Tuesday 22 July 2014


A network of investigative citizen journalists and detectives naming the names, places, dates and times of the Cabal and their evil practices.

  • The Deputy Prime Minister uses the alias of "Simon Paul Clegg" in the boardroom with the sinister sportswoman "HRH The Princess Roy Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Laurence" (see links to London 2012 & Lord Paul of Marleybone below).
  • The Liberal-Conservative coalition drew up their contract within two weeks of the 2010 election using a tool called David Laws (with Previous at Barclays and JP Morgan's banks) to secure the treasury cash for private initiatives (like the theft of student fees) and to impose austerity on the poor people who voted for them in good faith.
  • Globally, the trend towards distrust of politicians mean that a landslide victory for people, that actually work for the people, is a non-starter.

The United Kingdom is riddled with fraud. Within British Borders these economic/financial/corporate sector crimes are traceable but once they export the theft to other continents it gets less easy to detect (with the exception of the Cairn, Aventis and Areva frauds, reported even in the press, involving PM Cameron, PM Singh of India and corrupted directors like Ann Laveron who are now facing the wrath of/legal investigation by decent honest directors, shareholders and investors).   Dennis Thatcher taught his wife Margaret how to steal from innocent investors and savers by introducing her as a young, but ambitious, trainee in what was a Jewish sector of North London

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