Tuesday, 22 July 2014


A screen-shot of ITV's offending post
Chris Spivey the UK's leading on-line journalist has hit out against ITV for stoking up racial hatred.

Published on his Facebook status:

"ITV, in an effort to stoke up more racial tension have released a private chat that "Investigators" read in a WhatsApp messages between a group of teachers who believe that the murder of Lee Rigby was "staged".

What the fuck has this country come too when you cannot express your views in a private conversation.

Course, the men in tights could have saved a packet in peoples tax money by simply naming my website if they wanted to vilify someone for saying that the Lee Rigby murder was a hoax.

Or perhaps the clever cunts who listened in on this conversation were the only men in tights not to know about my site... And perhaps ITV are the only MSM outlet who also don't know about my site.

Or perhaps the racist cunts know that I am not a Muslim, not Asian, and anyone reading my evidence will not be able to pull it to pieces.

The penalty for inciting racial hatred is 7 years in prison... ITV bosses are guilty of doing so. Make your feelings known.

Course, it is very hard to make people understand that the Rigby murder was a hoax because you are dealing with people like the woman who left the following comment on the ITV article. Beam me up Scotty:

'you now every country has enamys within even if there born there. it about time people lived together now matter what there god is we in uk live were goverment rule not the church and people that have settled here should live this way becouse after all there ansecters came to live in a peacefull land were there was no fighting and to bring up familys with out been scare. we can all live together and go to our own church and live out our own religen we have done this for a number of years now. people should now they still can be done for tresan is the court whont to. our uk is not like other countrys were RE rules think about it what you whant for your children kill becouce the man/woman stud at the side of you is not your faith or peace and love.'"


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