Do you remember the Daily Mirror video that has been cut and spliced to try hide the fact that the Lee Rigby hoax was nothing more than that… A hoax?
If you do, then you may recall that they had some ex-copper called Peter Kirkham superimposed on the screen talking about how professional the armed police were whilst shooting the two Micks.
Well I am now publicly calling Kirkham a fraud.
Moreover, the Independent Police Complaints Commission concluded that the three firearms officers “acted appropriately“.
Now that is a very good choice of words – “acted appropriately“.
I say that because the armed police officers were acting and as such I now publicly accuse the IPCC of covering up the fraud.
You can find their report HERE
All three of the armed officers (two bald-headed girls and a female copper) quite obviously didn’t have a Scooby-fucking-do0 what they were doing.
In fact, if that is the crème de la’ crème of the British police force then fuck me, we are in trouble.
I therefore now publicly accuse Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dicks of corruption.
You see, had the gun in Michael Adebowale’s hand been working, then all three officers would have now been dead.
I do in fact cringe when I think of the trio all aiming their guns – or a Taser in the case of the female actor – at Adebolajo on the ground whilst Adebowale is staggering down the pavement, gun pointing in the armed plods direction and no doubt having to shout “Oi I’m here…  Look over here,… It’s me with a gun you pathetic useless wankers”.
Yet despite Michael Adebolajo being as fit as a fiddle – remember, he was shot in the arm and leg but had no problem moving across to the other side of the road in less than a second – all three officers decided to run over to Adebowale – who was now on the ground, having been shot at the fourth attempt by one of the bald birds.
The female officer whom I shall call Missy even managed to drop her fucking taser… But more on that later.
You see, by concentrating on Adebowale, despite there being no need to, ALL THREE of the pathetic actors turned their backs on Adebolajo, who having not yet been searched could have had a sub machine under his hoodie for all that the useless twonks knew.
Yet when they reached Adebowale who was on the ground apparently pointing the gun at them although I’m fucked if I know why because it wasn’t loaded and didn’t work anyway; instead of  the 3 Muppet’s following standard procedure and shooting to kill – which they should have done in the first fucking place – one of the Baldy Birds decides to be Clit Eastwood and shoots the gun out of Adebowale’s  hand, which then flies forward instead of backwards, apparently taking Adebowale’s thumb with it.
Now, you ought to know that between the 1st of January 1995 and the 22nd of May 2013, British Armed Police had shot 35 people.
Moreover, of those 35, all 35 died.
Yet on the 22nd of May 2013, two fellas are shot at close range, one twice, the second three times and both survived… Nothing to see here, move along!
Furthermore, they were both out of hospital within nine days – Adebowale being released after only six.
Never the less, back to the shooting and the actions of the three stooges.
You see, a few seconds following the trio’s charge towards Adebowale, Missy realises her error and rushes back to Adebolajo - where she stood for the next few minutes pointing her gun at him (Having dropped her taser)before deciding that she should perhaps maybe search him.
You will notice that neither Mick was put in handcuffs.
Yet the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) concluded that the tripe-lets had done great work:
An investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) concluded that Metropolitan Police firearms officers acted appropriately to the immediate threat posed by two armed men in Woolwich.
The outcome of the IPCC’s investigation has awaited the conclusion of the trial at the Old Bailey which today, 19 December, saw Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, convicted of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s murder.
IPCC Commissioner Derrick Campbell said:
“It is the IPCC’s statutory duty to investigate incidents involving police shootings. On the afternoon of the 22 May 2013 two men, responsible for Fusilier Lee Rigby’s shocking murder in Woolwich were shot by Metropolitan Police officers and IPCC investigators were deployed immediately. 
“What happened in Woolwich on Wednesday, 22 May, was truly appalling, the likes of which we have not seen before and I sincerely hope we do not see again. Our investigation in to the Metropolitan Police Service’s response to this incident found that the officers acted entirely appropriately and their handling of this unfolding incident was one that showed skill and professionalism when they were faced with men determined to wreak havoc on the streets of London.” 
Hmmm, not my idea of great work.
Course, when the trio came to court – well, only one of them came to court the other two had their statements read out – they certainly laid the bullshit on by the shovelful:
AN ARMED police officer thought one of soldier Lee Rigby’s alleged murderers was going to kill her as he ran towards marksmen waving his hands in a chopping motion, a jury has heard.
The officer, identified only as D49, said in a statement she “instantly” thought she would die, when Michael Adebolajo, 28, ran towards the BMW X5 she had driven to Woolwich in the aftermath of the soldier’s death.
Prosecutor Richard Whittam, QC, read her account to jurors at the Old Bailey, in which she said: “I saw a black male running at me waving both his hands in the air in a chopping motion. In his right hand I saw what I call a meat cleaver or a machete.
“I instantly thought, ‘he’s going to kill me’. I went to draw my Glock [handgun]. Due to my position in the car – the internal door has a panel jutting out – I could not immediately draw my Glock. It was a split-second decision to draw my Taser.
“I could still see the look in the suspect’s eyes. They were so wide and I could see the whites of them. He was shouting.”
She then saw a second suspect, said to be Michael Adebowale, 22, holding a gun. “I thought, ‘oh my God, he’s going to shoot me’. I feared for my life”.
Are you getting this old fanny?
Adebolajo had fuck all in his hand and I will show you where the cleaver came from shortly
As for Missy’s claim that “I could see the whites of his eyes”!
Is WD40 or whatever her name is for real.
She has been watching to many John Wayne movies mate.
Therefore, I now publicly accuse WD40 – or whatever the lying slags name is – of  knowingly giving a false evidence statement.
Carry on:
A second armed officer, identified as E48, was in court to give evidence in person.
Video footage of Adebolajo charging towards the officers and flying into the air as he was shot was played to the court. Adebowale was also seen falling to the ground as he was shot.
D49 kept her gun trained on Adebolajo as he lay on the ground, while E48 rushed back to the car to get a medical kit. He and another officer administered first aid to Adebowale.
You will note that none of trio thought to check on Rigby or order Tina Nimmo down onto the ground.
This is despite the three little pigs not knowing what faced them or who was who when they arrived at the scene
I will remind you that the IPCC report stated:
“The investigation found that the firearms officers did not know the full extent of the horrific situation that had taken place and they responded quickly and correctly to deal with Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. 
But please, do carry on:
E48 told the court that the officers had very little time to react when Adebolajo ran at them.
“He started to move towards the vehicle which started to raise my perception of the threat,” the officer said. “He almost instantly broke into a sprint and I realised we were being attacked. ”
The officer said D49, who was driving the car, was left “essentially unable to defend herself”.
But only because she is a proper clumsy cunt who I wouldn’t trust with a water pistol let alone anything more powerful.
Carry on with the perjury:
He told the court: “She had a pane of glass to protect her. It was not ballistic glass.”
The marksman opened fire on Adebolajo as he ran towards the car, telling the jury he was in “the frame of mind” that the suspect posed a threat. He then saw Adebowale, who was lying on the ground after being shot, raise his arm, the court heard.
“I’ve still got a distinct image in my mind of him holding a black revolver in his hand, which struck me as unusual because he’d just been shot.”

Photo: Just sayin’
The court also heard a statement from paramedic Nicholas Goh, who described Adebolajo as saying: “I don’t want anyone to die, I just want the soldiers out of my country. I did it for my God.”
Another paramedic, William Woolston, said in a statement that Adebolajo told him he believed in sharia law, and made repeated statements about British soldiers raping and killing women in Afghanistan.  Source
The ‘terrorists’ were very chatty then despite them both being shot – one twice, the other, three times…. And of course, the paramedics evidence is hearsay.
But what a crock of horse shit!
Now first off you will notice that Missy wasn’t in court.
This means that once again she couldn’t be cross-examined, which needed to be done since she alleged that Adebolajo was brandishing a meat cleaver, when he was in fact unarmed – as confirmed by the video evidence.
Never the less, it must be standard procedure for an armed copper when giving evidence, to say something along the lines of what the male bird, D49 told the court: “I’ve still got a distinct image in my mind of him holding a black revolver in his hand, which struck me as unusual because he’d just been shot.”
In fact, the whole crock of horse shit is similar to what the armed plod – named only as V53 – told the Mark Duggan inquest:
The marksman who shot Mark Duggan has described the ‘freeze frame’ moment when he thought the alleged gangster was about to shoot him.
The experienced firearms officer told an inquest yesterday how he saw Duggan leap out of a mini cab after the vehicle was stopped by police.
He said he saw the outline, barrel and trigger of a handgun when the suspect swivelled round to face him.
At first the marksman thought Duggan posed no threat, but changed his mind when he saw him ‘move the gun away from his body’.
Moments later the officer, known only as V53, shot Duggan twice.
The father-of-four collapsed and died ‘within 10 heartbeats’.
Giving evidence at the inquest into Mark Duggan’s death, the marksman said: ‘The world just stopped in my head. It’s like a freeze frame moment. The only thing I was focusing on is the gun.
‘I’ve assessed that at that time he’s not posing a threat to me. I’m hoping he’s going to drop it.
The next thing he does, he starts to move the gun away from his body.
‘He’s raised the weapon, moved it a couple of inches away from his body.’
The officer went on: ‘There is a line in the sand now. There is a tipping point… because he’s moved it away from his body I now have an honestly held belief that he is going to shoot me. Source
Duggan was later confirmed to be unarmed.
However, compare the IPCC’s report on Duggan to the old fanny written in the IPCC Woolwich report.
The Duggan report talks about gun casings being retrieved and in fact involved 11 armed police officers.
It also reads a lot more credible than the old fanny written about the Woolwich hoax:
During the evening of 4 August 2011, IPCC investigators were deployed to both the scene at Ferry Lane, Tottenham, where the incident took place, and to the Post Incident Procedure.  

Main lines of enquiry

The Post Mortem was carried out on Friday 5 August 2011 at Haringey Public Mortuary by Home Office pathologist Dr Simon Poole and the cause of death was given as a gun shot wound to the chest.  A further bullet struck Mark Duggan’s upper right arm.
Two police issue bullets and two police issue shell casings were forensically recovered at the scene.  Forensic testing subsequently showed that both bullets and shell casings were fired from a single CO19 officer’s MP5 carbine.
A non-police issue firearm was recovered from the scene complete with magazine containing one improvised round. Forensic examination has found that this weapon was capable of being discharged.
All 11 CO19 officers provided detailed statements following the incident.  They were completed on 7 August and received by the IPCC on 8 August.  The Strategic Firearms Commander, the Tactical Firearms Commander and other police officers involved in the operation, have also provided statements to the IPCC.
IPCC resources have been deployed in an effort to acquire evidence from other witnesses who may have seen the incident.
You can find that report by clicking HERE
Woolwich on the other hand only got Huey, Dewey and Louie.
Course, Mark Duggan was set up by the Metropolitan Police and subject to a police cover up which Bernard Hogan Howe is fully aware of.
You can find that evidence by clicking HERE
Mind you, given the people involved in the Woolwich hoax it is inconceivable that Boss Hogg didn’t know about this fraud either.
And whilst we are looking at who knew what about what, we might as well include Dr Simon Poole, the pathologist who supposedly carried out the autopsy on Rigby.
Now, you might remember from one of the recent previous articles that I have written on the Woolwich hoax that I told you about how Dr Poo broke down whilst  giving evidence at the Rigby murder
trial play.
Course, Dr Poo was one of the few people to actually see Rigby’s body… If indeed there was a body to see.
I mean, the Rigby family didn’t identify him and the jury never got to see any photos of his injuries.
Therefore, we only have Dr Poo’s word for what loosely passed for evidence in the murder trial.
I mean, come on, have you ever heard of a pathologist breaking down when describing a murder victims body?
He looks more like a country vet than a pathologist, don’t cha think?
Course, unsurprisingly when you google Dr Poo you find that there have been some results removed under the new data protection laws – otherwise known as government censorship.
However, when you begin to read what is available, it becomes clear that Dr Simon Poo is as important to the government as Dr Richard Shepherd of Princess Diana & Dr David Kelly fame.
I mean, for starters Poo was the pathologist for Mark Duggan (as you have already read in the snippet taken from the IPCC report) and as I have already stated, that case has more holes in it than a childs fishing net.
Yet why he was emotional whilst giving evidence in the Rigby murder trial is anyones guess.
After all, Rigby wasn’t the first attempted decapitation that Dr Poo had dealt with:
Forensic pathologist Dr Simon Poole, who examined the victim’s body after the incident, told the court: “The cut struck a particular artery on the left hand side of the neck. This would have been a major cause of bleeding and would have contributed significantly to the blood that was found at the scene.” Source
And Dr Poo gets about a bit too.
Take the case of 35-year-old Adam Green from Lewes in Sussex who was involved in a nightclub fight and died after the police got hold of him:
PC Holt, who is trained in CPR, arrived soon after the phone call and found Mr Green was not breathing.
He administered CPR to Mr Green, until paramedics and first responders arrived.
Mr Green was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, where he died on January 2.
Consultant pathologist Dr Simon Poole said it was remarkable Mr Green was revived at all after the incident.
The inquest heard how when the heart has stopped beating for about four minutes and oxygen is no longer pumping around the body, the risk of brain damage increases greatly.
East Sussex coroner Alan Craze said Mr Green’s death was a result of his own actions and recorded a verdict of death by misadventure. Source
But it was the Cocaine that done it apparently.
And then there is the mysterious case of Joyce Carol Vincent.
Dr Poo was the pathologist in the strange case too.
You will like this one though:
Shortly after Joyce left her job at Ernst & Young, she went to live in a shelter for victims of domestic violence in Haringey, London.
Virtually nothing is known about what may have happened there or of any of her relationships at this time.
Oddly, very little is known about who may have been implicated in the domestic abuse of Joyce, if any.
Other speculations include a fact that Joyce may have been engaged to get married but to whom is also shrouded in mystery.
She was not known to take illicit drugs or have any problems with excessive alcohol consumption. Evidently, from the corroboration of friends, she was not known to be much of a recluse.
Sometime in 2003, by which time Joyce had taken up residence in a bedsit neighbouring a shopping centre in Wood Green, North London, she passed away under mysterious circumstances. She was alone. On discovery of her body and at postmortem, there was no clear cause for her death.
Property repossession officials from the Metropolitan Housing Trust, a housing association based in North London, went to visit Joyce Vincent at her bedsit on the 25 January 2006 in Wood Green. She had fallen considerably behind on rent payments and an order had been put out to have her home repossessed.
The officials made a forced entry into the bedsit and came across a grim scene. The flat was in a neglected state having not been tended to for some time and in the living room, lying on a sofa, were the predominantly skeletal remains of Joyce.
She had been dead for almost three years and most mysteriously it was unclear how she died and why her body had gone undetected for so long with nobody querying her ‘disappearance’.
The post-mortem was conducted by forensic pathologist Dr. Simon Poole who referred to the discovered remains as in, “largely skeletal” state.
Due to the considerable decomposition of the body the only means by which identification of the corpse could be achieved was through comparison of dental records of Joyce Vincent with a holiday photograph of her where she is seen smiling. There was a match.
The cause of death was never ascertained, again due to the decomposed state of the remains, but police believe Joyce died of natural causes.
Peculiarly, the television in the room was still switched on. The heating was also still on and a small pile of unopened Christmas gifts lay on the floor not too far from the body.
PHOTO: Joyce Carol Vincent
So, she didn’t pay her rent or fuck all else for 3 years – the time it took to discover this apparently friendless beautiful young womans body – yet her heating was still on as was the TV etc, etc.
Hmmm, who else do we know who was found dead in peculiar circumstances with the heating switched on?
Yet strangely enough I have never come across this case before despite a film being made in 2011 about Vincent’s mysterious death.

However, things get even more interesting when you learn that Dr Poo was also the pathologist for the case involving  the death of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky:
The pathologist who examined the body of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky today ruled out any suggestion of murder.
Dr Simon Poole told the inquest that the cause of death was hanging which was “likely to have been self inflicted.”
He said there was no evidence of defence wounds on the body or clawing at the neck or signs of a violent struggle.
A bruise on the back of Mr Berezovsky’s head was consistent with him hitting himself on the bathroom radiator as he fell.
A fractured rib had probably been caused in a similar way when Mr Berezovsky’s body struck the side of the bath after death, the court heard.  Source
A straightforward hanging then despite Boris’s daughter claiming that her father was poisoned… Just like Jacintha Saldanha’s hanging really.
And I feel sure that they will actually get round to resuming the inquest into Jacintha’smurder suicide one day. 
No rush though.
I mean she only killed herself on the 7th of December 2012 and inquests into straight forward suicides are notorious for being extremely complicated… At least they are when the British government is involved.
Isn’t that right Keith Vaz?.
Course, Dr Poo has a knack of explaining away broken ribs.
The daughter of a retired martial arts teacher who died after several falls at the Whittington Hospital has raised questions over his care. 
Karate black belt George Stoker, 75, who lived in sheltered accommodation in Broadlands Road, Highgate, had three falls at the hospital in Magdala Avenue, Archway, before his death on January 29 from a punctured lung caused by fractured ribs…
In a report by forensic pathologist Dr Simon Poole, it was found he had most likely broken his ribs before he was admitted to hospital. But Miss Stoker, an administrator, said an X-ray taken before his hospital stay did not reveal any fractured ribs.
Dr Poole gave the cause of his death as impaired breathing, caused by severe chronic lung disease and multiple rib fractures as a result of osteoporosis. Source
Are you getting the picture yet?
Or is it all just coincidence?
I mean, there can be no doubting that Dr Poo gets allocated all of the high-profile cases.
Such as that of the England Cricketer Tom Maynard:
Maynard, 23, was electrocuted after stepping on a live track before his lifeless body was hit by a train, causing him to die from multiples injuries, Westminster coroner’s court heard.
The inquest today heard from a forensic pathologist who found traces of cocaine in urine samples taken after the accident. Hair samples found “consistent use” of cocaine and MDMA in the three and a half months before Maynard’s death. He had also been drinking heavily before being stopped by police, the court heard.
Police described the circumstances that led to Maynard being stopped in the early hours of the morning.
Officers in an unmarked car were patrolling the area looking for car thieves when they first saw Maynard’s black Mercedes.
They pursued the vehicle and found the driver looking “nervous and uneasy” before he fled on foot.
Forensic pathologist Dr Simon Poole told the inquest jury that Mr Maynard suffered burns to his feet, ankles and shin which were consistent with injuries suffered by skin touching live railway tracks. It was not possible to say, however, whether electrocution or the impact with the train caused Mr Maynard’s death, he added.  Source
It’s that pesky Cocaines fault again isn’t it.
In fact, it would seem that Dr Poo specialises in decapitation, broken ribs and cocaine related deaths.
Oh, and hangings.
Especially where 12-year-old boys are concerned:
A 12-YEAR-OLD boy from Langton Green who died in his family home was probably attempting “the fainting game”, an inquest heard.
William Lippell Stanesby was found by his mother in an upstairs corridor at the house in Holmewood Ridge.
His parents and then emergency teams tried to resuscitate him but The Judd School pupil later died at the Kent and Sussex Hospital.
Pathologist Dr Simon Poole said the cause of death was hanging. William’s parents, fearing the term “hanging” suggested his death was deliberate, asked for further explanation on the death certificate because “we will have to live with that word, and our family and friends will, for generations ahead”.  Source
Now, coincidentally enough, the aangirfan website included young Williams death in a number of mysterious deaths linked to the Navy:
On 2 July 2011, we learn that 12 year old William Lippell Stanesby has been found hanged at the family home in Langton Green, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent in the UK.
(Navy chief’s son, 12, dies in hanging accident Mail Online)
William’s parents are David Stanesby, 62, a prep school bursar andex-Royal Navy commander, and Sabrina Lippell, 55, a Royal Navy reservist commander. 
Tragic William Stanesby, 12, died after hooking a school tie around a door handle and leaning forward to 'choke' himself as part of a 'fainting game'
Photo: William Stansby
But that will just be coincidence too I would imagine.
Course, with all these horrific deaths under his belt, I still find it hard to believe that Dr Poo would get emotional over a soldier’s death.
Never the less, we will leave Dr Poo there for now and return to the three clowns who shot the two Micks
And indeed, a total amateur balls up would be the best way to describe this keystone cop type shootout, where one of them was fucking lucky not to be facing a murder charge… Not that they were firing real ammo anyway.
I mean, in the case of Mark Duggan only two shots were fired – one of them entering his chest and exiting on the other side.
That is to say; two shots, both on target, one dead body.
But not our 3 clowns. Ohhhh no.
Eight shots were fired, three missed completely, five were slightly on target and still one of the  two recipients leaves hospital after 6 days and the other after nine days.
There was no mention of bullet casings being retrieved either. Nor was there mention of Missy dropping her taser.
However had the bullets been real?
Well take a look
Woolwhich shhoting 2
Now if those three cunts are what pass for professional, then Dog help us.
Okay, why don’t I cut the fucking old fanny out and cut to the chase.
The armed coppers were actors and the knives that were taken off Adebolajo were in fact taken out of Missy’s jacket after being slung onto the road by Tina Nimmo who is also doing plenty of shouting and pointing.
However, take no notice of the weapon that you can see clearly because that is the bloody cleaver that Adebolajo is supposed to have had believe it or not.
That got there courtesy of the copper who was supposedly in the front passenger seat but who in reality wasn’t in the BMW at all – as evidenced in my article Mugged Off which you can read by clicking HERE.
tinaYou can watch the video for yourself by clicking HERE
Not convinced?
Well how about the fact that the trio are seen in a Sun Newspaper video taking their cue from a Director stood across the street.
Course, that part of the video is so brief and jumpy that you would have to be really looking hard for evidence… Like I was.
Let me hear you say; “good boy Chrissy”.
Neither did any of the trio once think about going to check if the victim Rigby was alive or not.
And when the paramedics did finally turn up, the two male bird coppers continued to work on Adebowale whilst Missy continued to work on Adebolajo.
Meanwhile, the Paramedics just stood and watched.
They too apparently didn’t think to go check on Rigby lying a few yards in front of them.
Fair do’s, but there is a lot more to come yet.
For instance, the escapade of Adebowale’s thumb.
Now, for a long time it seemed that the script writers didn’t know whether to go with the thumb blown off story, the fingers blown off story or hand intact story.
Course, the original script went something along the lines of Adebowale shooting his gun at the trio of armed plod, only to have the weapon backfire on him and blow his fingers off in the process.
The following are a few examples of Adebowale’s mishap reported in the MSM just after the incident had taken place:
The two black men in their 20s, waited calmly for armed police to arrive before charging at officers brandishing a rusty revolver, knives and meat cleavers.
When the old pistol was shot towards police it backfired and blew the thumb off one of the men.
Moments later they were cut down in a hail of bullets believed to be fired by a woman marksman. Last night both men were being treated in hospital for their wounds and will face questioning. Source
And who can forget Boya Dee’s articulate description:
He wrote: “The two black bredas [brothers] run this white guy over then hop out the car and start chopping mans head off with machete!!
“The first guy goes for the female fed with the machete and she not even ramping [messing about] she took man out like robocop never seen nutn [nothing] like it.
“Then the next breda [brother] try buss off [fire] the rusty 45 and it just backfires and blows mans finger clean off… Feds didnt pet [wait] to just take him out!!  Source
Strange really when you consider that Boya Dee is very articulate and does in fact write for the Guardian.
Course, if Boya Dee would just like to point himself out in the photos, along with Joe Tallant, I might actually believe that they were there… Although their accounts of the event would still be bollocks.
Never the less, more up to date reports continued to perpetuate the thumb myth, like the following  from the Telegraph on December 4th 2013:
“The next two shots shot his thumb off. The hand holding the weapon”, E48 said.   Source
And this one from the Daily Chimpanzee on December 3rd 2013:
One of the images shows Adebowale raising his gun at the officers even after he had been shot in the leg and stomach, forcing the officers to shoot him in the hand – blowing off his thumb.
Course, credit where credit is due, the vast majority of MSM newspapers managed to pixelate Adebowale’s hand in order to add credence to the old fanny.
And where did the fucking bullet go?
I mean, it isn’t lodged in the old rusty gun.
And neither would it have lodged in his hand.
However, I have doubted that Adebowale had lost any of his digits ever since I saw a court drawing of the ‘terrorist’ done on May 28th 2013 which showed him with his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his trousers – something you can’t do when you have had your thumb blown off.
I then became more suspicious still when it was revealed that his gun was neither working or loaded.
And I am pleased to say that my hours of searching for photos of his unpixelated hand paid off.
However, before looking at those photos , lets hear about Adebowale’s other injuries:
Adebowale was shot in the stomach and leg by officer E42 and fell to the ground but attempted to aim the gun at them again, the court heard.
E48 said: “He raised one of his arms up. I still have a distinct image in my mind of him holding a black revolver in his hand.”
Adebowale was then shot in the hand.
And dragged onto the grass verge by that same hand… oops… Sorry, just ignore me.
Please do carry on:
After securing the scene, E48 bandaged a wound in Adebowale’s leg which was pouring blood, the court heard.
“Once the threat is neutralised we have duty of care to all persons. We will try to save their life, whoever they are.” Source
Hmmm, shame they didn’t think to go and try to save Rigby’s life.
Or preserve the blood loss from Adebowales leg which the court heard was “pouring blood”… Indeed the cleaners must have mopped that up very quick.
Okay, lets look at some photos.
And I will remind you that it was stated as fact in court that Adebowale had his thumb blown off – albeit via a different means in later reports.
He had also been shot in the stomach and leg which was “pouring with blood”.

And neither can the judges comment about the knives be left to go unchallenged.
I will remind you that he said: You had with you a total of eight knives and the gun.
Why did they?
I mean, what was the fucking point?
Knives don’t run out of bullets… Not that their gun had any… Not that it even fucking worked for that matter.
The following is how the Mirror reported the knife situation:
A jury at the Old Bailey was shown close up photos of a blood-stained machete, a wooden-handled knife, and a rust-coloured revolver recovered by officers.
They also saw the mangled wreck of the Vauxhall Tigra allegedly used by Adebolajo and Adebowale to run over the victim before crashing into a road sign.
Two knives found by police after the defendants had been shot matched packaging from a box of knives bought at Argos the day before the killing which was on the passenger seat in the car. Source
But how the fuck were the jury to know that the knives were REALLY found on the passenger seat of the car?  
After all, we already know that the passenger door would no longer open. So what were they doing on the passenger seat?
I mean, surely if the two Micks were going to use them they would have been on the driver’s seat where they could gain access to them.
Or are we supposed to assume that Adebowale was sitting on them?
Would you use a knife that had been up Adebowales arse?
After all, he didn’t look capable of standing let alone wiping his bum.
But just like the rucksack, the photos of the knives were absolutely fucking pointless… As was the photo of the car for that matter.
Now how the fuck are the jury to know from the above where the knives were?
Moreover, how the fuck are the jury to know that was the car that was used?
They cannot see if it is an automatic or not … Indeed it is meant to be.
They cannot see if it has a towbar on the back, although why a poxy little Tigra has a towbar fitted is beyond me.
And since the cctv cameras failed to do their job in Artillery Place, Wellington Street and Tesco petrol station by not picking up the registration number, the photo evidence is as pointless as a chocolate fucking sunhat.
Never the less, the judge says that the two Micks had a total of 8 knives and a gun with them… That was a direct quote by Judge Sweeney on the 26th of February 2014 when he sentenced Michael Adebolajo to life without parole and Michael Adebowale to life with a minimum 45 year tariff.
Therefore, his sentencing remarks want to be one hundred percent fucking accurate.
This isn’t a comedy – well it is but it isn’t meant to be –  this is two mens lives… In theory.
So, with that in mind we have no choice but to assume that the silly old cunt in a wig is roping the cleaver into that figure of eight.
Now, it is fair to say that the Mirror in its reporting are deliberately confusing the issue.
I mean, just what the fuck are the cunts saying here:
Two knives found by police after the defendants had been shot matched packaging from a box of knives bought at Argos the day before the killing which was on the passenger seat in the car.
Are we to assume that the two knives were still wrapped and they matched the rest of the knives found on the passenger seat?
Or does they mean that the two knives were found on the passenger seat, still wrapped and that matched the packaging that they found elsewhere.
Or does it mean… In fact fuck that, you get the picture.
Course, the confusion is there just to muddy the waters so as cunts like me can’t figure out what is what:
The jury were shown pictures of the bloodstained knives, the machete and the rusty gun wielded by the killers.
Further photographs showed the damage to the Vauxhall Tigra and its interior contents, including the box of knives bought from Argos and a knife sharpener. Source
But they can go and fuck themselves because the Judge said that they had 8 knives and a gun and his words are the only ones that count.
Therefore, there should be 8 knives, 8 bullet casings and a gun under 17 plastic covers, taped to the fucking road surface by the men who point a lot… Agreed?
Of course you do. It is the odd bod plod squad who are retarded, not us.
We shall ignore the fact that there are only 11 plastic covered exhibits.
Mind you, since number 1 is errrr… Something or other and number 2 is the taser dropped by that professional police marksman – and we shall also assume that the police weapons don’t discharge bullet casings hence they are not covered in plastic – we do then, in theory have our 8 knives and a gun.
Incidentally I can’t see where Adebowale was “bleeding profusely” from his leg wound in the above photos… Just sayin’.
Course, Adebowale only had the gun and one knife on him which means Adebolajo must have had 7 knives (one of which was the cleaver) on him… How fucking ridiculous is that?
I mean, the cunt couldn’t even carry one knife without dropping it let alone seven.
Now obviously I have already shown you how some the knives got where they are, but take a look at this.
They don’t look shifty at all do they!
As for Adebolajo’s meat cleaver, I also know how that got where it was.
Moreover, Adebolajo didn’t put it there.MUST_CREDIT_ITV_NE_2570467Okay, that brings me nicely to the taser mystery.
And a mystery it is indeed as you are about to find out:
Three members of the Specialist Firearms Command were instructed to go straight to the scene in their BMW X5.
They were armed with Glock 17 self-loading pistols, Tasers and a Heckler and Koch MP5 carbine, the court heard.
Adebolajo was shot by one officer as he ran at the car and another officer shot Adebowale as he ran towards them holding a rusty gun, the court heard.
The driver D49 then got out and used her Taser on Adebolajo.
Adebolajo, who had suffered a gunshot wound to his upper left bicep, told paramedics: “Please let me lay here. I don’t want anyone to die. I just want the soldiers out of my country.”
He added: “Your government is all wrong. I did it for my God. I wish the bullets had killed me so I can join my friends and family.”
As he was lifted on to a trolley he said: “I want to thank the person who shot me.”
When one of the paramedics tended to the wound in his arm, he said: “Allah gave me this arm and you can do what you want with it.”  Source
Dog fucking help us if that is what passes for “specialist”… Mind you, the Mirror almost make the actors sound good in that version don’t they?
Never the less, reading that you would be forgiven for thinking that Adebolajo had just been shot the once.
Which kinda makes you wonder why we have seen photos of him being shot in the leg – albeit the blood was added onto the film.
Yet even if Micky was shot in the arm and leg and Adebowale was shot in the abdomen, leg and thumb, that is piss poor shooting by any standards… Eight shots, 3 missed and you daft twats believe that top knob copper Dick Head 0r whatever her fucking name is when she tells you what great work the useless cunts did.
Indeed, the female copper VD 49 or whatever the blind old slappers name is couldn’t even draw her gun and had to rely on her taser. And even then the clumsy cunt dropped it
tazer5And of course, as we already know, the grey hoodie fella then ushers everyone down onto the bus and then walks across the road, dips in the paramedics bag and then goes and picks the glove up.
So figure that fucker out? I mean, he could have meant the glove to land on the taser I suppose, but what would be the point?
But anyway, I will just remind you in photos of what I have just said about the grey hoodie man and whilst I am at it show you why having the men who point a lot there was pointless and just for show.
Now, I was actually in two minds as to whether or not include this next segment on the railings.
I mean, if I had left it out, there is a good chance that more conclusive photos about what I am going to say will be released in the future.
Never the less, the future is bleak so fuck it.
Now to fully appreciate this railing anomaly – if indeed one exists – we need to go back to when white, grey hoodie man is shepherding the actors/cadets onto the bus.
grey manOkay, that is enough for today, but more revelations to come very, very soon.
Until then, don’t believe the truth.