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John Thomason
John Thomason from Northamptonshire has invented a waste storage and transfer system which captures the 70% of wasted car admissions and stores it until you get home, where you can plug it into your house, to provide hot water and heating.

It’s revolutionary and available now. It’s an example of the solutions to all mankind’s problems, which are being solved on a daily basis by such men as John Thomason from Northamptonshire.

But, (and there is a huge but), as John Thomason himself points out; hurdles are being put up that postpone the future and drives it’s innovators to the edge of despair.

Atmos Innovations waste storage and transfer system
Common scene is being distorted to please edicts from unelected European bureaucrats.

I planned to blog about the Waterboost water engine, I first heard about on Showcase TV as a compliment to the system invented by John, but as you can see from their website, Europe got there first.

The European bureaucrats have ‘requested that the Waterboost be removed from sale until the 'efficacy' of the product can be scientifically proven.’

The Advertising Standards Agency have not specified by whom and in what way they are required to provide acceptable proof. 

The Waterboost system is a unit (Hydrogen fuelled injection system) added to the engine which uses water rather than oil to lubricate the running engine. Carbon deposits are like tiny bits of coal dust which is forever rubbing away your engine, but by using water, it improves the engine’s durability, its wear and tear, it delivers increased miles per gallon, a cleaner combustion, a cleaner engine and a cleaner emission.

Petrol and diesel cars are notoriously inefficient. As Oliver Smith, the inventor of the Waterboost system points out; 70% of every litre of fuel we spend our money on, is blowing out the exhaust. The motor industry identified this and supplied us with catalytic converters and filters which collect the wasted fuel and then charge us again for a new converter and filter to replace it. If only the vehicle burnt the fuel efficiently in the first place, then the problem would be solved.

After all, where would a 70% inefficiently rate ever be accepted in any other walk of life, other than the petrol industry? It sometimes feels as if we’re living under a conspiracy where the oil companies have a vested interest in waste inefficiency to maintain profits.

We have two products here which can save the world on their own merits, but common scene is being distorted by European edicts and hampering scientific innovation.

The Telegraph news paper recently ran a story about the EU banning the claim that ‘Water can prevent dehydration’.

Even though Brussels bureaucrats were slammed by the industry, the ban is still enforced with a two-year jail sentence for anyone defying the edict that no one can claim that ‘water prevents dehydration.’

The EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact. (Logic turned on its head)

The EU is at odds with both science and common sense. If you can’t claim that ‘water prevents dehydration’ then what chance has a man who claims he’s invented an engine which runs on water?

The future is now but it’s being banned by European bureaucrats.

Common sense must prevail and the innovators and pioneers of the future must be set free to get on with the job of creating the future. Otherwise we’ll never get out of the Petrol Age.

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