Wednesday 30 July 2014


The inevitable has happened and Chris Spivey, the alternative media's leading on-line journalist has been arrested for harassment.

Shying away from arresting him for libel or slander, Stephen Kavanagh the Chief Constable of Essex police force was forced to scrap the bottom of the barrel and come up with harassment as the means to an end.

While Chris will no doubt walk free due to the fact he was “preventing and detecting crime,” which is the exception to the rule of the Harassment Law, the incident will be viewed by ‘the powers that be’ as a job well done; having given themselves the opportunity to enter his home and look through his computer.

Prohibition of Harassment.
(3) Subsection (1) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows—
(a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime.

Stephen Kavanagh 

Broken to the world by Lisa, the administrator on Chris Spivey's facebook page, the message read:

“Attention we have a situation.... Chris has just been arrested for harassment, apparently under section 32, because he wouldn't sign under section 23. 4 police felt the need to search his flat and Stacey and Clay's room.... looking for cctv. They have took his computers and hopefully he will be released within 24 hours. keep you posted. Lisa x”

While the Alternative Movement have reacted with shock and concern to the news, it would appear Chris Spivey had an inclination that something like this was about to happen.

“Indeed, I have had an awful job getting my arse into gear all week accompanied by an underlying sense of foreboding constantly present in the back of my mind.
Course, the thunder and lightning which has been going on in my neck of the woods, without the usual accompanying torrential rain that you would expect from such atmospheric pressure has done nothing to allay my fear… Although ‘fear’ is probably not the right word.
You see, I am not scared. And neither is that bravado, it is simply the truth.
In fact whatever it is that is coming, I am indeed keen for it to arrive.
After all, I have little patience when it comes down to a waiting game.”

Going into further detail of the arrest with a post by Lisa on Chris Spivey ILLEGALLY arrested, the main points include.

  • Just after 2 am 6 police entered Chris’s property with a so called warrant.
  • Not only does he have his young daughter and a 1 year old grandchild on the premises who were verbally abused by some wanker dressed in a uniform, all her possessions were rifled through and they attempted also to take her phone.
  • After two hours of a bunch of retards who under the disguise of being up-holders of the law, who having woken the child and tried to make Chris sign for the computer stuff they had stolen.
  • His daughter Stacey was obviously very upset, whereupon our brave boys in blue told her to “Grow up”.


As the alternative movement is left reeling from the news, Chris Spivey’s trolls are having a field day!

“You really are one sick fucker Chris,” after having sent the message to all Chris’s fans, “your all behind him cos your all twisted arse bandits.”

Oblivious to the fact that Chris Spivey has done a service to Great Britain of which its impact has yet to be fully appreciated, Chris Spivey’s trolls are playing into the hands of the very criminals who control their minds and influence their actions.

As one man who evidently isn’t a Spivey Troll commented on a Chris Spivey Facebook thread:

“Seems to me that the authorities are feeling a need to discredit you. Instead of being Chris Spivey, free thinker.... you will now be Chris Spivey... who was charged with..... It's a way to try to undermine any influence you may have. They are flexing their muscles too - must be satisfying to know that they are finally worried that people are believing some or all of what you write.”

To a comment left by DJ and AV commentator Mark Devlin:

“Chris Spivey has been arrested. It seems the system doesn't like it when people tell the truth. 'Harassment', apparently. Can you harass crisis actors??”


Having been publicly called a “CRACKPOT WEB TROLL” by the Sun newspaper editor, the stark reality remains that more people are now reading Chris Spivey than are reading The Sun newspaper.


While no-one is under any illusion that these are grave times for Chris Spivey, his daughter Stacy and grandson Clayton, we must remember that Chris Spivey has balls of steel and as The Coleman Experience reminds us; is LEGEND.


No doubt ‘the powers that be’ had to do something to confront the sterling work of Chris Spivey and the very fact that they choose to arrest him on a harassment charge demonstrates they are clutching at straws.

The beauty of Chris Spivey’s investigative skills is that he only writes the truth and as we all know, there is no law against telling the truth.

Now while some people may fear the police may plant incriminating evidence on Chris’s computer, we must be aware that while Chris has made many enemies, a lot more people who remain silent, support him to the hilt.

Chris Spivey is legend because he has done what a million masked men have been unable to do and that’s to thrown the criminal British Establishment into panic mood.

The powers that be are running scared and simply have no contingency plan to deal with the likes of Chris Spivey, Bill Maloney, The Coleman Experience and many many more free thinking minds in the alternative media movement.

If there is anything we can do to help Chris and his family in their hour of need, it’s to keep calm and have faith that Chris will bounce back stronger than ever.

Remember that Chris saw this coming and like he said, “I am indeed keen for it to arrive.”

This is the opening shot of the British Revolution and leaving the last word to Chris Spivey:


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  1. Well done Chris. We are thinking of you. You are in my prayers everyday. I hope you kick their asses. You were preventing many crimes from taking place. Well done.


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