Thursday, 13 June 2013


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The downfall of David Cameron’s Government is imminent following explosive claims released by the Pie’n’Mash Film’s Bill Maloney and investigative journalist Ben Fellows.

Released on a youtube video, filmed somewhere in South East London, both men are seen sitting on a couch having a conversation.

Ben Fellows, an investigative journalist and victim of child-abuse recalls shocking details of an undercover sting operation against Ken Clarke in Ian Greer’s Parliamentary office.

Filmed by the Cook Report via a secret suitcase camera, the footage shows Ken Clarke grabbing Ben Fellow’s genitals believing him to be only 15 years old.

That night, back at the Cook Report office Ben Fellow and the team celebrated but were out foxed by John Major who had found out about it and facilitated Carlton Communications to buy Central Television to get hold of the Cook Report tapes.

To get hold of the tape showing Ken Clarke molesting Ben Fellows in Ian Greer’s office.

Carlton Communications (who was a client of Ian Greer at the time) bought Central Television as a favour. They were going to do it anyway, but much later.
Bill Maloney
The man tasked to get the tapes was none other than our present Prime Minister, David Cameron. He worked for Carlton TV as Head of Communications and was Ian Greer’s right hand man.

David Cameron handled the evidence of the Ken Clarke ‘grab-a-cock’ scandal, putting himself in the middle of a Parliamentary Paedophile cover-up.

Ben Fellows
John Major said this scandal was ‘so huge it’ll take down the Conservative Government.’

His words are echoing through the corridors of power as, yes indeed, the Ken Clarke ‘grab-a-cock’ scandal is taking down the Conservative Government.


Watch how Ken Clarke waffles, sneers and ridicules conspiracy theorists as he answers questions from Labour MP, Michael Meacher over his recent visit to the Bilderberg annual meeting in Watford.

He admits to being on the steering committee of Bilderberg and confesses that 10 years on the committee is too long for any one individual.

Jeremy Brown
Watch his infantile chuckles as he stutters and squirms through his answer. Look at the equally infantile Jeremy Brown, Minister of State from the Liberal Democrats, smirking beside him.

He admits that the Bilderberg meeting is one of many private gatherings he attends as a background to his activities.

Well, considering we now know that his background activities consist of groping cocks, and due to the secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg meetings, the public are naturally left to surmise that in fact they all met up behind locked doors at the Grove hotel to take off their masks and indulge in a glory fest of satanic murder, paedophile fueled orgies and cannibalistic feasts.

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