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Baroness Butler-Sloss
The Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to put Baroness Butler-Sloss in charge of the forced child-abuse inquiry has been met with a barrage of criticism from both the alternative and main stream media.

Leading the charge for a rethink is Michael Doherty, a leading crusader against paedophilia who said in reaction:

“What a Shocking announcement”

Having started a petition to: Demand members of the public are included on the Child Abuse investigation panel to ensure complete confidence in the integrity of the investigation.”

Sign the petition here.

Michael Doherty is amongst many others who remind us of the obvious conflict of interest.


Best summed up by Jonathan Calder from Liberal England who said:

“Baroness Butler-Sloss is the wrong person to chair the child abuse inquiry because she is too much part of the establishment,” and by MP and Select Committee Chairman Keith Vaz, who said, “because she is a member of the House of Lords.”

However, the main point of contention agreed by all is her brother, the former Attorney General and Lord Chancellor, Sir Michael Havers MP.

Michael Havers was in office during the 1980’s and who, as Spotlight on Abuse reminds us, was appointed Attorney General by Margaret Thatcher.

It’s emerging now that Margaret Thatcher surrounded herself with paedophiles and actively promoted and protected them. This compounded with the fact that Michael Havers intervened three times between 1981 and 1983 to stop investigations into Establishment paedophiles being members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, clearly infers that he himself is a paedophile at worse and a paedophile protector at best.

Either way, in a truly independent inquiry made up of the public, this man’s name may well have been brought up, but by tasking Baroness Butler-Sloss with the job of getting to the truth of the matter; it clearly demonstrates the Establishment’s intent to ensure the Westminster Child-abuse cover-up continues to cover-up the crimes which lead directly to Buckingham Palace.


Eighty year old Lady Butler-Sloss, the retired senior judge who chaired the Cleveland child abuse inquiry in the late 1980s said, “I'm honoured to have been invited to lead this inquiry. The next step is to appoint the panel and agree the terms of reference. We will begin this important work as soon as possible."


Having already put his name in the hat, Michael Doherty will also be honoured to be appointed to the panel to agree it’s terms of reference.

Only by appointing a truly independent panel from the public will this inquiry have any credibility and be allowed to continue in it’s present form.

Other names recommended to be on the panel include:

  • Bill Maloney
  • Brian Gerrish
  • Kerry-Ann Howitt
  • Brenda ‘Mumsy’ Mcnamara
  • Sonia Poulton


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