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Guilty of Manslaughter
This stunning headline has been inferred from a report published by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, about the economic impact on children.

It found that the Government’s austerity measures will negativity impact on 600,000 of the nation’s poorest kids.

The report makes no bones about it, ‘Families with children in the poorest 10% of the population are losing an average of £40 per week.’

‘More children are entering poverty, ultimately, that means more children going without the basics because their parents and carers cannot afford them.’

Children will inevitably die. Children will starve to death and will be abandoned to the State.

‘The report is the most comprehensive and accurate analysis to date on what exactly is happening to the poorest and most vulnerable members of society’, says Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England.
Maggie Atkinson

This disturbing news comes hot on the heels of the announcement that the Queen will receive £5 million extra in funds.

The inference that the Queen is killing our children is starkly illustrated with the news that ‘The Sovereign Grant’ will give £36.1 million a year to the Queen from tax payers money, which the Conservative Government can no longer afford to give to the nation’s poorest children.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is taking millions from the poorest children in her Kingdom to ensure her grandchildren receive the same from life, as she did.

Children are dying so she can live in the lap of luxury.

It will only be a matter of time before a family is found dead in their family car. The mother and father would have feed the exhaust gases back into the car to kill themselves. The suicide note will read ‘I blame the Queen for murdering my family.’


Expectant parents
William and Kate are refurbishing their Kensington Palace apartment, to the tune of £1 million, to create the perfect home for their new baby.

Whilst most expectant parents in the UK make do with £500 spent at B&Q, William and Kate can sit back and watch the decorators do the work for them.

While one child lives in opulent luxury, a million more live in abstract poverty.

The Royal Family are famed for their luxurious life-styles. The Queen enjoyed an upbringing much like the Buddha, who as a Prince was isolated in a bubble of opulence and comfort, away from the real world until early adulthood, where he saw illness, poverty and death for the first time.

King George and Queen consort Elizabeth made it a rule to give the princesses (Elizabeth and Margaret) the best of everything; ensured nothing more stressful than the decision of which toy to play with, should inflict upon their lives.

A happy Monarch
The same happened to Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward and the same amount of privilege was afforded to William and Harry and the other Royal grandchildren.

It’s the same for all aristocracy. With enough money in the bank, anyone can lead a life of abundance, luxury and ease.

As Royal tradition dictates, the new Royal baby will enjoy the life-style which the Royal family have become accustomed to, and will continue to live, as it has been for hundreds of years.

Conveniently for the Windsor Royal family, the British taxpayer foots the bill.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER - Not even Royal Dynasties.

According to this calculation, the Windsor Royal Family has only 3 years left to reign.

The Normans                          1066-1154                   (88 years)
The Plantagenet’s                    1154-1399                   (245 years)                                          
The House of Lancaster           1399-1461                   (62 years)
The House of York                  1461-1485                   (24 years)
The Tudors                             1485-1603                   (118 years)
The House of Stuart                 1603-1714                   (111 years)
House of Hanover                    1714-1910                   (196 years)
House of Windsor                    1910-                           (103 years and counting)          

To find the average, add up the years each Royal dynasty reigned and divide by the number of Royal dynasties. Thus the Windsor Royal family is predicted to reign on average for 106 years. Time is running out.


All indications point to a Royal Rothschild Family, as favorites to take over from the Windsor’s.

It’s envisaged that the end of the Windsor Royal family would come about after the scandal to beat all scandals. The perfect scandal, which would see the Windsor’s banished to the wastes of Canada in disgrace and shame.

Imagine the scenario that upon the death of Queen Elizabeth, historical documents will come to light which prove she and her sister, Margaret, were illegitimate daughters of none other than Sir Winston Churchill.
Winston Churchill + Queen consort = Elizabeth and Margaret
Public uproar will ensue.

Constitutional lawyers will call the Windsor bloodline a fraud, because Elizabeth wasn’t the biological daughter of King George VI. All claims from the Windsor's to the British throne are therefore null and void.


The Rothschild family will enter the fray, with the revelation that Lionel Nathan Rothschild, the world financier in the 1800’s, was actually the father of King George VI.

Lionel Nathan Rothschild + Queen Victoria = King George VI
Again, leaked documents will rock the foundations of British society. Lionel Nathan Rothschild was the secret lover of Queen Victoria. The public will be equally shocked and enthralled.

No doubt, leaked documents will reveal Kate Middleton to be a long lost descendant of a Rothschild too. This will clean up the constitutional mess by keeping it in the family. The argument will be that as both William and Kate are descendants of a Rothschild; their Royal baby can be constitutionally crowned as the first Rothschild monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

The people will love it. ‘LONG LIVE THE KING, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN,’ the crowds will cheer.

With no counter-claim from the true descendants of King Arthur (whose true history had been suppressed by the Windsor’s to legitimate their fraudulent claim upon the British throne), the Rothschild’s will be left free to reign supreme, on average, for the next 106 years.

Long Live the Rothschild Royal Family

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