATIVES 7 WAKA Canoes that came here from 7 Countries in the PACIFIC ISLANDS of MOAI PACIFIC RING OF FIRE Doctrines of Discovery Boundary area of TITLE. To the LANDS your Immigrants OCCUPY, PAY Interest to the QUEEN OF ENGLAND holding our MOAI TRUST FUND. Where that Money goes is very much our Economic Investment Business Deal set up with you the BRITISH People is still intact. If you look at the LEGAL TITLE of the New Zealand Government, is a Government in EXILE behaving FRAUDULENTLY I want to come there and show you the MISMANAGEMENT and CORRUPTION of our TRUST and the US FEDERAL STATE Government we call for their Involvement in the SCAM with the JESUITS of the VATICAN and ISRAEL causing MAYHEM to the people I would like to offer a solution. I am confident in what we will do and you can see our facebook has many unrebutted Affidavits to support our CLAIMS! And I have asked KAREN HUDES to REFUTE our MOAI CROWN CLAIM to this FUND she claims is for AMERICANS and BRITISH people and HUMANITY! Our MOAI HAPU Natives Contract has nothing to do with AMERICANS HUMANITY or any one else as I see it. It has only Legal Title between you in Westminster where it was born from in STATUTE LAW of KING WILLIAM IV and MOAI HAPU Natives in AOTEAROA New Zealand, cannot be legally TRANSFERRED to another TRUSTEE without yours and my CONSENT on ENGLAND SOIL!
I would like you to FREEZE the NWO AGENDA 21 CLAIMS to this GOLD TRUST FUND till we get there for the TRIAL between the VATICAN and QUEEN and MOAI BENEFICIARIES please.
With your acknowledgement of this Commercial and Commonwealth partnership with Britain UK we can set up Business here immediately direct from Britain with this TRUST FUND and order. For the British Military to come on our MOAI HAPU LAND Blocks at RANGITUKIA EAST CAPE where our MOAI TIDAL TURBINE Projects are ready to go. I am hoping you will help to get the Project for Dover and Brighton for these Turbines to be installed there. It's on facebook major achievement for the Economy there and here needs to expand your business here as my people are waiting for the go ahead at RANGITUKIA now, take us seriously. COWI LTD Denmark are the Design Engineers for this Project. The Product is Hydrogen Jet Fuel for the British LAPCAT A2 Passenger Aircraft which need s this Project right now. We can go over that as well with PWC Accountants there who have the plans here in New Zealand ready to go only our TRUST FUND to be released in the 250 Countries you will see on our website standing still through lack of funds. A greater amount of people are following this popular project online now and I want you to grab it first and get us over there now before the Americans step in here and mess the whole place up like they are doing all over the world with Israel killing everyone in sight a in Palestine.
We will be building the new Rocket powered Ship Submarine that is adaptable for Military use I want to go over this with you and your Ministers. HRH Prince Regent Jeff Foley has approved it for Passenger Tourism Business in Samoa with me immediately. He and Melbourne University has applauded its design so this is going to bring more business to the British Economy and BOOST the POUND NOTE Up further. A plus in our Talks Finance and Government planning with the British Engineers. I am keen on meeting I am the Designer of MOAI Tidal Turbine Energy Project for 250 Countries in Trade partnership with your country as the Ship Design Engineer.
I am hoping to go into Plymouth Devon Port England to set up our Base on KING WILLIAM IV Estate Property with Jaymie and here at DEVON PORT Auckland as well if you let the SFO and Police here know we have the TITLES Intact under the MOAI CROWN FEDERAL STATE British DUAL Government online facebook site. Then I will promote that as well and seize the FRAUD property on 61 Cook St Auckland that you allow Graeme Aylett "AYLETT INVESTIGATIONS" one of your EX UK Detective Sergeants working with our Team to go ahead after you reply to me suffice to say go ahead and seize it on the strength of the QUEEN Fraud case links to these offenders by her ELIZABETH WINDSOR DEFAULT CONVICTIONS as a Criminal Felon Proven beyond a doubt in the World Court to be True. That makes New Zealand Government "Crown" Corporation Agents ACCESSORIES to the FRAUD QUEEN OF ENGLAND. Graeme come there with us too after we go to sort SAMOA set up the Tourism Business with Jeff Foley then go to DOVER in England to sort the site for MOAI Tidal Turbines with Matt Taylor who is promoting MOAI already in his Media GUERRILLA NEWS coming there to see you. That's in the Media now all over Britain, so I don't want to disappoint anyone there who want to support the concept.
MOAI HAPU still have British Citizenship under this KING WILLIAM IV FLAG so I am asking you to raise it in Westminster Parliament and make it work for us and not the VATICAN and EXILED QUEEN OF ENGLAND we are coming to Arrest for FRAUD and SEIZE our TRUST back. This is not a tall order but a CRIMINAL Investigation that has he HALL MARKS of FRAUD & Corruption. And as far as I am concerned the QUEEN is NOT IMMUNE from either JEFF FOLEY or myself a NATIVE MONARCH WANOA of MOAI HAPU Memorial Face of GODS GRACE AUTHORITY, Tikanga MOAI Lore. Standing in QUEEN ELIZABETH II Great Court in London, Brussels, New York, Singapore, Washington DC, Chile, New Zealand France is my MONARCH SOVEREIGNTY TITLE SPIRIT I speak from that AUTHORITY as NATIVE Surname WANOA. So it means I have Authority higher to GOD than the lowly QUEEN who has Betrayed you in Westminster is Serious CRIMES against our Beliefs she doesn't acknowledge. You can now see her Royal Family are Pedophiles and need cleaning out. I will be using HRH Prince Regent Jeff Foley CONSTABLES TITLE with MOAI CROWN FEDERAL STATE ARREST WARRANTS to ARREST the QUEEN and take her into COURT myself. If you and your Cabinet agree to recover the stolen wealth that belongs in BRITAIN and not in AMERICA, ITALY, ROME or the EU Parliament NWO New World Order ZIONIST Illuminati JESUITS and POPES. I think you will agree we have had enough of their KILLINGS and OATH of the JESUITS is not acceptable anymore and with ISRAEL in it too
Phillip Hammond
Thank you I await you reply and with my people here in New Zealand and Pacific Island and in Britain. You must stop the QUEEN stealing our INHERITANCE LAND GOLD and TITLES and get us there immediately please. We have growing support from Britain now so lets get this sorted out. Please note that all our Documents are stamped with MOAI CROWN SEAL that's standing in LONDON and KING WILLIAM IV ADMIRALTY SEAL FLAGGED is our PATENT RIGHTS & BRAND NAME to our new Business ventures. I am hoping your Government will encourage and Own this TRUST as we do too finally we make tos Legitimate Claim that no one has. I feel our Economies are intact with a big Ocean here we can both exploit with the People of te world unhindered and not forcing the issues. I do not wish the American come here and POISON it and SHAKE It to bits. It will be better do something about it or we may lose it all when we have it all.
I will enter into Parliament there from Plymouth England once I settle in as a candidate in as a British Citizen to speed things up. I think I will prove to be better than all those Pedophiles that's corrupted a good Parliament so take me serious on that offer. I am pretty good at British Politics and have new Ideas out with the old and up with Technology. Why don't you try me out and see.
I am expecting a reply from you so we can make arrangements to come to Westminster London
John Wanoa (HOANI KAHAKI) Customary Legal Advocate Royalist Assignee.

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