Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Terry May
Alternative media campaigners are calling Theresa May’s inquiry into child-abuse a whitewash even before it’s begun.

Championed by Michael Doherty, a prominent anti-paedophile crusader, the fact that Theresa May chose the NSPCC to conduct the inquiry has sent alarm bells ringing.

Michael makes the comment on his Facebook:

Government asks NSPCC to head up inquiry into #childabuse
Like asking Jimmy Savile to run a nursery

Before commenting again hours later:

Leading 'light' in ‪#‎NSPCC buys ‪#‎Saville former holiday home...
Says he’s looking for somewhere to take the grandchildren on holiday. ..
What the perfect place to take them the home of Britain’s most notorious abusers
These people are sick

The NSPCC has been thoroughly exposed as an insidious organization by Chris Spivey, the alternative media’s most controversial journalist.

To cut a long story short, a former South African ANC/MK Terrorist Heinrich Grosskopf was given a top job at the NSPCC.

Additionally, the fact that the Dark Lord himself, Peter Mandleson is a patron of the NSCPP, sends shivers down everyone’s spine and reinforces the belief that this will be a white-wash in the same vein as every other white-wash in Westminster’s history.

After-all, enjoying rodents crawl up his anus to scratch furiously against his rectum until it dies; comes as no surprise to the AV community that Peter Mandleson’s name is on the list of known paedophiles in Westminster.

Back to Michael who makes the point:

Peter Mandelson patron of #NSPCC
Gov gives #childabuse inquiry to head of NSPCC
#whitewash exercise for sure

Tom Pride, a leading blogger in the AV community reinforces this belief by making this darkly comical statement:

“However, authorities have assured the public that emergency supplies of sterile white liquid wash are already being stockpiled at Westminster should there be a danger of any excrement hitting the cooling fans and coming into contact with anyone important.”

With the option of a full public inquiry still on the table, Theresa May has ordered a panel of experts to examine evidence that successive governments, charities, political parties, the NHS, the BBC and the Church failed to protect children from paedophiles; while a second review by the head of the NSPCC, Peter Wanless, will examine the way the Home Office handled allegations over three decades, after it was found to have lost 114 files relating to claims of abuse.


Tasked with ensuring three priorities are met:

  • The prosecution of the people behind these disgusting crimes.
  • The presumption of maximum transparency.
  • Where there has been a failure to protect children from abuse, to expose it and learn from it.

Who the panel is made up from will be essential to its success.

Michael Doherty
Michael Doherty puts himself forward:

Inquiry into #childabuse announced by Home Secretary.
How about we nominate a member or members of the public to sit on the panel?
I’m sure you’d support my nomination if I put my name forward

What say you?

Other people who must be included to ensure this isn’t a WHITEWASH are:

  • Bill Maloney
  • Sonia Poulton
  • Chris Spivey
  • Brian Gerrish


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