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Jason Kitcat
High drama in Brighton as the beleaguered City Council leader Jason Kitcat battles to save his position and reputation.

Billed as the ‘Great Brighton Stink’, the city bin-men have gone on strike in direct response to Jason Kitcat’s move to cut working allowances, which in turn will hit the lowest and hardest workers in Brighton and Hove Council.
Alex Philips

This follows hot on the heels of unprecedented actions by Green party members against their own leader.

It all started with a Tweet by Councillor Alex Philips to Labour Councillor Warren Morgan asking him to join the conspiracy to oust Jason Kitcat via a coup d’etat of a vote of no confidence, leading to the leadership election of new leader, Councillor Phelim MacCafferty.

Warren Morgan promptly made the private Tweet public and the fall-out has been shocking ever since.

As Warren Morgan says, ‘The Green Party in Brighton and Hove is irrevocably split.

Warren Morgan
‘To ask an opposition group to help oust their party leader and choose a new one is utterly desperate and absurd.’

‘The Greens cannot now reasonably expect to run the city council.’


Matt Follett resigns his seat on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Phelim MacCafferty
A Green party councillor for Brighton’s Hanover and Elm Grove, has gone to great pains to stress that his resignation has nothing to do with the attempted coup d’etat against party leader Jason Kitcat.

He says ‘The Green Party is fortunate to have such a diligent group leader in Jason Kitcat.’

Matt Follett
Rob Shepherd, Chairman of Brighton and Hove Green Party assures us ‘Matt’s decision to stand down today was made several days ago and his resignation letter was written before any events associated with yesterday’s council leadership confirmation came to light.’

Reiterating: ‘There is no relationship between Matt’s resignation and the recently publicised Twitter conversation between a Green councillor and a Labour councillor.’

Matt Follett puts the record straight ‘I am moving to live with my family in another party of the country’.

Rats often smell impending danger and perhaps Matt Follett smelt the ‘Great Brighton Stink’ coming, hence moving his family as far away from Brighton as possible. Perhaps Matt Follett and his family smell the clean scented air of the Orkney Isles as we speak.


Brighton Green Party has three options argues Neil Harding, an Electoral Reformer and Brighton Blogger.

  • Turn into union bashing Tories by sacking striking workers
  • Split up
  • Back down

Jason Kitcat admits ‘90% of all staff will see very little or no change, 10% will see an increase in take-home pay and a minority will see a reduction.’

Neil Harding breaks the figures down and blogs his findings here.

‘What this means in practise is those on £30K to £140K are seeing increases while those on £17K to £19K are seeing their pay massacred & those right at the bottom are only gaining a pittance’.


A useful idiot?
In political jargon, useful idiot is a pejorative term to people perceived as propagandists to a cause whose goals they do not understand, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

I’m sure Jason Kitcat is pure of heart and aims to do his best as a Green Councillor and leader of Brighton and Hove Council, for the people of Brighton and Hove.

Seen as a technocrat, nerd and blogger, Jason Kitcat is regularly hitting headlines which his unabashed self publicity stunts.

In 2010 he was cleared after appeal of breaching Brighton and Hove copyright rules of posting footage of himself asking questions from council web-casts.

From Youtube channels to out-spoken comments on deserving more, Jason Kitcat has been signalled out for ridicule and hate.

But perhaps he’s been unfairly treated.

Giving praise where praise is due, Jason Kitcat has climbed the latter of Green politics to be its party leader. But perhaps his trust of council officers is his downfall, and that of the Green Party in Brighton.

‘There are faceless bureaucrats behind the scenes coming to Jason Kitcat with legal opinion (that they argue has to be kept secret) that something has to be done about pay,’ warns Neil Harding.

‘Kitcat must feel backed into a corner and unable to change course because of his loyalty to his bureaucrats.’

Uncle Protein posts a reply on the Brighton and Hove News site, which sums up the feelings of many residents in Brighton and Hove.

‘How long will it take to our city to recover from the excesses of the Marxist Green Party?’



Green party members issue the ultimate ultimatum.

‘Unless you are prepared – even at this late moment – to change course, we believe the best thing you can do for our party is to resign.’

In an open later to Jason Kitcat and published by the Brighton Evening Argus newspaper, fellow members of the Green Party from all over the country are said to be watching events unfold in Brighton and Hove with ‘growing horror’.

‘We cannot watch silently any longer.’

Party members have been left stunned and reeling from the actions of Jason Kitcat.

‘We have watched while you have ignored the clearly expressed views of the Brighton Green Party, Brighton’s Green MP and a significant number of your fellow Green councillors.’

‘We have watched while a group of workers have been forced into taking strike action against a Green council! – in order to defend their livelihoods.’

Leaving the last word to Gary Martin, who commented on the Evening Argus comment section:
‘Jason, get your head out your backside. It’s over.’

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